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  1. I saw the matinée today with Céline Gittens and Brandon Lawrence, and a wonderful Beatrice Parma as Clara. Such a joyful production with lovely performances throughout. Always interesting to contrast different versions of Nutcracker. Amazing scenery and effects in this one. The Arabian dance is my favourite version and as a whole I think the story works better than most. Really glad I made the trip up to Birmingham 🙂
  2. I was really intrigued by the Les Beaux dormants footage too - it's not possible for me to see it this week, but if there's another chance in future I'd be interested to give it a try. I also thought the Lamb and McRae footage was wonderful - I'd not seen it before and it made me wish I could see the whole ballet. Is this really available on DVD?
  3. I enjoy Darcey Bussell presenting too. It's nice to have someone who's been there and clearly continues to have so much enthusiasm for ballet. As a partner to her, I wonder if Leanne Cope would be an option? On the basis of her presentation of the insight this week, I think she would be ideal!
  4. I haven't seen the programme for this production yet (attending my first performance next week!), but there was a really lovely and helpful section on mime in the Birmingham Royal Ballet production that came to Cardiff a couple of years ago. It was actually my first time seeing Sleeping Beauty and I found it incredibly helpful!
  5. Thanks zxDaveM for such a wonderful and insightful review. I saw the triple bill in Newport on Saturday evening and also really enjoyed. I thought Celtic Concerto and Wired to the moon were particularly good. I didn't read everything quite as clearly as you though, so I too now wish I could watch it all again!
  6. I loved every bit of the cinema relay last night and would certainly be keen for a DVD! Personally I like the idea of issuing DVDs that reflect the live programme rather than matching ballets from different broadcasts. If it works as a triple bill in real time, I think it should also work in a recording. Also so nice to have the memory of a wonderful evening (ideally with as many of the interval features and interviews as can be fitted in as extras!). As far as I'm aware there are very few recordings of these Enigma variations and Raymonda productions commercially available (if any?). And the last Concerto DVD was all but 10 years ago (March 2010), so no harm in an updated version with this wonderful cast 🙂
  7. I saw it too, a really wonderful performance and perfect for Halloween! Every time I see Northern Ballet it makes me feel I should make the effort to see them more often! I'm lucky that they visit Cardiff every year, but perhaps I should venture further afield to catch more of their productions! As a side note, the quality of the relay both last night and for the Bolshoi Raymonda (which I saw at a different cinema) seemed much better than I've seen at other cinema relays. Maybe there's been a recent improvement in technology?
  8. Sarah Lamb is someone I always enjoy hugely in MacMillan ballets (I've seen her in Elite Syncopations, Winter Dreams, Romeo and Juliet, and also the cinema broadcast of Mayerling). Something about her lyrical dancing style really works for me with his choreography. For me, this afternoon's Manon was the best yet - beautiful dancing and I thought she perfectly acted the wide range of emotions to go with Manon's changing fortunes and outlook. Really wonderful and hugely appreciated by the audience. Vadim Muntagirov was outstanding too of course, I think they make a really great partnership. I'm sure there are many others equally as deserving, but I can certainly see why Lamb and Muntagirov would be chosen for opening night.
  9. I had a really enjoyable time watching Manon tonight - first time seeing it in the flesh and really impressed with the huge amount of entertaining side action that doesn't come across on dvd or cinema filmings. The emotion hit a lot harder too. Really wonderful performance by Lauren Cuthbertson especially, but Matthew Ball was also great, particularly in the final scene. Thought the whole cast were excellent in fact and Beatriz Stix-Brunell particularly entertaining as Lescaut's mistress.
  10. That's helpful, thanks all. Fingers crossed for more showings announced later but otherwise will be good to know if it's going to be on TV shortly after. The Curzon showings apparently feature an exclusive (filmed) Q&A before the film. So maybe they're just a precursor to a wider distribution of the film.
  11. This looks incredible and very excited to see it on TV / DVD. But quite perplexed that it's only being shown in 10 cinemas, with a very poor geographic spread. Quite a contrast to the number of cinemas that get the live streams.
  12. I haven't seen any comments on the opening night yet, but I was there and thoroughly enjoyed! First time I've seen the Bolshoi production (or any production other than Royal Ballet) so I don't have a base to compare to, but thought Shrainer and Tsvirko both danced well - Tsvirko definitely the more confident of the two. A few untidy endings in places from Shrainer but overall I enjoyed her dancing. Lots of wonderful dancing from the rest of the company as ever!
  13. I don't have a deep enough knowledge to do a full list, but two favourite Macmillan ballets I don't think I've seen mentioned so far and I'd certainly like to be saved: Elite Syncopations Winter Dreams
  14. Sorry to hear that LinMM, that's really a shame. If it's any consolation, tonight's performance really brought the house down and I think they must have sold most of the tickets in the end. So hopefully it will be back soon 🙂 As for the performance - I thought it was pure joy from start to finish. Wonderful dancing and comic acting from everyone on stage. Nikulina (including some impressively controlled spins!) particularly stood out for me, but really everyone was excellent. Just a wonderful evening's dance entertainment!
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