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  1. Really pleased to see an extract from Winter Dreams included and generally very happy with how my largely blind booking has worked out in terms of casts 🙂
  2. Thanks for this update. I booked for the 11th too and very pleased I'll be there to see her last performance. Although sharing the sadness that it will be the last time.
  3. I'm in agreement too! Blown away by Apollo - as much as I enjoyed the other cast on Saturday, this was another level. And DAAG was heavenly! I did enjoy the excitement of Osipova in the Tchaikovsky pas de deux though to be honest.
  4. Yes, they're sold in the same place during the interval. Afraid I can't remember the prices as I've always bought multiple things. The new ice creams are very nice! They also sell ROH face masks - one with the legs of Nutcracker snowflakes and the other with lots of ballet shoes. I've bought one of each and found them particularly comfortable to wear!
  5. Saw your comment Rob S and rushed to Instagram to see the picture! Very excited to see this 😊
  6. An absolutely wonderful evening from start to finish! Have to agree Muntagirov was out of this world. Something particularly comforting about seeing a big and incredibly executed pas de deux with him and Nuñez again - something like normal service is resumed! I loved Apollo and Dances at a gathering too though. Anna Rose O'Sullivan and Marcelino Sambé particularly sparkled for me in the latter. Matthew Ball was fantastic in the former. Can't wait to see the other cast next week!
  7. Just spotted on Instagram, Fumi Kaneko confirmed that she debuts as blue girl in the first cast and green girl in the second. You called it right capybara!
  8. Yes, looks like different roles assuming the order is consistent in the casting. I've got tickets to one of each cast, so looking forward to see if she does dance different parts 🙂
  9. Wow, I didn't see that coming! In the last few years of watching ballet she has been the dancer I've enjoyed watching the most. Very sorry to see her go, but best wishes to her for her new career!
  10. I noticed they also added Fumi Kaneko to the second Dances at a gathering cast - the role was previously TBA. So Fumi is in both casts!
  11. From various previous comments on this forum I believe it currently isn't possible to put on Cinderella (I'm afraid I don't know the reasons, but maybe others can remind us). So that isn't an option at the moment. I'd love to see it when that changes though!
  12. Good to know I'm not the only one! I had a similar experience with Swan Lake. Hopefully next year we will both get to see it 🙂
  13. Thank you zxDaveM, I'm really looking forward to finding out 😊
  14. We knew about most of the ballets in the season already of course, but I remain very happy with the choices and even more so with the newly revealed details. As it happens I have a feeling there will be quite a few Romeo and Juliet casts I'll be very keen to watch, so I'm glad about the spacing across the season. I'll admit I'm in a different position to many on this forum having never seen Giselle in the flesh or the Royal Ballet production of Swan Lake, so I perhaps anticipate them more keenly than others. Ever since I started reading this forum (only about three years ago to be fair) there have been calls to do something different at Christmas as a change from Nutcracker. As far as I'm concerned, that call has been answered admirably. I remember enjoying a wonderful triple bill (including Les Patineurs and Winter Dreams) I think in 2018 and then Nutcracker replaced completely by Coppelia in 2019 - possibly quite a brave move financially. Unfortunately last year there were only four performances of a reduced Nutcracker to distanced audiences. So I think we're actually overdue a full run of Nutcrackers again and the chance to see those promised debuts.
  15. In terms of audience enjoyment, I forgot to point out that at least on the performance of 25th May, the most enthusiastic audience reaction was quite clearly for The Statement. Going back to the comments on the lighting, this was an interesting one for me. It's true that the lighting did occasionally make it harder to see who was dancing. But at the same time, I thought the lighting was excellent throughout in heightening the atmosphere. This was especially true in the incredible ensemble parts of Within the golden hour - where instead of seeing individual dancers I felt it drew greater attention to the wonderful patterns in the choreography.
  16. Well everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but I absolutely loved it this evening! Great performances and such a treat to see the dancers again. My first time seeing Within the golden hour in person and I was bowled over by the beauty of this ballet - so much movement going on that I hadn't appreciated from the filmed versions. I also thought the lighting was magical. Optional family was fairly short but full of intensity, both the music and the dancing. Really enjoyed this, but perhaps less depth than the other pieces. Not that everything needs emotional depth, it worked as a high octane, virtuosic divertissement. I didn't have the highest hopes for the Crystal Pite pieces after today's reviews in this thread, but in the end they may even have been my highlights! Possibly helped by them being completely new to me in comparison to the more familiar Within the golden hour. The Statement was highly entertaining from start to finish, with wonderful movement. Not based on classical dance maybe, but surely possible to trace some lineage from the mime tradition in ballet. And finally Solo echo - absolutely beautiful music, wonderfully played and reflected incredibly in the choreography. Obviously stylistically similar to Flight pattern, but a very different theme and feel, which I thought drew clearly and emotively on the poem that inspired it. I'll add as a final thought that for me, one key ingredient in my favourite ballets is enjoyment of the music and successful (and emotional) reflection of this in the dancing. All of the music tonight, varied as it was, was to my taste - but I do understand that it might not be to everyone's. Can't wait now for the live stream followed by a different cast on Sunday 🙂
  17. Across the three programmes I think there's a good balance of modern, 20th Century and a bit of 19th Century ballet. With heritage works perhaps being represented in the divertissements. Seems like there should be something there for most tastes? Not a bad outcome given the current restrictions. And we know that next season is stacked full of classics.
  18. I've not looked around extensively but the reviews I've seen have been pretty positive. I'm off to find out for myself tomorrow anyway, so will report back!
  19. I've only seen Meaghan Grace Hinkis dance in a few things, but she was really wonderful in Onegin and I enjoyed watching her the other times too. So I for one am very happy that she has been rewarded with a promotion! As I am for the other dancers of course 🙂
  20. Never fear, they are available for the time being 🙂 Ferri: https://youtu.be/uaHuDdTiFxM Murru: https://youtu.be/Pv7GgZQDU2s
  21. A Balanchine and Bournonville streamed programme from Norwegian Ballet, available now https://operaen.no/en/Productions/balanchine-bournonville-ballet/ Features Serenade, Tchaikovsky pas de deux and excerpts from Napoli, Flower Festival in Genzano and Ponte Molle.
  22. More new streaming from La Scala this week, with a "Great Choreographers" gala on Saturday https://www.teatroallascala.org/en/season/2020-2021/ballet/great-choreographers-soiree.html And before that Manon masterclasses with Massimo Murru tonight https://www.teatroallascala.org/en/season/2020-2021/ballet/massimo-murru-masterclass-manon.html And Alessandra Ferri tomorrow night https://www.teatroallascala.org/en/season/2020-2021/ballet/alessandra-ferri-masterclass-manon.html
  23. For some reason the first programme was the one I found most difficult to get seats for in the area of my choice. I did eventually, but had to go for my third choice of date. I'm happy with what I've ended up with and can't wait to see the dancers and the ballets, just seems odd if this is the programme that's sold least well.
  24. Didn't one of the announcements mention that the season is bookended by the new ballets? Dante project opening and Like water for chocolate closing the season. Or have I imagined that? They may have changed plans since then of course. Then with the clues in the link we seem to have Giselle in late autumn, Nutcracker over Christmas, Romeo and Juliet early in the New Year, Swan Lake in spring.
  25. Lots of casting I'm really excited about and can't wait to see 😊 But no mention of Sarah Lamb anywhere is my main disappointment. Hopefully she may still appear in the third programme 🤞🏻
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