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  1. Exciting!!! 🥂🎉 girls have to make a skirt! 😬
  2. Have any newbies received the info regarding dates and uniform yet?
  3. Hi everyone, I’m also a newbie with a yr 6 starting in September.
  4. I still wonder if it is in alphabetical order
  5. Maybe they are doing it in alphabetical order of surname?
  6. We ended up using Dropbox as our file was also near 4gb. Must have been HD also.
  7. What centre has everyone applied for?
  8. I wonder if they know who was on swl last year?
  9. Who knows! I would think they have a few hundred to look through and each one is 35 minutes! Assuming they watch the whole thing
  10. My guess would be very earliest late July but more likely early August?
  11. Hi does anyone have a junior leotard age 8-10 please? Or a jacket or bag?
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