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  1. No, I was definitely in the wrong on the post concerned and as I said, I'm really sorry for causing upset to someone else. Social media is so tricky especially at my age.
  2. Apparently I have inadvertently upset someone on this forum with one of my posts. I sincerely apologise. Having said that, I was doing my usual gushing about a show and just wanting to relate to people around me, given I am usually seeing a show on my own. I just love ballet and just always wanted to share my views. This forum just got so difficult lately. I never wanted to upset anyone but seems I accidentally did. So sorry. I now won't post anymore on this forum.
  3. Rip Ken. One of my earliest theatre memories. My grandparents treated us to a box for his show at Nottingham Theatre Royal. He had an extended tickling stick and aimed it at me up in the box; I was terrified!! I keep all my vinyl and still have a copy of his hit single Happiness
  4. Fab post Alison. Would be a great topic for a new thread! I'd start it myself except just in interval of the very sold out full length Sleeping Beauty in Brum!! When BRB always totally struggle to half full the Hippo on their triple bills!!
  5. Well done RHowarth! I'm not sure they'd swap my front row stalls for an identical one at half price! 😂But I'd only spend the difference in the bar 😏.... Joking aside, I really hope this ticket offer shifts more seats. Sales really low so far. This such a special triple bill, the dancers I spoke to after the Bradford shows were so thrilled to be performing these superb and important Macmillan pieces. They so need to be seen and appreciated by a wider audience.
  6. I was at Friday evening's performance. Peter Wright's version of Sleeping Beauty is quite simply the most gorgeous version I've ever seen! It moves along at a sparkling pace; I've seen versions where it has seemed interminable 'filling' of the score & I even admit to falling asleep in one once! 😴. Not so with this version!! Every bit of the dancing just perfectly flowing with and matching the music, played superbly by RB Sinfonia conducted by Koen Kessels. Momoko Hirata was superb as Aurora; technically brilliant, musical and magical. She portrayed such excited innocence in Act 1 and pure joy with Mathias Dingman's noble and adoring Prince, also beautifully danced by him. Fabulous performances all round from the whole cast, including Nao Sakuma's terrifying Carabosse and Yvette Knight's serenely elegant Lilac. The costumes in this production are just gorgeous. Sitting in the front row I was marvelling all the way through at the detail. Anyway, roll on my second show of my trip to Brum, the Delia/Brandon matinee 👍😁. This really is an excellent production and perfectly showcases the huge range of talent in BRB.
  7. Ha! Very familiar feeling!! I was in exactly the same position - I had only the matinee for Saturday booked and return trains. I've now gone and booked the Friday evening as well plus overnight hotel and new train ticket......Looking forward to both shows and being rich in memories, never mind the pennies!
  8. I saw 2 BRB Nuts this year, both superb. I know I don't have enough adjectives to do it justice!! Booking already open for next year. Not sure my bank account can take it as I also now have NB's Nutcracker to book for 😁
  9. 3 years since Trocs came to UK and the show venues in England seem sparse (happy though I am that there are shows in various Scotland, Ireland & Wales venues, as those often neglected). I've already booked for both shows in Nottingham plus one in Southampton. I'm going to have to seriously travel....!! They have not yet announced any other things they offered on the 2015 tour, such as open rehearsals and Dying Swan classes! Does anyone know if such things will be added??
  10. Oh no! Devastated if true as my home city of Nottingham has been blessed to have BRB coming for last few years and their performances so appreciated.
  11. Just seen both matinee and evening shows. Truly emotional. Really stunning performances by Northern Ballet. Quite sensational. Will write more tomorrow. On a buzz.....
  12. Gasp and in my opinion, a magnificent show by BRB. Just exited from this, and in my view, it was a truly stunning and exceptional triple from BRB. Both Penguin and Elite Syncopations were stunning, in particular Brandon Lawrence and Celine Gittens leading together in Elite in a performance that was just show stopping! But I must focus my comments on which for me, was the utterly moving, beautiful and stunning Concerto. I'd never seen it before. How utterly sublime this was with BRB and the most gifted and incredible pianist Jonathan Higgins just lighting up the score. Celine Gittens & Brandon Lawrence danced the 2nd movement and had me in tears. For me, I thought this piece was genius. BRB will be dancing Concerto in London soon: I think you are lucky if you have a ticket!
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