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  1. Polish National Ballet in Warsaw. Sorry my phone won’t do a better link, but it’s the first item at Teatrwielki.pl
  2. UK based Move dancewear are very reliable and sell red or bright blue shorts online. Boysdancetoo.com are in the US so their site is worth a look
  3. Hi there, unless people know something I don’t know, I can’t think of a shop that has a good selection of dancewear for guys. Capezio, Dancia, Freed, Bloch in Covent Garden sell shoes and socks and dancebelts. My DS gets practice wear from H&M sports section. Dance shorts he gets from the US 😂. There’s a Lululemon in Covent Garden. Wishing you well for your trip.
  4. I’d seriously recommend this summer programme (unsolicited testimonial). My DS found it so inspiring and confidence giving. He was 17 at the time. And he got great corrections and personal attention.
  5. I have a spare which I will give to anyone who wants it. Upper Amphi S58. Rehearsal is this Friday 18th 11.30am.
  6. Don't dress like a student, or wear any sort of 'school uniform'. Get him to have a look on Instagram or whatever at the Company's company class and copy what they are wearing so he looks like he would fit right in and make an easy transition from school to company. Might not make a shred of difference, but at least he will look the part, which may help him feel and act the part, I think
  7. Thank you from me too. You are much appreciated
  8. Dancia sell the So Danca SD16. Another excellent shoe but does not come in older teen sizes, so DS swapped to Capezio Hanami. The material in the So Dancas wears better, so the shoes may last longer. So Dancas not available in flesh colour, which DS prefers, so choice is black or white for boys.
  9. Capezio Hanami’s from the Capezio shop. 100% recommended by my professional (at last ! Yay) dancer DS. Other dancers often ask him where he got them. And pre-sewn elastics (double Yay). Dancia are a great shop too if the Capezios aren’t liked for any reason.
  10. The quote from Christopher Powney was from a dancing times interview before he joined the school. Hopefully now he has met many more British students in person at the school, he may have had his mind changed? Matthew Ball’s father wrote a brilliant letter printed in Dancing Times as a response. I can’t find it now ... I have a DS who graduated last year from RBS Upper School, and I personally know of zero British students resting on their laurels at RBS or other schools. The reverse actually, as they’re usually playing catchup with international students, who’ve often been homeschooled for years to concentrate on their dancing (rightly or wrongly).
  11. Men usually seem to be 5’10” minimum for a lot of European corps
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