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  1. She must be so disappointed, does her dance school have any ideas for extra classes? Associate classes I know of in Scotland are: Ballet West (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee) SMB Company (new this year, by Sara-Maria Barton), BBO Scholars, Morea Performing Arts, RBS (Dundee). I think a lot of the audition dates have passed unfortunately. There may be others though - these are just the ones our dance school has mentioned this year.
  2. Yes a little tricky, but the ‘no’ was a first audition - and the ‘yes’ has had a ‘no’ before, so hopefully DD2 will bounce back quickly too and not be too disheartened.
  3. We have one ‘yes’ and one ‘no’ here - mixed emotions in our house!
  4. We are waiting to hear from EA too. DDs both loved the Auditions. Scottish Ballet results were out yesterday too so DDs both desperate to hear back from EA!
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