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    Tring screening

    I’m not sure to be honest. I know of other kids at my daughters dance school and they got passed the screening too. we went to the open day and my daughter fell in love with it
  2. Thank you. I’ve spoken to the school a couple of times on the phone and both times they told me she is definitely one of the good kids. I guess they have taught many through the years they can tell who will give them grief or not. I think I just need to adapt an hour or two at home to keep everyone happy and go in the right direction.
  3. Thank you everyone. I think tomorrow I need to rethink our routine and make some changes. All valid points above. Academically she is great so the last thing I want is the potential new school getting a bad reference because of me
  4. I think you have hit the nail on the head right there. If the home work is taking longer, going in to more detail than she actually needs to. I have been helping her, so maybe she’s learning from me too. The teacher did say is she doubting herself too much? So maybe the issue is more time management and knowing when to close the book, think and then go back to it, rather than not being able to fit it all in a 24 hr day.
  5. I think you are right. I need to speak to the head and explain. It’s not as though she’s just started it, all her hobbies have been going on for years. I guess she has just started secondary, so they have no back ground on her. Fingers crossed it goes well, as the teacher was less than interested and if she does not do homework there will be consequences. It was mentioned she could stay behind for half hour to do it, but sadly that’s when her hobbies start and the time it takes to get her, get her ready and get to the place, and that is daily! If she stayed behind she would have to give it up
  6. Hi, when the school you are applying for contact their current school for a reference, is it regarding their academic ability? She’s only been there two months so I can’t think what else it could be. Also, the school are not very supportive of her after school dance/hobbies. When discussing home work and the amount they get and fitting it in, her teacher said well something has to give. Basically get the homework done and don’t go to dance. Seemed a bit unfair as it’s more than a hobby to her. It’s what she wants to do as a career. Has anyone else had this from secondary school, a
  7. Ljmk

    Tring screening

    Oh dear not good. Thankfully it wasn’t a no, which is a relief as I won’t have to listen to ‘have you got a reply yet?’ phew!
  8. Ljmk

    Tring screening

    Thank you. Yes I sent it today and have a response back
  9. Hi all, This might have been asked before so apologise in advance, I couldn’t find anything while navigating. How long has anyone waited after sending the screening information to get a response about applying to audition? TIA
  10. Sorry to jump on an old thread. My daughter has a few hobbies and I get asked this quite a lot. The mouth drops when they even think of how much I spend on hobbies, but every penny is worth it. For many reasons. while my daughter is busy she is constantly meeting people, she is learning schedules, she is getting a sense of urgency, learning the value of time. Some days she wants to go, some days she doesn’t. Some days it is painful and other days it is not. The dancers career may be short lived, but there are many many other paths in life to take and none are too late. Some completely unr
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    Thank you both
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    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some information regarding applying at RBS. It states on the website you pay relevant fee when applying, but I cannot see how much this is? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong section, but could anyone enlighten me to the cost. TIA
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