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  1. BlueLou

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Possibly my biggest grumble last year was that that the schools didn’t confirm timings until a couple of weeks before, sometimes even later, so train prices (and accommodation sometimes) were more expensive. I think that most prelims (including Central) last about 2 hours, and there are usually more than one in a day. You could start at, for example, 10 or 12 or 3. I think dd’s RCS one was at 3pm (in London), the 3rd of the day.
  2. Northern Ballet recently advertised for those wishing to audition in Jan 2019 to join the company - max height 168cm for women (no minimum stated).
  3. I always assumed that the school got the same amount of money regardless of whether the student was UK or overseas. I thought that if it was a degree, the government paid the difference between the £9250 capped rate and the full fee for UK students. And if there are MDS or Dada awards then similarly the school still receives the same fee, just not all from the student directly. Is it the case that they actually receive more money from overseas students?
  4. BlueLou

    choices at 16

    Sorry Pointetoes - I think we’re at crossed purposes! I was referring to a cryptic quote about success and failure which appears as a footnote to VR’s posts. But now I am on my phone I realise you can only see the footnotes if you’re on a computer! In my defence, and in a desperate bid to drag us back on track, I am a bit distracted because I am currently sitting at a railway station waiting to welcome dd home for half term 😁.
  5. BlueLou

    choices at 16

    Sorry to digress wildly off topic (please forgive me admin!), but I’ve read your footnote quote 3 times now Vonrothbart and I don’t get it??
  6. BlueLou

    choices at 16

    Dd is 16 and started a BA course last month. First half term has been fantastic - she is very happy! The most important thing for me was that she made friends and was never lonely. This hasn’t been a problem at all because she is surrounded by people with lots in common with her. She has made lots of friends ranging in age from 16 to 20+, across all 3 year groups. She has been shopping with them, out for food, to the cinema and theatre, and to a couple of house parties. Far from being concerned about her being with older students, I find it comforting, because they all seem lovely and like they look out for each other. They all seem very committed to becoming professional dancers. She has spent tonight watching Strictly at a friend’s - she took along marshmallows and Haribo (proper dancer food!). She desperately wanted to live independently but because the vast majority of 1st years were doing Homestay I insisted on that option. The Homestay is the only part of her new life that she’s not 100% thrilled about, and I think she would have been fine sharing a house/flat with other students. She doesn’t like having no choice over her dinners and would prefer to cook her own choice of food. I do think it’s important that she sees me or her Dad at least once a fortnight, and that we text/call/Facetime every day - makes me feel confident that I’d pick up on any issues quickly.
  7. BlueLou

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Dd auditioned for Central, RCS, Rambert, Elmhurst and Laine last year. She says she needed pointe shoes for all finals, and she thinks (but isn’t 100% sure) she also needed them for all prelims, except Laine.
  8. BlueLou

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Last year they required both an academic and a dance reference, and a personal statement. No doctors note though.
  9. BlueLou

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    I answered this on a recent thread (audition photos Central and Rambert, I think). Out and on my phone right now so can’t link or copy, but a search should find it!
  10. BlueLou

    October half term workshops or classes

    Rambert have a 3 day Autumn intensive 22-24 October for ages 15-19.
  11. BlueLou

    Audition photos (Central & Rambert)

    Last year …….. Central wanted 1) facing front full length in 1st position 2) facing back full length in parallel 3) 1st arabesque 4) developpe a la seconde 5) 2nd position en pointe 6) 4th croise en pointe arms in 5th. All 6x4 prints. Rambert wanted 1) tendu 2nd position 2) plie 3) plie 2nd position 4) 1st arabesque. The Rambert application had to be done online, so you’ll need digital copies of the photos. Good luck!
  12. BlueLou

    ENBS 2019 Summer School

    It does say ……. 'Applicants auditioning by video will receive a reply from us via email within three weeks of receiving the application. Applicants attending a live audition will receive a reply from us up to three weeks after the audition.' Which implies that everyone will hear at different times. Presumably the earlier you apply, the earlier you get a response, and possibly also the better your chances??? Although, as you say Peanut, auditions are confusing. There are only 2 London dates - surely they can't see all SS applicants and US prelims on just 2 days.
  13. BlueLou

    Rambert audition music 60 seconds?

    She is 16.
  14. BlueLou

    Rambert audition music 60 seconds?

    I was leaving this for someone else as I can only offer a best guess, but as nobody more knowledgeable has stepped in ...... i would guess that 10-15 seconds over would be fine! It is highly unlikely that someone will have a stopwatch, but I wouldn’t go too far over! At prelims only about 4 or 5 out of 30 were asked to do their solo. At finals maybe 6 or 7. Dd wasn’t asked to do hers at either audition and she was offered a place. Not sure what you can infer from that! Possibly it’s the borderliners who do their solo. Or possibly those who seem much stronger in either Ballet or Contemporary. Dd’s first day at Rambert today! I’ll do my best with any questions!
  15. BlueLou

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

    No, it’d be quite a long tube journey from Richmond to Laban. Probably take about an hour.