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  1. Please can someone open a thread on Spring 2020 Booking as casting is up for Swan Lake and Onegin.
  2. We are indeed but you are able to articulate this better than I could. In my experience, he does this consistently and frequently but I just accept this is what he does. "Audience-faced mugging" - I absolutely love this expression. 😄
  3. Please can you explain what "audience-faced mugging" means. Campbell has a tendency to pull some particular faces and I wondered if you mean what I have experienced.
  4. Insights: The Unknown Soldier 27 September 2018, 7.30pm | Clore Studio TICKET: LEVEL 6 Clore Studio, C-3 Please PM if interested. I won't be able to respond until 21:30 tonight so please bear with me. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone have the link to the ROH website where you can select seat views without having to search for a particular seat in an actual performance? Please share if you do.
  6. Please can someone do me a favour and post the PDF that lists Winter casting. The website still hasn't been updated casting for the triple/double bills. Thank you.
  7. I was going to private message you as well Livia - empathising that one cannot express views freely without the threat of an angry lynch mob assembling should one's opinion not be shared. I totally accept that everyone will have their own opinion (irrespective of 'credentials') and that they may not agree with my views....and that's OK! Live and let live. I don't have to like what you like, and vice versa. I actually enjoy hearing why others like dancers that I don't admire and vice versa. We can co-exist as mature adults, surely? So please add me to your list of people who feel self-censorship is less stressful than the possibility of a lively and engaging debate, encompassing disagreements and varying opinions. Also add my circle of ballet-loving friends who do not post because of this. Sadly, I know there are many of us who lurk in the shadows for fear of offering opinions that not everyone agrees with. Let's not distract and obfuscate from the issue here by focusing on how many private messages Livia has received or her age (really?!). Let's focus on the climate of fear and repression that people who do not post feel. By definition, these people are hardly going to come out in hoards to wade into this debate unless they want their feet beaten with bamboo sticks. I just felt a little suicidal/reckless so decided to stick my neck out to post what I hope is not controversial or unreasonable - the right to freedom of speech without persecution or pathological hatred. Until this forum starts to be more inclusive and tolerant of opposing views, this will be the only thing I post to a discussion thread which is why you probably won't have heard of me and will hopefully forget me very quickly too. Please don't get flippant and underestimate/dismiss as trivial how many of 'us' there really are. You'll never know because we fear the bamboo sticks too much and at the end of the day, this is just a ballet forum; there are far more important issues to stand up for what you believe in and get knee-capped for.
  8. Indeed. You are also not restricted to specific dates but can pick virtually any performance you want (may be restricted for popular shows). I didn't know about that change either.
  9. The seats offered used to be quite restricted (I like row A of Orchestra Stalls) but they seem to have expanded the selection. Thank you for bringing this up Richard, thus making me check, and therefore saving me money in the future! I wish they'd publicised the wider selection of seats when this changed as I could have made substantial savings in the past.
  10. Very restrained of you Dave. I would have grabbed the offending ankle and cut of it's blood supply until she started behaving like a normal human being again.
  11. You must have X-ray eyes as I can only see black in the wing. Time for Specsavers!
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