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  1. Didn't one of the announcements mention that the season is bookended by the new ballets? Dante project opening and Like water for chocolate closing the season. Or have I imagined that? They may have changed plans since then of course. Then with the clues in the link we seem to have Giselle in late autumn, Nutcracker over Christmas, Romeo and Juliet early in the New Year, Swan Lake in spring.
  2. Lots of casting I'm really excited about and can't wait to see 😊 But no mention of Sarah Lamb anywhere is my main disappointment. Hopefully she may still appear in the third programme 🤞🏻
  3. Just checking back - unless I've misremembered there's only been one full performance (the streamed one) of WTGH in almost two years.
  4. It's worth remembering that the last time WTGH was planned, all public performances were cancelled with only the streaming to an empty auditorium surviving. Having effectively cancelled a whole run it makes sense that they should bring it back for those who bought tickets and missed out on seeing it live and of course for the dancers who trained for it and didn't get to perform.
  5. Didn't the announcement from the ROH mention three ballet programmes for the spring / summer season? With Petipa mentioned for one of them. The draft works was also announced to be streamed in early May. So they could be rehearsing a wide range of things at the moment.
  6. Well spotted! My experience of that run of Sleeping Beauty is that in the five performances I saw, Ashley Dean was the White cat every single time - though often as a replacement for the original person cast. And she was certainly recognisable in the filmed performance. I hadn't noticed the discrepancy in the credits though.
  7. La Scala's homage to Nureyev is available here, I think until Sunday https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ghuTOOtdfhA&feature=emb_imp_woyt I really enjoyed it, although would have been happy without the reminder of Nureyev's choreography for Romeo and Juliet! Other than that, a nice range of pieces and some good performances.
  8. I really enjoyed this. I do take your point in the review about the changing camera angles, but I was happy enough with the presentation and felt I always had a good view of the dancing. I thought Skylar Brandt was incredible in the Rose Adagio - such control in the balances! Really enjoyed the other two excerpts - especially the beautiful Pas de Deux from The Seasons. Although both left me wishing I could see the full ballets! I actually thought Bernstein in a Bubble was great to watch. The blend of playfulness and wonderful dancing put me in mind of Bright Stream a li
  9. Thanks Richard this was lovely to watch and Takada seemed on amazing form. Left me hoping that the full film might materialise some day!
  10. Norwegian Ballet are streaming new productions of Afternoon of a Faun and Boléro from tomorrow evening until 7th April: https://operaen.no/en/Productions/faun-bolero-ballet/
  11. Sorry to hear that. To be fair Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Giselle and Romeo and Juliet are all incredibly popular ballets. Even if some of the storylines are sad, I still find going to see live ballet an uplifting experience. There's also the two programmes for the summer still to be announced - maybe they will contain happier choices?
  12. I was close to putting either Winter's Tale or Woolf Works, but was partly influenced by the knowledge that we're expecting Dante project and a new Wheeldon 3 act ballet. Although I guess I shouldn't have let that influence my choice in this fantasy season!
  13. Another one scheduled and lost to Covid was the new work with Acosta and Alessandra Ferri. Would love to see that if there's a chance it can go ahead next season.
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