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  1. Excited to get my copy! Although for information it's looking like Zenmarket is a slower service than Tenso. Useful to find these things out though!
  2. Very good point, apologies capybara for misunderstanding. My excitement got the better of me! Possibly they are still at the stage of what is practically possible, which could be quite limited - maybe the new McGregor is something well designed for the limitations. It must be quite a difficult balance, trying to maximise the audience of people keen enough to pay whilst finding productions that aren't too expensive to put on.
  3. There are certainly dancers I'd be more excited about seeing than others. But personally I'll be thrilled to watch live streamed ballet from any of the Royal Ballet dancers at those prices. And indeed I would be if the opportunity was still there after the opera house is fully re-opened. This is wonderful news 🙂
  4. It was my first time watching on Friday night - I'll try to re-visit while it's still available. But first impressions were very good, I found it an enjoyable and highly emotional piece. A wonderful performance by Lauren Cuthbertson particularly. So far I've been a big fan of everything I've seen by Cathy Marston - maybe her style (including innovative use of dancers for props and other things) is just one that appeals to some people but not to all?
  5. Thanks Bruce, I'll check those out. On a similar note, Megan Fairchild herself will be in conversation with Leanne Cope on Leanne's Instagram account. Sunday 31st at 3pm.
  6. Many thanks for the information Richard LH, very much appreciated! I've just started with the Zenmarket option, so will feed back on how it goes 🙂
  7. Brilliant, thank you so much Naomi M! Unfortunately at check out the site informed me they have temporarily suspended international shipping. But I'll keep checking back 🙂
  8. This is wonderful thank you! Does anyone know if it's possible to switch the language to English? I think I've added it to my cart but not sure which button to press next! Thanks for any advice 🙂
  9. Here's the link for Ballet Cymru's lovely production of Cinderella: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NZTstS7Mvxo Currently transmitting live but will be available for 48 hours I believe.
  10. Ballet Cymru have announced on social media that their next streamed performance will be Cinderella, on Sunday 24th May at 2pm. This will be available on their YouTube channel: https://t.co/O1CFBruSYG?amp=1 I saw this ballet at the Riverfront in Newport and it was wonderful! The choreography and music are both original.
  11. Very excited about The Cellist! I'd been looking forward to it all season, but missed both the cinema broadcast and the performance I booked for due to illness. I guess it's a tricky balance choosing the right things to show, but this at least fulfils one wish (showing something not already available on DVD). I guess Winter's Tale would have been quite a good one for less experienced ballet watchers?
  12. Well that was a really lovely PNB production of Giselle. Great to see those historic touches and I agree really nice to contrast with Ratmansky's Bolshoi version. Feeling very privileged to have been able to see this performance - another one not filmed with the intention of broadcasting, although I enjoyed the simple wide angle with well chosen slight zooms. The second act was particularly beautiful, thanks in part to some of the most stunning costumes I've seen in ballet. I also loved the part where the veils came off! Wonderful performances too. Glad to have a few days of access to this - at the very least I'll watch the second act again before it runs out! Thanks so much Jeannette for sharing the information on this.
  13. Wonderful! Thanks for the info Jeanette, so much simpler than I expected! I'm looking forward to watching the PNB Giselle this afternoon 🙂
  14. Thanks Jeannette, sounds like a few Mariinsky ballets have been released on DVD in Japan but not elsewhere. Do you have any tips for buying from Japanese Amazon? It seemed quite impenetrable to someone who can't read Japanese when I tried once, but I assume there must be a trick to it.
  15. I've just received my email with link to the PNB Giselle house party. The Giselle video is available to view (for those who donated) until 13th May.
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