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  1. I have a brand new national skirt made by the uniform company’s seemstress. size 21inch
  2. Does anyone have any idea why not all emails were sent out yesterday? We are yr7 and have received nothing x
  3. Does anyone know if Bloch trainers would be ok for the lyrical?
  4. We had a call on Friday offering dd a place and the MDS audition. I was told the email will be sent out on Monday with all the details. They do need a test and masks.
  5. Does anyone know the dress code for Tring auditions? Is it leather or canvas shoes? Belt? Colours? 😬
  6. We had to download our Tring videos to their own system meaning that views can’t be seen xx
  7. Elmhurst results will be out soon! Elmhurst live Instagram q and a. X
  8. I really hope they can go ahead in person but I also think the 13th is ambitious! Here’s hoping 🤞🏻🤞🏻X
  9. It will be very exciting to go to finals! Hopefully we will get to have a look around too? X
  10. Does anyone know how many they take through to MDS finals?
  11. I posted it and sent an email with a picture of the form just in case x
  12. I’m thinking post would be safer? Xx
  13. My dd has received a yes for Tring and has been invited to the funding audition!!!! So shocked! Xx
  14. My dd also has an offer of a place!
  15. Anyone know when Elmhurst have said they will give results?
  16. Has anyone been sent the form to submit the video yet?
  17. Anybody know where to start with the video?? I very much doubt we will get back into the studio in order to film. Sometimes I wish I was a ballet teacher! 🤣
  18. I had the same problem and emailed them to ask. They said no problem with split sole leather.
  19. Do you know if you need to record on the iPad to use iMovie, or can you record on your phone then transfer to iPad for stitching parts together with iMovie?
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