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  1. Thanks oncnp. I think this was a later event than the one I was thinking of though. There were a number of live streams curated by Antonio Pappano in June 2020. Highlights of these were also shown on BBC and I believe included all of the ballet segments. It looks like the Kaneko / Clarke Concerto pas de deux was on 27th June. Although the all star gala still on iplayer is another chance to enjoy Fumi Kaneko dancing of course 🙂 (Hopefully this link works for more details on the June performance https://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/22673-live-from-covent-garden-13th-june-and-following-weeks/?do=findComment&comment=320793)
  2. Oh that's a shame. I have a feeling there were highlights on BBC as well, so hopefully it's possible to find the footage again somewhere.
  3. Was the June 2020 performance the livestream with a mix of ballet and songs? There was no audience, so you didn't miss an opportunity, but hopefully you saw it on film 🙂
  4. The modelling results today sound promising, but modelling isn't magic, it has to be based on past data. Since we have no past data for the experience of covid spreading without restrictions and rates going significantly downwards, it must be the case that some strong assumptions have been made here. Let's hope the assumptions prove correct, but I think it's educated guesswork at best.
  5. On a more positive note, I've read that the booster jabs are extremely effective - more so than scientists expected. So it may be that they are the more complete way out of this. In which case, perhaps just a matter of how quickly they can be rolled out.
  6. Fair enough, that's definitely a very statistically significant reduction. Although worth bearing in mind that the lower end, 60%, means that your only just under half as likely to catch it. So if the infection rate in the population is a little over double what it was at any time in the past when you were unvaccinated, your chance of catching it now would presumably be the same? I think this further bears out that your alternative words were much more accurate than mine though 🙂 Thanks to the much higher reduction in serious illness, things are certainly not as bad as last winter. But they are deteriorating at the moment and no-one is really certain what will happen next.
  7. Perhaps it depends on interpretation of the word significant 🙂 But yes, I think your alternative sentence sounds about right 🙂
  8. I have to admit to showing a degree of caution on matters of health. Although in the past week the opinions of leading health officials and scientists are starting to turn towards demands for more restrictions, so perhaps that indicates something. I would of course be very happy if things aren't as bad as I fear. But at the very least, there's an awful lot of Covid and other respiratory viruses going round at the moment, so it's difficult to understand why people would cough and sneeze so openly in crowded spaces.
  9. I'm afraid that anyone thinking there chance of catching the virus is significantly reduced may be rather optimistic. Although given some of the government messaging I can understand why they would think that. It is true that the chance of hospitalisation and worse is reduced. But the chance of catching a very nasty virus is still high, especially given current rates of circulation. Sadly the delta variant is much better at avoiding the vaccine than previous variants.
  10. I'm double vaccinated and live alone. But I also keep an eye on the news and latest statistics, which sadly show very clearly that vaccination does relatively little to stop the spread of the virus and current thinking is that immunity wains considerably after around 6 months. Infection rates are rising quickly and we're getting close to 200 people dying from Covid every day. In this context, surely everyone should be worried at reports of unmasked people coughing in the ROH (or anywhere else).
  11. I thought she danced the role with a wonderful look of evil in her eyes. Maybe this didn't carry (I was lucky to be near the front)? But from my view I thought it was great acting, playing against type. Perhaps the casting reflected faith in her abilities as a newly promoted principal?
  12. That's great to hear - oddly enough I found there were more mask wearers at Dante than R&J too. Not sure if that's just a coincidence?
  13. Hope this is okay. There have been lots of comments I've found really useful on the level of adherance to mask wearing and other Covid measures at the ROH. But I completely take the point that these have sometimes led the conversation away from the original topic. So here is an attempt to centralise that discussion in the hope that some may find it useful and that other threads can be more focused. For myself, I was extremely nervous before attending at reports of very few people wearing masks at the ROH. In the end I've decided to reduce the number of visits and just attend the shows I'm most looking forward to, wearing the most protective mask I own. I've been twice in the past week. I got lucky the first time and had two empty seats next to me. This Tuesday however I was surrounded by people not wearing masks. I felt just about okay as a very occasional risk, but much less comfortable when people coughed or sneezed. In the end though, the least comfortable part was actually the train journey to London - full of coughs and sneezes! With the money I'm saving by visiting slightly less often, I've decided to go first class on the train. Something I wouldn't usually feel was worth the money, but the extra piece of mind of less crowded carriages feels worth it to me in these uncertain times.
  14. Thanks for the wonderful photos Rob - so nice to have a reminder of this special moment. And likewise thanks to JohnS for the instagram link too.
  15. A magical evening! Lamb and McRae both in wonderful form - strong connection and great acting from both, and the dancing was magnificent. McRae seemed on fire from the balcony pas de deux onwards. Very long and touching standing ovation for him at the end, during which he was presented with a bottle of bubbly 🙂
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