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  1. Fair point. The DVDs are available worldwide I think. Purely selfishly I'd love to see more streams that aren't already available (there were a few last year in fairness). But perhaps from the point of view of reaching out to wider and new audiences, the existing broadcasts are good and convenient options.
  2. That's a shame, but does explain things. Thanks for the info Jan. I remember being disappointed that they weren't due to visit Bristol last season. Not sure how often they used to come to Cardiff, but seeing their Sleeping Beauty at the Millennium Centre was a particularly enjoyable early ballet going memory. Having said that, one of my post Covid resolutions is to make the effort to see them in Birmingham more often than my annual Nutcracker trip 🙂
  3. There seems to be a bit of a hidden goldmine of ROH cinema broadcasts that didn't make it onto DVD. If ROH or someone else was able to show / stream them all that's certainly a service I'd be happy to pay for!
  4. There were also some great performances of Sleeping Beauty in 2020 - including the cinema relay of course. But my personal highlight of 2020 was the Nuñez and Muntagirov performance I attended. Their dancing really blew me away. I also greatly enjoyed two Onegin casts, but sadly missed the various performances I'd booked for late Feb / early March due to illness combined with a little reticence already to travel to London. For the rest of the year, my mind was opened significantly to other companies around the world, thanks to the streaming. Personal highlights included
  5. Sounds interesting - I'll see if I can find it anywhere!
  6. I've just got as far as the start of the third episode and realised that some of the children they follow end up in the NYCB Nutcracker stream currently available to buy. A nice end to the story if you have access to both 🙂
  7. That's wonderful, thank you Dawnstar and now voyager 🙂
  8. Thanks Sim, I think it said December 2018. I was wondering if it was a farewell initially, but she seemed surprised and overwhelmed. Perhaps she just wasn't expecting to be the centre of attention! Well, any more than she would expect after dancing the lead role!
  9. Thanks Dawnstar, I just watched this and thought Natascha Mair was wonderful in it. An unusual production though, by Nureyev - is this the same version as in the recent Royal Ballet DVD reissue? There was lots of excitement at the end, following a speech in German that I'm afraid I didn't understand. Was Mair receiving a promotion?
  10. Thanks JohnS, your views on the Royal Ballet Nutcracker are very similar to my own and much more eloquently described than I could've done! Just to add, in Act 1 for me there is the perfect balance between the charm of including the younger dancers whilst still including some great dancing - due partly to Clara being played by an adult from the company. This is in contrast to the Balanchine version for example, where Act 1 is full of much younger children. It's very warm and charming, but there's much less scope for interesting dancing and no pas de deux after the fight with the Mouse King. So
  11. Yes, I watched and also really enjoyed. Was hoping for the full Elite Syncopations, but given the time they had to fit in so many great performances I guess it wasn't possible, in the end I think they did a really great job! Most of my favourites made the cut too 🙂 Would've loved to see Akane Takada's Odette again, but we did see her twice so can't really complain 🙂
  12. All the performances mentioned above are available on DVD if that helps?
  13. Thank you Naomi M! I'd seen this advertised a lot on their Instagram and mailing list, but had the impression it would only be on Norwegian TV. Very grateful they've uploaded it and to you for sharing 🙂
  14. Yes, I love both SPW versions for different reasons, but there is something I find very satisfying about the narrative in the RB version. Especially in contrast to some of the other versions I've seen. As an example, I just watched the San Francisco Ballet version on DVD for the first time and couldn't quite work out why the sugar plum fairy danced with the flowers (like the Rose Fairy in the RB version) and Clara transformed into a third ballerina for the grand pas de deux. Perhaps this is an extreme example, but the RB story seems very neat in comparison!
  15. Ooh that's interesting, thanks I'll give it a try. I wonder how long it will stay available for free.
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