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  1. Hi does anyone have a junior leotard age 8-10 please? Or a jacket or bag?
  2. None for us, waiting for bath or Totnes 😩
  3. Hi yes she loved it last year and learnt so much! She was 9 in may. I have only just paid and registered so still waiting to hear any more details. Last year my daughter was the youngest by a mile so it will be lovely if there are other young ones. They will put similar ages together πŸ˜€
  4. Hi! My daughter will be there this year and she went last year.
  5. Thank you for that, I’m still keeping everything crossed for my dd on swl 🀞🏻
  6. Good luck for London refreshers today! 🀞🏻🀞🏻
  7. Apologies for being daft but I’m not sure which year my daughter would go into. She was 9 in may, year 4 at school. Would that mean she would go into yr 5 ja?
  8. I did ring Georgia earlier, there wasn’t much she would give away, only that this was a tough year with over 1400 applicants. She said she couldn’t say how many were on waiting list and there was no particular order. It’s just a case of wait and see 😬☹️
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