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  1. Hi, I've just booked for the first week of RCS for my DD and as she's 16 she is planning to stay in RCS accommodation and have a go at being independent (she's in for a shock!). The website recommends Base Glasgow but the Base website just goes to a bad link when I try and book for a summer course and when I emailed in the very unhelpful reply was that they only took a minimum 8 week booking! Has anyone else booked RCS yet and if so have they had any better luck?! Thanks. Ps if anyone else has booked it would be good to know as DD won't know anyone else there I don't think.
  2. Oh, that's very disappointing. Much as it will be nice not to spend my summer holiday in Birmingham (great city, but not very summer holidayish) the summer will feel flat without NYB. My teen has done the last two seasons and they were incredible experiences. She learned a lot, made some great friends and had the unforgettable opportunity to dance at Sadlers Wells. I hope they don't take too long a hiatus because it really is a unique summer school.
  3. My daughter did the Easter course a couple of years ago and we combined it with a week's holiday. She danced all day, we got to know a beautiful part of the country we would never have visited otherwise. It worked out almost the same as her boarding financially - the only downside was having to get up to drive her in every morning, holidays should include sleep ins!
  4. A decade ago I had only ever seen one ballet - a Nutcracker, in Nottingham, when I was about ten. I'd have been completely happy never to have never ever seen another ballet as long as I lived. And then my daughter started dancing and so, in summer 2014, I took her to see ENB Romeo and Juliet in the round and it changed everything. I can't remember who danced that Saturday matinee but I was in floods by the end (to her embarrassment). Five and a half years later we've been to the ROH as much as money, distance and her schedule allows (booked for five times this season) attended most live screenings, seen a variety of mixed bills, galas and full length ballets both classical and modern. This Christmas we saw Anna Rose O Sullivan debut in Coppelia, Northern Ballet's fabulous Cinderella and will be at their gala on Sat - and I've watched her twice at National Youth Ballet. Maybe her dedication and love for ballet would have won me round eventually, but the beauty, spectacle and emotion of that first Romeo and Juliet changed my view of ballet for ever, and that makes it the highlight of the decade for me. I'm far too uncritical a viewer to have a lowlight!
  5. Announcement tomorrow according to insta...
  6. Thank you all! Off to research!
  7. Hi All With the rise of Instagram comes the rise of the gorgeous ballet photo! I would really like to buy my teen a photoshoot for Christmas as I am not skilled in this direction, one using outdoor locations as I know she really likes these - we live in York so there are lotds of very scenic places very close by!. Does anyone have any recommendations for Yorkshire/NE and how much should we realistically pay for 2 hours? Thanks!
  8. Hello There's no booking system, you simply turn up and queue. We've waited half an hour and we've been seen straight away, it just depends how busy they are. Some times my daughter has been fitted very quickly, other times it's taken several styles and sizes before they and she are happy. We live a long way away so tend to pop in every time we're in London and my daughter is now quite happy to go alone (at 15) if time is short. Any problems you can email them - we've sometimes booked appointments in Bloch and Capezio as well just to give her a good assortment to try. Hope that helps!
  9. We've been travelling to Northern Ballet for over four years now, and have almost solely used the train. It's a fast ten minutes walk from the station, means no dealing with the one way system, car park charges etc and now the daughter is older she can travel independently which is great preparation for going away. Obviously she would prefer to be driven there and back, especially back, but she's used to the train now and regular commuting has really helped her mature. Not possible for everyone I know, and it isn't cheap either, but it's really helped my time management!
  10. If the dates fit then packaging it can take a lot of the visa hassles away and be cheaper. Sixteen years ago we found it was half the price to go with Jules Verne than independently although at just 30 then we were about half the age of everyone else! We did everything independently once in St Petersburg although there were tours if people wanted them - I think everyone else did. I wish we'd done both cities, but we just did St P which was glorious. Sadly I wasn't a ballet fan at the time so didn't even try for tickets. A big regret! It was April and very wet!
  11. Hi, we packed a leotard per day plus tights etc, otherwise she just wore tracksuits/leggings/ tees and something a little smarter for the party. She didn't wear half the casual stuff she brought. Otherwise I'd recommend a little money for tuck and that's it. They don't need very much. My daughter didn't know anyone and can be a little shy but she was absolutely fine. I did send her a chocolate pizza to share about 3 nights in and that really helped her feel sort of a group. It was a great experience and she loved every moment. Feel free to DM with any questions!
  12. Hi, I am in the process of doing this for my 15 year old daughter for the exact same reasons. She isn't even at upper school yet, let alone looking for a job, but I wanted her to have the security of EU membership before she applies to upper school and shuts down other career options, especially as she is keen on applying to Europe for vocational school. It took me 6 months to get my passport and we are currently 8 months into waiting for her nationalisation. Passport will be another 6 months so I'm glad we did this well in advance. It's long-winded and complicated and expensive - but I did keep my passport by sending in a notorised copy. It's also worth it to keep her career options open in and out of dance. Good luck!
  13. Thanks so much everyone. It's definitely doable to day trip, but maybe not for a sixteenth birthday trip and school/work the next day. We'll have to experiment on a weekend... Lamb and Vadim it is. Now I just have to decide where to book tickets. We usually stand at the top of the amphitheatre but that seems a little unfair for a birthday present!
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