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  1. Silly me, I was thinking the padding would go underneath, like an orthotic. Live and learn
  2. Size 8 1/2 BlochTap shoes with technotaps on the toes and heels . Laceups, synthetic upper. Worn once . £10 plus postage.
  3. Thanks meadowblythe. Let's hope they are all back to what they love doing very soon
  4. Would you say which country your DS is in, just cos I’m curious about the language he has to learn? My DS is in Poland but far from fluent!
  5. He is the most lovely dancer. RB's loss, but then he is Polish, so went 'home'
  6. I'm not entering the Liam Scarlett debate, but here is a short film about the making of 'Nasz Chopin' for the Polish National Ballet in April 2019 with some excellently watchable ballet. Principal is Dawid Trzensimiech, Royal Ballet Upper School trained, and former Solist with The Royal Ballet. In the corps are Phoebe Liggins (ENB School trained) and my own Laurence Elliott (Upper School trained), both in their first professional company jobs.
  7. I just turned up today on Instagram to Everybody Ballet.
  8. Have you come across any others? Tanya Pearson lost me after 10 seconds.
  9. Don’t know what you thought Tango Dancer but I absolutely loved it. Just right for me (ie: beginner)
  10. Spenco second skin kit via Amazon is worth investigating. The fabric bandage it comes with can be cut to size, and sticks to skin extremely well.
  11. Good advice above. I personally know many dancers who have come back very successfully from shinsplints, and/or are managing shinsplints, including professionals. So it’s not necessarily going to prevent going as far as you can in dance.
  12. Does anyone have a ticket for tomorrow I could buy please? For a friend who prefers not Balcony or Amphi.
  13. 2018, the year my DS graduated from the Royal Ballet School there were more boys than girls, 11 to 8. Boys outnumbered the girls from when he started in 1st Year Upper School
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