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  1. Hippodrome extremely busy as tickets for les Miserable went on sale today (or yesterday)
  2. Just like to add that my daughter was fortunate enough to be at a top vocational school and is now with Birmingham Royal Ballet. She was about the only one in her class not doing extra classes in the holidays...she liked her holidays and family time too much! I am not suggesting summer schools are a bad thing but just pointing out it is possible to have a career without extras. Incidentally, she was also fortunate to be the only one never to have an injury. I am not saying one was the result of the other. I used to 'panic' sometimes hearing about what everyone else did in the holidays but glad we went with our gut feeling and now have a lovely but more importantly, well grounded daughter.
  3. Indeed, my question as I am unaware that BRB is any more underfunded than any other company and I have my daughter in the company.
  4. follycat

    Summer School

    My daughter went years ago and really enjoyed it. Lovely surroundings and a fun time with hard work thrown in.
  5. I have to say I really liked the winner and I'm very much a ballet bod. Good job we don't all like the same things!
  6. Feel for you all. 10 years ago we were waiting too and feeling very anxious. A no doesn't necessarily mean the end. My daughter did not get into WL nor did she even get finals for upper school but got a job with BRB straight from another vocational school. Rejection at the time felt like the end of her dream but it wasn't. Mind you we did have to visit quite a few tea shops to console ourselves.
  7. I found this topic all rather depressing and all gloom and doom. As a mother with a daughter in the company, I perhaps have a different take as have the dancers who have been informed throughout. Perhaps let not write them off just yet.All the arts are having to adjust.
  8. Having physio several times a week and have explained about the ballet and what I want to be able to do when recovered. I know it is never going to be as good as before but just wondering whether others been through it and have suggestions/encouragement. Just a little despondent this week!
  9. Just wondering if anybody out there has had a knee replacement and still managed to do ballet after? 50, dance teacher and recovering myself from partial replacement, so could do with some realism/encouragement! Grand plies and developpes seem a distant memory.
  10. Not sure if she is in matinee?! Some weird headdresses and masks so I'm awaiting instructions as to how to spot her....looking forward to it though...
  11. Will be watching on Saturday evening. Daughter in company but costumes and make may make her tricky to spot!
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