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  1. My dd also has an offer of a place!
  2. Anyone know when Elmhurst have said they will give results?
  3. Has anyone been sent the form to submit the video yet?
  4. Anybody know where to start with the video?? I very much doubt we will get back into the studio in order to film. Sometimes I wish I was a ballet teacher! 🤣
  5. I had the same problem and emailed them to ask. They said no problem with split sole leather.
  6. Do you know if you need to record on the iPad to use iMovie, or can you record on your phone then transfer to iPad for stitching parts together with iMovie?
  7. I tried emailing Elmhurst as we had the same problem. It’s only split sole that fitted. I had no reply, but she went last week with split sole and nothing was said.
  8. If you are in young dancers do you need to audition again for year 7?
  9. Yes, I got your message and I’ve replied x
  10. Yes my daughter is too! Particularly as her friend also got a place! which Centre are you going to? We are Plymouth yr 6. I hope we do hear soon about uniform 🤞🏻🤞🏻
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