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  1. Same here! We opted for London thinking it would be more convenient. However I didn’t know it would be in Battersea (not near a tube station), and so late in the cycle. I think panels are pretty experienced at applying exactly the same criteria to everyone though, so fingers crossed and good luck!
  2. Just had a look at the RCS summer school on their website, and for the seniors it says ‘age 15’. Does that mean strictly age 15, or 15 and over? I have emailed them to ask, but got an automatic response saying that they aim to reply to email queries within 7 days - thought asking here might be quicker!
  3. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    How many ‘nos’ has she had, if you don’t mind me asking Ballet12345? Even the dancers who get yeses usually have their fair share of nos too! Most of dd’s friends are applying to at least 5 colleges and all of them would be very happy with just the 1 ‘yes' at the end of the day. Keep going - and good luck!
  4. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Emailed Central - got a very quick response - she’s through to finals
  5. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Believe me - I've checked every folder! Everyone else's seemed to be around lunchtime. Maybe it's because dd was one of the higher numbers, so if they are working through the list in numerical order ......
  6. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Anyone else still waiting for Leeds CSB result?? Dd's 5 friends have all had emails (some yes and some no) today but we've had nothing yet. It's going to be a long night!
  7. Northern Ballet (Leeds) are live-streaming a romantic duet from Jane Eyre on Facebook on Valentine’s Day. https://northernballet.com/jane-eyre/valentines-day-livestream?utm_source=Northern+Ballet+newsletter&utm_campaign=a07fb38ae4-Valentines_email_2018_02_12&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3c3bebf4a1-a07fb38ae4-202255365 I’ve tried to give this thread a suitable title to add any other similar links to in future!
  8. Hi Jete. Dd auditioned at Rambert a few weeks ago. There was a very informative talk for parents and applicants at the start, then parents were taken on a tour and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions. There was a ballet class (with some pointe, but not much) and a contemporary class (with a short creative exercise at the end), each just over an hour long. Dd really enjoyed the classes! There was a panel of 7 or 8 watching, plus a physio wandering around looking at them. There were about 30 in the audition. About 6 were asked to stay to perform their solo. They did stress that nothing could be inferred from whether or not you were asked to do your solo - that would appear to be true, as dd was not asked to do her solo but has been recalled to finals. Good luck!
  9. Questions about Upper School auditions

    We stayed at Crown Plaza Kings Cross when dd did the October dance days at Central. Very nice, and it has a pool . Lovely restaurant there too for a convenient meal the night before. Dd loves a steak and said that the one she had there was one of the best! 10 minute (if that) walk to Herbal Hill. Dd always prefers the night in a hotel nearby option. I think we would both worry too much about possible travel delays etc on the day. She is a good sleeper anywhere, so we have a nice meal, early night, good breakfast, and she arrives refreshed and ready. Good luck
  10. Compulsory PE in School

    My dd’s school (private sector) actually suggested at the start of year 11 that she spend her PE lessons in the library catching up and doing homework as her form tutor had noticed that she was starting to struggle a bit juggling her school workload and all of her dancing. They acknowledged that she was obviously already doing plenty of physical exercise anyway. Obviously we gratefully accepted the suggestion and she has found it very useful!
  11. YBSS application 2018

    Absolutely! We’ll be having a go too! I just meant that she won’t be 'missing out’ by only doing 1 week because most of them probably only get to do 1 week anyway
  12. YBSS application 2018

    It’s very difficult to get a place on this summer school, so I suspect that many of those who ask for 2 weeks only get offered 1. Also, the cost of 2 weeks would put a lot of people off.
  13. Y10/Y11- Does anyone break in?

    I know of a boy who was offered a year 10 place for Elmhurst this year.
  14. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    Just spotted this - Bodyworks in Cambridge doing a free day for boys 14-21 years on 17th February. Contemporary, jazz, commercial and singing. http://www.bodyworkcompany.co.uk/news-and-events/#audition
  15. What warm-ups / extras do the cool tweens wear?

    Haha! I have suffered the indignity of bumping into stuff in the darkness! Now I go online - can see everything clearly and there always seem to be good offers 😉