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  1. I had a wonderful time today watching the new Royal Ballet blu ray - Concerto / Enigma Variations / Raymonda Act III. Great to see this triple bill again. Just wanted to share that it's another with beautiful quality filming. The images for Concerto are particularly good, I guess thanks partly to the lighting. At times it feels like watching a filmed studio version rather than a recording of a live performance, the filming and dancing is so perfect. This is especially the case for the second movement, where the filming almost adds to the beauty of the music and the performances of Naghdi and Hirano.
  2. Yes, still available - I bought a copy very recently. The Australian Ballet version is also available on DVD. I haven't seen either yet, but I really enjoyed the Teatro Colon stream with Marianela Nuñez.
  3. The new Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake was shown on Sky Arts in April. Also his Romeo and Juliet and The Car Man. I think they announced on Facebook an intention to show The Red Shoes at cinemas in autumn - presumably dependant on social distancing status by then. Hopefully a DVD release will follow soon after 🙂
  4. Interesting! There seems to be a large overlap with what's available on marquee tv, but both have a few things that aren't on the other. For ballet, the performances are all available on DVD, apart from Winter's Tale on marquee tv (which is from a more recent revival than the DVD). It's great to have more options for watching these. Although I wonder if we'll end up with small amounts of exclusive content on each service? For streaming, the recent ROH live performances were all available through marquee tv. I'm very happy (and keen!) to pay for original streamed Royal Ballet content, but hope it will settle into all being available on a single platform.
  5. I guess there might be demand for the Takada and Hirano Romeo and Juliet in Japan, given the casting. Hopefully the keener DVD collectors amongst us would have the option to import a copy in that scenario 🙂 Which other version is planned for release? Is it the BalletBoyz film or the Naghdi / Ball performance?
  6. I didn't realise they'd filmed that performance of Swan Lake. Fingers crossed that is released at some point!
  7. I've just found this scene on the Blu Ray and no wobble or other filming issue is evident.
  8. Is this version of Don Quixote definitely from the Blu Ray? I'll try to watch again soon, but from my first viewing I found this one of the best quality ballet videos I'd seen.
  9. Yes, I'd definitely be a keen customer of anything like that. Assuming it's the same one, that Winter's Tale performance is the main reason I signed up for Marquee TV!
  10. That's interesting, I don't remember noticing that when I watched the Blu Ray - in fact I was highly impressed with the quality of the reproduction. I wonder if this means there is a chance of a Jewels release in Japan? Alternatively, I wonder if the quality would be good enough for a future streaming if that was an option for ROH.
  11. From a purely personal point of view I never understand why ballet is so closely integrated with opera or classical singing. Whilst I understand the shared history, to me they feel like very different art forms. It just happens that I love one and derive no pleasure from the other. Of course there are many who love both. And others who don't like either. It's all personal taste. But I'm afraid no amount of exposure to classical singing is going to change how I feel about it - I have tried to enjoy it many times, but it just isn't for me. I think it's valuable to give people as much exposure as possible to the full range of performing arts - sadly many people form opinions without giving them a try. And maybe a mixed programme on the BBC is a good way to do that. But I think we have to accept that everyone will have different preferences. For those of us who happen to enjoy ballet significantly more than classical singing, skipping to the relevant parts of this programme may be a useful option. Really great to hear that you found the whole programme so satisfying though and I hope many others did too 🙂
  12. Wonderful news that all were featured in their entirity! Many thanks oncnp 🙂
  13. Thanks oncnp. Did they show Kaneko/Clarke as well?
  14. Woolf Works has a special place in my heart for several reasons, but I have to say this is a wonderful filming of it that really highlights the expressive nature of the choreography and the performances. Whilst I prefer Acts I and III (just as I prefer Mrs Dalloway and The Waves to Orlando), the filming is so well done for Act II, I too was moved by it, much more so than I expected.
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