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  1. Why don't you contact her friends who are staying with Landladies. They should still have the list and then ring them direct to see if they have any spaces or if they know of anyone who has. Alternatively, could they squeeze her in at the boarding house for a short time, whilst you sort it out?
  2. I imagine both schools offer Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Street/Commercial.
  3. We rang from the airport as we had just landed in Ibiza.
  4. Royal Ballet School is a degree course now.
  5. RosaMac


    No lots of space x
  6. RosaMac


    Nothing in my inbox Belleballerina.
  7. RosaMac


    This is very true and even after they have shown interest and had a meeting, they still may decide not to sign you. A lot of the top agents expect you to attend auditions at short notice so if you are not living in London it can be very expensive to travel back and forth on a regular basis. My advice is to do a lot of research before they are in their graduate year and save plenty of money.
  8. I would have to slightly disagree with this statement about Bird being more commercial than Jazz/MT. They have one commercial class per week. Two Jazz classes, 3/4 Ballet classes, 2 Contemporary classes, 2 Tap classes plus MT classes and singing/ acting. In fact the students who love commercial dance tend to go to extra classes elsewhere on a weekend.
  9. Perhaps they should. I believe they would benefit from having someone who is closely connected to the industry, who would also be in overall control artistically.
  10. I don't think you have to be a UK resident. I thought it was an EU citizen living in an EU country for the past 3 years.
  11. My daughter received hers last month.
  12. Why don't you wait until October half term and sit down with her and do them together? She's probably too tired to think about it on an evening.
  13. I would say simple black leotard for the ballet class, then change into coloured leotard and black tights for the jazz class. When doing the monologue and song a nice dress with heeled boots or shoes{ but not too high}. Also, change the hair slightly for each class if you can. You definitely need to wear make up at most MT colleges.
  14. They usually only reassess income if circumstances change dramatically i.e death of a parent or loss of job.
  15. Skirt 26 w 20 length has been sold, everything else still available.
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