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  1. A really enjoyable performance for the cinema, with very many standout moments, as has been mentioned above. It's all personal preference of course, but I think Gina Storm Jensen is really lovely at the mime and acting parts of lilac fairy and for me looks absolutely perfect as a good fairy. I agree that others have been more secure in the solo, but as Rob S commented, she has improved this through the run and I'm sure will continue to do so in future.
  2. Just beat me to it Mary. But yes, I'd been meaning to say that I thought Hinkis made a lovely Princess Florine.
  3. He was indeed. And his act 3 solo was a truly magnificent thing to behold! Both he and Marianela made it all look easy. An incredible and beautiful performance 🙂
  4. Many thanks for this information Dawnstar, it seems there may be some hope for a cinema screening as you say, I'll have to keep an eye on their website! Interesting point about the performance date. It looks like she was standing in for Zakharova on the dates she partnered Andrijashenko, so I wonder if Zakharova was intended for the filmed performance instead? Either way, I'm glad to have the possibility of Manni on film! (I'm a fan of Zakharova, but I have many of her filmed performances, so seeing Manni would be a much rarer treat).
  5. Based on the Instagram stories of Nicoletta Manni, it looks like there was a La Scala production of Sleeping Beauty on Italian TV last night, with Manni as Aurora. Not sure if this information is of any use to anyone, but thought I'd post in case someone has access to any catch up service for Italian channels. I don't know much about La Scala, but have enjoyed many of Manni's posts since I started following her on Instagram after seeing her rehearse on World Ballet Day. Crossing my fingers that this performance might end up available to a wider audience at some point in the future!
  6. I was curious to work out how many shows I've seen this year - I think it was 23, the most I've seen in a year and many wonderful performances. Lots of strong contenders from the current autumn season, but the performance I enjoyed the most was Beatriz Stix-Brunell, partnered by Ryoichi Hirano in Romeo and Juliet.
  7. I'm planning to see this on the evening of the 28th and excited by the reviews! Does anyone who's already seen the production this year happen to know the length in practice? The website states 2 hours including interval, which would be perfect for my train if true!
  8. Excellent, thanks Janite. I've just found it on Virgin Media channel 162. I've never seen Scottish Ballet, so very much looking forward to watching!
  9. My own take is that Cats is just a very different type of film to others in the current mainstream. A lot of the ridicule I've read seems based on the appearance of the cats being somehow fetishistic. I'm sure nothing was further from the mind of the people designing them and certainly didn't seem apparent to my eyes. I found much of it lovely and viewed it almost as good, old fashioned entertainment, rather than a film with any deep insight. Maybe that makes it a little innocent for some reviewers?
  10. I saw this last night and enjoyed. As a spectacle of song and dance, there's lots of great moments and Francesca Hayward was wonderful in a role even larger than I'd expected. I didn't have any problem with the cat suits - not sure how they were done but for me they just had the appearance of people wearing cat costumes with some cgi to enhance a few details - mainly face and tails. It was great to see Steven McRae's tap skills on film. I thought his singing was fine. It's not a film to see for a gripping storyline. But to just enjoy the singing and dancing, it's really nice.
  11. I've just watched the first act of my copy of this blu ray for the first time and found the image to be stunningly sharp - more so than any other Royal Ballet blu ray I've seen. And very noticeably clearer than the 2016 Nutcracker recording I saw at the cinema on Tuesday. The only thing I can think (unless the reviewers on Amazon had genuinely faulty copies) is that the more static images are so perfect, it's really like you're there on the stage with the dancers. But of course, when they move it's impossible for the focus to remain quite as clear as real life. So maybe that feels disappointing in comparison. But a really great blu ray. The Snowflakes in particular were easily the most visually stunning I've seen them on film.
  12. Thanks Janite, that's great to hear. I've also really enjoyed watching her in a wide variety of roles. I haven't seen her as Odette / Odile though. If I can get a decent ticket nearer the time, I'm very tempted to do so in spring 🙂
  13. Well in contrast he was on incredible form on Wednesday night, fully engaged and great chemistry with Sarah Lamb. Obviously I have no idea what was different last night, but it would be a shame for people to miss out on his talent altogether.
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