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  1. In case of interest, there is a reference copy of the text only in a biography file on Christopher Gable held at Waltham Forest Local Studies Library. Access is by prior appointment. Email: vhm.enquiries@walthamforest.gov.uk
  2. I think it unlikely that Melissa Hamilton's cast will perform at the Friends' General Rehesrsal since the Schools' matinée is the very next day I believe. I agree that she is a memorable Manon, and regret that she has no public performance in the role in this run.
  3. I can help with the text, but sadly not with all the images. I'll message you this evening. No spare time at the moment!
  4. Was she given a special curtain call after The Firebird on Thu 13 June? This is assuming that she danced a principal role in that cast as she did when I saw their earlier performance. I'm sure I remember an onstage presentation for Hikaru Kobayashi (by Federico Bonelli) and also a special solo curtain call for Deirdre Chapman, at their respective final performances as First Soloists. But I presume it is always possible that any dancer may prefer to have a low key farewell in public?
  5. A wonderful radio feature on Australian dancer and choreographer Eileen Kramer, now 104 years old: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0005msv
  6. I would add that at Friends General Rehearsals: - the conductor and orchestra stay in their ordinary daytime clothes - the front central stalls are allocated to approved photographers, and in quieter moments you do hear a little background noise from camera shutters clicking - for ballet rehearsals the dancers very occasionally mark some sections, rather than dancing fully as they would in an actual performance - on very rare occasions I've seen a ballet rehearsal halted so that a particular sequence can be repeated onstage - also very occasionally I've seen a ballet
  7. At the moment I can view pricing charts only for productions in the Autumn booking period (this includes viewing Autumn booking period productions via the season menu). But currently I cannot view the specific seating areas to which the various pricing levels relate. Perhaps my browser format (Firefox) is limiting the information I see?
  8. Thank you for confirming. I'd thought that the booking dates were evidence for Winter booking, and hoped so in terms of personal budget! Still it seems odd that the individual production pages for Onegin and La traviata both feature this statement: 'These events are part of the Autumn 2019 and Winter 2019/20 seasons.'
  9. There is now a web page for the 2019/20 season. I hope it's correct to assume that Onegin will be in the Winter booking period? This page places it in both Autumn and Winter periods: http://www.roh.org.uk/seasons/2019-20
  10. I think the website lists productions here (with thanks to RichardLH who provided this weblink in another thread): http://www.roh.org.uk/productions?_ga=2.139804410.835951387.1553237162-1432497339.1553237162
  11. I still have a cheque book, but sadly no carriage for 9.30pm! 😊
  12. For sale: RB Ballet Studio Live Rehearsal Fri 10 May 1.35pm ROH Paul Hamlyn Hall Stage Level B48 (side block) £15 This is a paper ticket. I will need to post it to purchaser, and request payment by bank transfer please.
  13. For sale: RB Ballet Studio Live Rehearsal Fri 10 May 12.15pm ROH Paul Hamlyn Hall Stage Level B45 (side block) £15 This is a paper ticket. I will need to post it to purchaser, and request payment by bank transfer please.
  14. Thank you very much for confirming this! I have been baffled by the links not working for me, and will follow your suggestions later today.
  15. Thanks very much for this link. It has helped me greatly!
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