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  1. Don't think so - he's been listed as solodanser all this season and I've assumed it just meant that they expect him to come back sometime or other.
  2. Summary of the main events and some comments Giselle - the recent production I assume - but only 3 performances - one at the end of August, weeks before anything else, and 2 more in November Carmen - by Marcus Morau - anyone seen any of his work? opens 28/9 Dans2Go - cheap tickets, aimed at young/new audience, happens every year - this season it's Symphony of Psalms (Kylian ), Harald Lander's Dvorak pd2, and a new piece by company choreographer Oliver Starpov, called My Daddy LOves Sugar so Much he Eats it with his Nose Napoli - some B0urnonville at last - opens 3/11 with repeats at intervals till March Alice (Wheeldon) - first seen here a couple of years ago, this year's Christmas show Cinderella - new version by Gregory Dean, with designs by Jon Morell who just did Queen of Spades for the company Big challenge for Dean! Opens 9/3/19 Afterite (McGregor)/ Etudes (Lander) - interesting combination... Kameliadamen (Neumeier) - hugely popular in Copenhagen Also a Hubbe evening, several pieces for Corpus, and Thomas Lund's piece for children, Kom Bamse The company list in the online brochure doesn't include either Susanne Grinder or Sebastian Haynes, and lists Lendorf as a guest principal.
  3. Just as a footnote to this: I saw the dress rehearsal of the 1963 revival of House of Birds , at Covent Garden, and a couple of performances later on tour, and I'm interested to see from the notes I made at the time that I thought it looked far better on the bigger stage - rather against what I've usually found for ballets originally made for Sadler's Wells etc.
  4. "a current rising star of the Royal Ballet, .... Natalia Osipova"
  5. Good! - I've always liked him but never managed to catch him in a big role. Eva Kistrup rather liked him too.
  6. Which cast did you see, Vanartus? (I rather hope you were there last night as I'd love to hear how Tobias Praetorius got on!)
  7. I seem to remember there was a huge argument on ballet.co when he was promoted, along the lines of how could a classical company have a principal who didn't do classical? I think he's proved his worth...
  8. Poltiken has some wonderful photographs of Kizzy Matiakis preparing for her role - Google Alert gives a reasonable translation of the words but reall you hrdaly need them! Also there's a link from this page to an interview with Liam Scarlett
  9. A minor point perhaps but the name of the ballet is Apparitions. Also, both David Vaughan and John Percival - and others for all I know - made the point that neither Makarova nor Schaufuss was well cast in the revival.
  10. Much to my surprise I've discovered that this piece is still preserved online - it's here if anyone's interested.
  11. The Sarasota Ballet has just announced its programme for next season and Apparitions is scheduled for March 2019 (on a double bill with Balanchine's Stars and Stripes).
  12. No, I was right the first time - she's doing Liza. There was an open rehearsal of two acts yesterday so some at least of the casting is known - Ida Praetorius is also doing Liza. (Not exactly a surprise!)
  13. Yes, don't get me wrong: I really admire her and am delighted to see her get such good roles - it's just that she must have thought, at 35, that she would finish out her career as a respected soloist - I believe no-one else has ever been promoted so late in their career. Here's a video of her trying some of her costumes http://www.pictame.com/media/1733307638278945647_259760189 I'm also pleased to see that Lo Sardo is back - slightly wonder from this picture if she's actually the Countess rather than Liza?
  14. And also from Instagram it looks as if Tobias Praetorius may be second cast Hermann, with Alexandra LoSardo as Liza. (Incidentally I guess if you'd told Kizzy Matiakis a few years ago that she'd get to be a principal and one spring would be dancing the leads in Swan Lake and Raymonda and creating the title role in a new full-length piece, she'd have been a bit ... surprised)
  15. I think this one comes under the heading of 'useful things you can discover while you ought to be working at something else'!
  16. The RDB gives the world premiere of Scarlett's Queen of Spades (Spar Dame in Danish) on April 14th - there's a page about in English on their site and more information and a couple of videos if you switch to the Danish version. From the photographs etc you can deduce that the first cast has Kizzy Matiakis as the Countess and Andreas Kaas as Hermann, but there are few clues to who else is dancing and if/when a second cast goes on. ( But, hey, there's still a week to opening night - plenty of time to plan your visit.) If anyone is going, please report back!
  17. If you click on the search box without entering any search term it takes you to the Advanced Search page where there's a 'search by tag' option at the top left hand corner - seems to work.
  18. Maybe it literally is short of that solo - the prologue, cut before the first night, in which Manon was shown "dreaming of rising to wealth and success"? (according to D&D)
  19. In the very early days of ballet.co we had the pleasure of republishing one of Mr Guest's articles from Richard Buckle's Ballet magazine - it was a piece called 'Babbage's Ballet' and we thought it very appropriate that a pioneer online ballet site should publish something about a computer pioneer's idea for a ballet. Mr Guest kindly gave his permission, though we had to wait to hear from him till he returned from a world cruise celebrating his retirement! It finally went live on our pages 21 years ago this month.
  20. For interest, here is an article about the costumes for the McGregor and Wheeldon pieces, from a site called Mode & Motion which looks at "the synergy between dance and fashion". (I'm linking to partly because it's interesting to read another point of view and partly because it talks about Shirin Guild, whose name has not been mentioned once in the 100+ entries in this topic - it's not often I can look in my own wardrobe* and find some of the work of an RB designer!) * secondhand section
  21. There certainly was a character who seemed much younger than the others - a girl dressed as a boy, or perhaps the other way round? (Though always danced by a female, I think.) She had a little dance of her own and was clearly presented as an extra tease for the customers.
  22. LFB did revive Apparitions, in 1987 - I think Peter Schaufuss persuaded Ashton to let them do it, although it's said he'd already refused permission to two directors of the RB. It only had 3 performances and although Ashton himself had been involved in the revival it was not thought to be a success, for reasons including casting (Makarova and Schaufuss), lighting, the sets, and the size of the theatre (the Coliseum). Iain Webb planned to revive it for the Sarasota Ballet last season but had to postpone it, for reasons explained in this article
  23. Yes if McGregor used Tippett's Fantasia on a theme of Corelli.
  24. Well it's 35 years since Alston's last piece for the company, so maybe they could risk another try? It was called Midsummer and had its premiere on the same night as Bintley's Consort Lessons - John Percival In D&D liked them both, and his last paragraph reads: "A final thought: how good it was to see the dancers as people - not playing roles, not being funny, not hidden behind the glossy body-tights that often turn them into shining objects, but as themselves: attractive, individual, different. I for one would enjoy seeing that more often." Oh yes. (And Alston has always acknowledged Ashton as a strong influence.)
  25. There are some things I'm very pleased to see in the announcement, but for my taste a season that is split - very roughly - into 1/3 19th century classics, 1/3 Macmillan and 1/3 everything else is not exactly well-balanced!
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