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  1. I think they streamed it last year but it was only available live (through Facebook?) and it was the middle of the night for anyone based in Europe.
  2. I think the earlier announcement was that each production would be broadcast, either by streaming or cinema. At the time of the announcement I can imagine there may have been a cautious approach to resuming cinema relays. Plus of course the streaming during the pandemic has proved very popular and opened up new audiences. Personally I rather like the convenience of being able to watch at home (and repeated times).
  3. Thanks Lizbie1! So many exciting casts and debuts!
  4. I live in Wales, we certainly have to isolate if we test positive! But not for close contact if double jabbed. Perhaps worth considering that with current infection rates there's almost bound to be someone with covid in the audience. (Current official estimates are 1 in 70 people in England, a decent proportion of which will be unaware of it and so not isolating.)
  5. That's great to hear, they've been lucky. The double vaccinated people I know who've contracted it have had experiences ranging from fuzzy head and loss of taste for a few days to a much nastier couple of weeks completely wiped out. Some vaccinated people have it far worse of course. The risks of serious illness are far lower, but not impossible. And infection rates are currently incredibly high (much higher than they were during the spring / summer season).
  6. I thought there was a considerable advantage if everyone wears masks. The marginal advantage is if you wear one yourself but others around you don't. Unfortunately this is the problem if we are in a position where mask wearing is individual choice. It means that it's impossible to control your own risk. Apart from by not attending of course! Although obviously that's absolutely correct that double vaccination is by far the best protection of all. Sadly that protection isn't 100% and I expect we all know of fully vaccinated people who have caught covid. So the masks add further protection against infection. I am personally somewhat concerned at the thought of sitting in a full theatre with very little mask wearing. That's a big step from the arrangements of the spring / summer season.
  7. Thanks for all your wonderful reviews of the performances and cinema showing Jan, it's been great to hear about them all 🙂 Unfortunately I've had bad luck with timing and haven't been able to see any of these, but I too hope for a DVD or small screen showing (or even a repeat cinema viewing near to me, unfortunately last night wasn't possible!).
  8. Thanks oncnp. Interesting that these are being streamed a few days after the filming. Perhaps chance for them to clean up the recording a bit?
  9. Dante project is due to be streamed on 26th October and Giselle on 20th November. These (and the cinema broadcasts) were mentioned within the casting information for the season, released a few months ago.
  10. Casting for the Leeds Dangerous Liaisons shows is now available: https://northernballet.com/dangerous-liaisons/casts Isabella Gasparini will be dancing Madame de Tourvel on the evenings of 3rd and 4th September. Unfortunate timing for me due to commitments with friends, but hopefully others can make it 🙂
  11. It sounds like a reissue of the existing set, which amazon says is temporarily out of stock. This was actually one of my first ballet DVD purchases - definitely a great way to start a collection for anyone in that position. I remember spending a very enjoyable wet Easter weekend a few years ago making my way through quite a bit of it. It was the first time I'd seen many of the ballets.
  12. That's a shame, thanks for the information though 🙂 Guess I'll have to take pot luck 🤞🏻
  13. Her blog mentions that she will be dancing Madame de Tourvel 🙂 I'm keen to travel up and see, if it's possible to find out casting in advance. (I'll probably go up for a performance or two anyway, but would be nice to be able to see one featuring Gasparini)
  14. Some of the comments here seem to imply some kind of conspiracy against tradition. It really is just as simple as not tolerating discrimination (direct or indirect).
  15. I don't think there's any question of companies choosing to hire dancers based on their ethnicity. The point is to make sure that everyone has equal chance regardless of their ethnicity. The former claim merely seeks to discredit the efforts of those who wish to make a more equal society. I agree it's important to check that the summary of the article has not been taken out of context. But that seems unlikely to be the case and I'm sure we would have heard by now if it had happened. Even if 99% of the article is about a different, possibly very important topic, it surely shouldn't be a surprise that people are uncomfortable with the other comments and that this sadly overshadows the other comments made.
  16. Respecting cultural differences is important. But cultural difference can never be a valid reason for judging people differently just because of their race, gender, sexuality etc. Viewpoints are all about preferences - what is your favourite ballet, who is your favourite dancer, are valid viewpoints. Believing it's okay to think less of or not respect people because of their particular characteristics isn't a viewpoint. At best it's a lack of understanding. If that lack of understanding is cultural, I can see it makes sense to tread carefully in how we challenge. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't challenge.
  17. Apologies, I misunderstood! That's great then, thank you 🙂
  18. Also available on DVD - there's currently a second hand copy on amazon for a similar price to the stream.
  19. Wasn't calendar year 2020 originally going to do this (until changes were required)? But it turned out that rather than being completely new works, it also included new productions (eg Swan Lake) and of course balanced by older productions in the 2019 part of the 19/20 season. So whilst it sounded like a break from the usual balance, it was actually still in keeping.
  20. Interesting, I was hoping a more optimistic take would value the work of all skilled modern choreographers but recognise that the vast majority of works programmed would continue to be classical, including revivals of all the key works from the past. Rather than being utopian, this reflects everything I've seen from Royal Ballet up to this point and I'm sure will continue many more than 10 years into the future 🙂
  21. Well I'm a big fan of a couple of McGregor's works (as well as various other modern pieces), most of which I specifically enjoy because of their emotional impact and great use of music, reflected perfectly in the movement. The first time I ever saw Royal Ballet was a performance of Woolf Works. I went as a fan of Virginia Woolf, but left completely affected and inspired by the incredible art form of ballet - I had no idea it was possible to convey emotion so effectively through dance and to reflect so accurately the spirit of some fairly complex novels. Whilst other ballets have surpassed Woolf Works in my affections to become my absolute favourites, this still must rank in my top five ballets.
  22. I was lucky enough to see Osipova / Clarke, Nuñez / Muntagirov and Naghdi / Bonelli live in this run and can honestly say I found all their fish dives, varied as they were in speed, at least as exciting as the two clips above. I agree that it's all personal preference. But for me at least, the point is that both slow and fast fish dives can be exciting, yes also both can be musical and lyrical. It's not a case of every dancer choosing one over the other - we can enjoy all the different interpretations. Stylistically Nuñez and Muntagirov choose to draw out the move, presumably because they believe that works best with their overall style. It's a choice I enjoy, but of course other preferences exist 🙂
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