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  1. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    I think the 5 applicants per place may suggest better odds than you actually have because some summer school places are taken by current full time RB students who are encouraged to do the summer school as well. Selection is based on info in the application form as well as the photos - e.g. how much training you currently do and at what level. A high proportion of places seem to go to students at good overseas vocational schools.
  2. Questions about Upper School auditions

    We just had one delivered from Planet Dance. They were on offer from Dance Direct so have sold out - twice the price from Planet Dance but at least they have some. It is a lovely leotard! https://www.planetdancedirect.co.uk/Dans-ez-V-Leg-Microfibre-Camisole-Leotard
  3. Questions about Upper School auditions

    I know audition leotards have been discussed before - I remember reading about them in the days when our need of one was too distant to bother making notes! Searching ‘audition leotard’ draws a blank. So, what are the preferred choices of leotard styles and colours? To what extent does one choose a leotard to stand out? I’m thinking high leg, not black or blue…….
  4. Elmhurst 2018

    These are the audition dates from the Elmhurst website https://www.elmhurstdance.co.uk/Audition-dates-1.html I am sure that antm is right, there was something about not everyone being invited to prelims, but that paragraph seems to have disappeared!
  5. Questions about Upper School auditions

    Oh no …………….. the dreaded developpe photo again! I remember the good old days when I thought it was just about lifting your leg up as high as it would go - but no, got to think about turnout and relaxed arms and not grimacing and ‘alignment’………… We also have a mercifully short list - dd has 2 schools that she really really wants to go to, plus another 2 that she might want to go to so we’ll apply! Back-up is local 6th form and then adding a few MT schools to the list for entry at 18. Deep breath, and here we go ……………..
  6. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    Until the end of year 6 dd did 45 minutes each of ballet, tap, modern, and festival dance classes in the local village hall, plus gymnastics. Then it all took off! In year 7 she added on 2 hours of associates ballet, which increased to 4.5 hours in year 8 (plus Easter and Summer intensives), then another 3 hours of open classes in ballet and modern and a fortnightly 3 hour associate class were added in year 9, and finally CAT programme in year 10. Starting year 11 next month she will be doing a total of around 20 hours dancing a week. She will be auditioning for vocational schools this year. So the point of all that is ………….. I think an hour a week is fine when you are 9, but probably needs to increase at some point. Exactly how much training is ideal, and at what age, depends on all sorts of factors - how far they want to go with their dancing, how good the training is, natural talent. And then you have to balance what is ideal for them with what you can manage…………
  7. New to the ballet world and have some questions.

    Zerina Mastin’s book is excellent on this topic https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/cka/Nutrition-Dancer-Zerlina-Mastin/1852731354/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501088084&sr=8-1&keywords=zerlina+mastin
  8. Summer school 2017

    Dd just back from 2 weeks at Ballet West. She really enjoyed it. Did ballet/rep and contemporary first week, ballet/rep and jazz second week - she thinks it’s jazz again for week 4 - loved the jazz teacher, very lively and taught them a fab routine! Some of the current students are around rehearsing their genee entries. Several of them performed their solos for us during the Friday afternoon show. Dd says they were in a couple of classes, but not many, but they were around to chat to. The solos were very impressive - all en pointe, but many felt quite contemporary/modern, which I liked. Apparently they are hoping to build some nice new studios.
  9. Dance Scholars York

    Hi Jijoploolop, the York Scheme has changed a lot for this year’s intake. It used to be a more classical programme, then they announced it would be closing down. From memory, they said this was due to lack of funding and the fact that there are now lots of other similar schemes in the region. Then they announced that they would not close down after all, but rebrand as a more general dance scheme. Certainly, in the past it was always highly regarded and had a strong faculty including Peter and Shannon Parker and Gill Caplan. Several dancers have gone on to greater things (I think Xander and Demelza Parish went there??). I believe class sizes were around the 30 mark. However, with all the changes, don’t know who the faculty are or what the class structure will be this year. I do hope they bring back their summer school though (cancelled amidst all the changes this year) - it was excellent. Edit - Just checked their web page - excellent faculty! Have come across most of them and all fab
  10. How did you choose schools??

    I would speak to your current dance teacher just as a matter of courtesy before looking elsewhere. If she isn’t offering the classes he wants to do she can hardly object.
  11. Summer school 2017

    Dd will be at Ballet West next week too. She has never owned a pair of character shoes, so hopefully not necessary!
  12. Changing dance school

    This year my dd (15 now) has done 4 nights plus Saturday, similar to your timetable above but without the Sunday. She has found the Sunday off to be essential - she sleeps half of it, does most of her homework, then catches up with friends or watches tv in the evening.
  13. Vocational school at 16

    Dd is going to apply for entry at 16 (2018 entry) but has been advised that they tend to take more at 17 or 18 because they are more mature. Still, going to give it a go! Do you happen to know roughly what percentage of the intake are 16?
  14. Vocational school at 16

    Celb and 2dancersmum - very interesting that Elmhurst and Hammond accept older than 16! I assumed that as they were technically 6th form ‘schools’ that would not be the case, but presumably as they are private businesses they can do what they like Move It dance exhibition is a fabulous experience and I would thoroughly recommend it, but don’t expect to pick up much info on classical training. It’s more geared towards your LSC, Urdang, Bird, etc… type colleges.
  15. Vocational school at 16

    Funding is a big decider! DADA funding is means-tested. If you don’t qualify to apply for a DADA, or are not successful with your application, Tring is an eye-watering £34k a year (for boarders). Hammond and Elmhurst slightly cheaper. However, fees are capped to just over £9k a year (+ accommodation) if it is a BA course, and you can apply for student loans - e.g. Central, RCS, Rambert, Ballet West. I think 6th forms (Elmhurst, Hammond, Tring) would only accept 16 year olds. Central prefer entry at 16, Rambert (50/50 ballet/contemporary) seems to prefer 17 or 18 year old applicants. Ballet West seem to be fairly flexible regarding age of entry. Not sure about RCS.