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  1. Same here! I identified the ‘key players’ and so followed the gist of the plot, and for the rest I just enjoyed the glorious dancing. The various duets, trios and solos were fabulous, but I would have liked a really exciting group piece and I think it lacked that. It’s a small thing, but I did really like the effect of the curtain swishing across the stage to separate scenes. David Nixon’s farewell speech was lovely - a fitting tribute without being too syrupy.
  2. BlueLou

    CAT schemes

    It depends on the level - which is loosely linked to age. Also, it is individualised to a certain extent. Last year I think most of the younger ones did 2 evenings (not Tuesdays or Fridays), and all day Saturday. For the older ones they do various combinations of nights depending on their strengths - e.g. some do Fridays, some don’t. But that could well change. The other thing to consider is the holiday intensives, which are pretty much compulsory - 3 weeks in summer, a few days at Easter, plus a couple of days during other October and Feb half terms I think. And extra rehearsals on Fridays and Sundays in the run up to the annual show. It is an excellent programme, but it is big commitment!
  3. May be in the order the auditions happened last weekend?? My Ds audition was 10.30am.
  4. BlueLou

    CAT schemes

    I guess they are all different. Northern Ballet CATs have a 100% success rate. Last year there were 7 graduates - 2 got into Central, 1 to ENBS, 1 to Elmhurst, 1 to Rambert, and 2 to NBS. Between them they also had offers from RCS, Tring and Laine.
  5. Results emails are coming out! Ds has made it through to finals for intermediate associates and been offered a summer school place .
  6. Unlikely, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility. You are more likely to be interviewed or checked by the physio.
  7. Northern ballet associates get a written report once a year. As I recall, scores out out 5 for lots of things like ‘musicality’, ‘phsique’, ‘flexibility’, etc etc, plus a couple of sentences. Ballet Boost similar - scores, an overall grade and a few sentences.
  8. I think the main part of the prelim lasted about 2 and a half hours. In addition, there was a talk beforehand and some people were asked to perform solos or have physio checks or interviews after the audition. Tips - this is only guesswork really, but I got the impression that they look for dancers who stand out as individuals. I would go bold with the solo rather than playing safe - try to be original, strong and vibrant. Dance big and fill the space. At finals there is a creativity exercise - creativity is important at Rambert. If interviewed, be confident - it’s not a place for shy shrinking violets. Good luck🍀!
  9. Given the number of prelims, I was surprised by how few there were at RCS finals. From memory I think only about 35 in total.
  10. Last year we had Central 24th and 25th, Rambert 26th, RCS 27th and 28th March. We were not alone! The long journey from Rambert up to Glasgow was the worst bit. We made the train I’d booked from King’s Cross by the skin of our teeth and I think we got to our hotel in Glasgow at about 10pm! Fortunately dd’s physio appointment was in the afternoon on 27th. Good luck with it all!
  11. Last year it covered 2 days - physio and interview on day 1; classes, talk and tour on day 2.
  12. I believe there is a girl from Central in the final.
  13. Do you happen to know how many men there were in the Contemporary semi-final? I believe there were 3 from Rambert.
  14. Now is not the time for doubts and despair! You have to keep going - give every audition your best shot and your biggest smile and believe that you belong there. When all is said and done (for this cycle of auditions anyway), then you can review the situation and decide what to do next. But while you’re in the middle of it, you’ve just got to stay on the roller-coaster and sparkle all the way! Very best of luck to you Arucaria, and Merry Christmas to you too
  15. Northern Ballet have announced the dates of their free open days, including one that is just for boys. https://northernballet.com/academy/open-days?fbclid=IwAR24kOgBgPwshXYMnGqZVd9s10G32WJ7qn4nVodZBFdrz5XaSBmLlhPzzHw
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