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  1. I might do too. My friend just called asking if I have heard anything yet - but as they did say they would be looking at them the first week of March I’m guessing by the end of next week will we get our letters
  2. Hi everyone, sorry if it’s already been asked before. How long roughly did everyone find out if their child got a yes or a no after the final date to audition on the email? My daughter rushed home from school today hoping for a letter so she would know if she got in or not TIA x
  3. My daughter had until 25th and my friends daughter too. I am not sure how long until we hear anything, or if they do give offers to anyone in the second round. Auditions is new to us so it’s a bit of wait and see. We only auditioned for the one school too - but that was mainly because it is my daughters choice of school which she loved at the open day and for me this year has been hectic enough we settled for one audition. I imagine we will hear something by the end of March?
  4. Hi all, I’m just wondering how it works with final auditions. As I see most who got offered places for final audition in March has a date. Is there a second final audition too? Some of us had today’s date to get videos in and will be looked at first week of March, so if we have to wait as long as others we wouldn’t know before 13th March
  5. There are still entries going in so not all auditions are in yet. We have until 25th
  6. Like my daughter. She took up Ballet to help with her figure skating and now loves Ballet and dance
  7. Well done everyone who got offered a place.
  8. Well done! Congrats to your little one
  9. Ljmk

    Tring screening

    It’s definitely been an adventure. I’ve told my daughter that if she makes it then it’s a bonus considering how wrong things can go in a heartbeat. If she does not get in it’s not the end of the world, she can start working on her personal best in all aspects of life and any areas she feel she does not achieve great to reflect and work on. Then when the next round of auditions come in she will be more mentally prepared compared to this year. As she has started auditions this year already I believe it’s good practice to finish what you started no matter what the result may be. It’s not easy but
  10. Ljmk

    Tring screening

    I’m not sure people have had longer to practice IMO. With schools closing and home school, parents still working full time and the usual dance classes being via zoom. It’s quite stressful for all and I know at Tring they’ve had their obstacles too. We had ours perfected, found a venue we could use (my house is not big enough to dance in) we just about make it on zoom lessons, then we tested positive and we couldn’t leave the house, then someone else put us as a close contact and had to isolate again. I know my friends daughter is applying too, and they had to face some battles as she has more
  11. Ljmk

    Tring screening

    Has anyone sent theirs yet? I’ve no idea what I’m doing with it
  12. Ljmk

    Tring screening

    Well done to all your kids. I’ve not been on here for a while as I’ve had so much work on and also dance schools on and then off and back on again. How is everyone getting on with audition videos? My daughter went to their holiday club last weekend and loved it. Did anyone else child go on Sunday 6th? I hope I get this video right 😬
  13. Has anyone done their videos yet? I’m planning to get it done before the kids break from school - but I’m clueless. She has a routine but undecided on music
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