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  1. Hello Clarkd3 Thank you for your message. Yes, some of the other classes are also mixed. I haven’t asked the principal as to why the grades are now mixed in DD’s class, what makes it even more frustrating that the principal is in the same building doing paperwork I believe, while the mixed grade lessons are taking place, surely she should be separating the class like she used to previously, maybe then my DD would be ready for her exam by now. I dread to think when the next exam session will take place (last exam session Feb 18’), holding my DD back even more. I know of a good dance school, but, they offer IDTA Tap and would like to keep the ISTD syllabus, plus I feel we are stuck there as she also does competitions.......really hard to find a school which ticks all the boxes !
  2. Thank you so much Annaliesey, I will definitely have a look at the syllabus on ISTD and chat with my DD to see what she has actually covered. Yes, I believe there is a class available for the next grade on a different evening, i'm pretty sure that is also mixed grade 5/6.
  3. Thank you everyone for taking the time to help me, it's much appreciated x
  4. I am not sure if posting in right place, as not all ballet related, sorry for the long post ! My 12 year old daughter (school year 7) currently does 5 hours of dance per week, ISTD Tap, Modern & Ballet plus Contemporary and Street. She is also looking to extend her ballet training. Her current grades are: Tap Grade 4 / Modern Grade 4 / Ballet Grade 3 For the last couple of months her dance school has started to mix the grades with the grade below her current level (girls in school year 5/6) hence not getting a full lesson which is only 45mins. Also, her last exam in Modern & Ballet was 20months ago, which seems quite a long time. She did a tap exam in Feb this year, at the time the grades were not mixed, so my daughter and her friend were getting through the Tap Grade 4 quite quickly (the teacher mentioned that they had pretty much covered alot of the syllabus), but, now she has mixed the grades she will probably be in that class for 18 months-2 years. I mentioned to the Principal that she has been in the Modern & Ballet grade for 20months and when will you be holding the next exam, she said “they have covered the syllabus, but, now working through it”, she also couldn’t say when the next exam session is (probably 6 months away or even longer). But surely, if she didn’t mix the grades she would be ready for her exam by now. Really not happy with the situation and feel she is getting held back, she is also a quick learner. I really do not want to change dance schools, but, feel I have no choice. I have looked at a dance school, but they offer IDTA Tap and not ISTD. Does anyone know a private teacher so I can get her assessed to see if she is ready for her exams (to take an exam at another dance school ?), as if I did move dance schools I would like her to go into the next grade up ? I am based in South East London. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you Janet. Thank you for your reply 'taxi4ballet'. She is currently in ISTD Grade 3. Yes I thought she would need to increase her ballet classes, that's why I thought of the Junior Associate scheme with Prima Associates based in Aylesford, Kent, but, depending on wether she is good enough to get in (audition in January). Maybe I should have increased her normal ballet classes before applying for a JA scheme....so confused now.
  6. Hello I am new to this forum and wondered if you can help me. My DD aged 11 attends a weekly ballet class which she started around 18 months ago, she has actually been dancing for around 5 years though doing Modern & Tap. She absolutely loves her dance classes, always practising at home. I have been considering a Junior Associate scheme for her with ‘Prima Associates’, based in Aylesford Kent. She has an audition coming up, the scheme is on an annual basis. The aim I guess after the year is up, would be to audition for a Central London JA scheme if successful. Can you please advise me the advantages of becoming a Junior Associate ? Also, she currently attends a performing arts school in Central London, if she was successful she would have to give it up as the JA scheme is on the same day. The trouble is, she enjoys the performing art school and made friends, half of her wants to become a JA, but, the other half of her doesn’t want to quit performing arts. Maybe I’m just trying to pursue my old dream. Thank you in advance.
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