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  1. Honestly I wouldn't even try and guess. As I said my daughter was a no and got loads of views. It's one of those things you won't know until the day
  2. I haven't heard of any year 5's. If they had no year 5 places surely they would have just given a refund? I guess it was an experience. Not one I had hoped for for my DD. Given the cost it's a shame but that's life
  3. She's year 5 and first time she auditioned. I have been told year 6 places are very rare. If it's f2f I will but don't think we would do video auditions again X
  4. She's at school so doesn't know. I had told her before how competitive it is. Thank you
  5. We understand this will be a disappointment, but the School does recognise that young people progress and develop at different stages. Therefore, we encourage you to audition again next year if you wish to.
  6. We got a no. So group 3 responses coming in.
  7. I don't remember my daughter having to do middle splits. Maybe some of the auditions varied? It was an unusual way to audition for them and they have all had a break during lockdown from normal classes. I'm proud of my daughter but not sure I would do it again
  8. Thank you. It's so hard to know isn't it. Good luck to you too
  9. My husband uploaded it so I just clicked to see the views. (Excluding mine). They hadn't watched part 2 a week ago but have now watched them all between 5 to 9 times dependent on the video.
  10. I can see views but not how long they were watched
  11. Hi definetly this week. Unsure why they wouldn't watch the 2nd video as much. Have seen others say lots of views but didn't get a place. I guess time will tell Good luck
  12. Can see my daughter's first and third video have been watched between 3 times the first and 7 the third. The middle only once 🤔.
  13. No Totnes. We had to leave it to the day before. The e mail went into my junk mail 😬. It took until just before the cut off to upload so none of us used WiFi 🤪. So was an experience
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