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  1. I think you may have got lucky. I've reached my limit at 2 single tickets and doesn't seem to make a difference which date I try.
  2. The filmed cast looks great too (if it stays as currently listed) - Naghdi and Ball, with Gasparini as Clara.
  3. I got the Kaneko and Hayward casts, not a bad outcome and two I probably wouldn't have chosen (purely due to having other favourites), so a great chance to see some different dancers 🙂
  4. Hopefully I'll find out shortly 🤞🏻😁
  5. Excellent news for them somewhat tantalising as I've already bought my tickets and not for either of those performances. But I guess that's the position we're in at the moment and I'm sure the two dates I booked for will have wonderful casts too 🙂
  6. I was pleased to get a single ticket too - I deliberately went for a date I thought might be less busy for travel and in London more generally, which perhaps also means a slightly less popular choice for booking? Anyway, guarded excitement and hope that this one works out!
  7. I think this is the screening which featured Francesca Hayward as Clara (and Lauren Cuthbertson as sugarplum fairy).
  8. Maybe it's just my laptop but I get pretty regular sound interference and the picture isn't as clear as YouTube videos (at least the recorded videos, I find they are a little clearer than live broadcasts on YouTube). It's still very enjoyable to be able to see the recent shows though 🙂
  9. I haven't had chance to post yet, but halfway through my second viewing of the WTGH programme and loving it all! Enjoying watching some of my established "favourite" dancers, but also discovering some dancers I have seen much less of in the past. The standout of those being Akane Takada, who I'll be making a point of booking to see when things return to normal! Interesting to see the discussion on the YouTube clips. Personally I'd be very happy to see all the footage on YouTube at some point - for me the increase in quality would be more than worth it, even if it meant people who hadn't paid ending up seeing the same thing. I can very much understand the opposite viewpoint though!
  10. I wonder if they intend to film tomorrow evening for future streaming? In which case, it would make sense to have different leads for Elite Syncopations than were in the Back on stage show. I know from experience that Sarah Lamb is wonderful in this role.
  11. Ah I see, thought it was a bit odd! Sorry for the false alarm!
  12. Just popped on the ROH website for a totally different reason and they seem to be offering some free tickets for Wednesday night? I can't take advantage myself, but in case someone else can...
  13. It's all so tricky isn't it. I haven't been to England since the start of the pandemic so will have to check out all the rules! This is all assuming the restrictions here allow it - I haven't actually been allowed to leave Cardiff for a month and currently in a "firebreak", which prevents me from seeing the Elite Syncopations programme. I have bought a ticket for the last Within the Golden Hour, crossing my fingers that I'll be able to travel!
  14. Is the width of a seat really over a metre? I'm glad if they can fit this many people in and stay within regulations. But personally the seat arrangement described is causing me to think twice about attending. Perhaps it's because I've been in Wales and the social distance guidance has stayed at 2 metres throughout the crisis, but that sounds very cramped compared to everything else I've experienced since March.
  15. Ah that could be the answer, thank you oncnp! I'll see if I can get hold of an adaptor then. Hopefully plenty of time to do that before last night's performance and Dances at a gathering expire 🙂 No, it didn't work ahead of time or for any of the other ROH vimeo streams. So by the time of the performance I'd resigned myself to watching on the laptop. Thanks so much for the advice. I should also mention that I thought the ROH instructions, shown on the video before the performance started, were very clear. Presumably there must just be something about the casting that needs a particular spec of smart TV.
  16. I have a smart TV, but when I try to cast it just tells me that my TV isn't compatible - this is despite it working perfectly casting YouTube and other videos. I did investigate connecting it manually and discovered that my laptop (only a few years old) doesn't have a hdmi connection.
  17. Really sorry to hear so many had problems. I've given up trying to get these streams on my smart TV - none of the options work for me. But I watched successfully on my laptop this evening. It really was a wonderful evening, so I very much hope everyone will be able to view properly soon. My personal standouts were Akane Takada, Anna Rose O'Sullivan, Isabella Gasparini (only glimpses of her on camera, but she appeared in about four of the pieces and looked to be dancing wonderfully in every one!) and a unique and uplifting Elite Syncopations.
  18. Really wonderful to see Dances at a Gathering last night! My first time seeing this ballet properly, having missed it earlier in the year due to illness and only seeing some old YouTube clips from another company previously. This was so much better than I expected based on those other clips. A beautiful ballet and really wonderful performances. It's all different of course, but to me at least this felt a bit like the excitement of the start of a new season. Even if that season will be, initially at least, made up of various types of streamed ballet from different companies. It brightened up my day anyway and I'm looking forward to some repeat viewings and to the many other online offerings coming up.
  19. Info on Pacific Northwest Ballet's Digital Season here: https://www.pnb.org/season/
  20. I had a wonderful time today watching the new Royal Ballet blu ray - Concerto / Enigma Variations / Raymonda Act III. Great to see this triple bill again. Just wanted to share that it's another with beautiful quality filming. The images for Concerto are particularly good, I guess thanks partly to the lighting. At times it feels like watching a filmed studio version rather than a recording of a live performance, the filming and dancing is so perfect. This is especially the case for the second movement, where the filming almost adds to the beauty of the music and the performances of Naghdi and Hirano.
  21. Yes, still available - I bought a copy very recently. The Australian Ballet version is also available on DVD. I haven't seen either yet, but I really enjoyed the Teatro Colon stream with Marianela Nuñez.
  22. The new Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake was shown on Sky Arts in April. Also his Romeo and Juliet and The Car Man. I think they announced on Facebook an intention to show The Red Shoes at cinemas in autumn - presumably dependant on social distancing status by then. Hopefully a DVD release will follow soon after 🙂
  23. Interesting! There seems to be a large overlap with what's available on marquee tv, but both have a few things that aren't on the other. For ballet, the performances are all available on DVD, apart from Winter's Tale on marquee tv (which is from a more recent revival than the DVD). It's great to have more options for watching these. Although I wonder if we'll end up with small amounts of exclusive content on each service? For streaming, the recent ROH live performances were all available through marquee tv. I'm very happy (and keen!) to pay for original streamed Royal Ballet content, but hope it will settle into all being available on a single platform.
  24. I guess there might be demand for the Takada and Hirano Romeo and Juliet in Japan, given the casting. Hopefully the keener DVD collectors amongst us would have the option to import a copy in that scenario 🙂 Which other version is planned for release? Is it the BalletBoyz film or the Naghdi / Ball performance?
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