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  1. Hi, do you have a picture? Definitely interested.
  2. No space for a studio here but a portable barre and a floor square from Harlequin. Those with yoga mats, Pilates balls etc will hopefully keep her in condition!
  3. I just received my cancellation email for Geisha: choice of donate, refund, credit or rebook tickets for Merlin. I chose the Merlin option. With Sean Lake, Geisha and Dante tickets likely to be cancelled I can't afford to just donate especially with train tickets for Sunday I can't use, but rebooking seems like a good compromise.
  4. Although state schools have all ensured contingencies are in place and some are circulating them, they have to follow the Dept of Education guidance which right now is business as usual with extra hand washing and I suspect they're hoping to get as close to Easter as possible before closing. As for Finals, I can't imagine those being cancelled without a direct government edict. These schools need to budget and plan for September and they need finals to do that so if they can hold them I am sure they will. But the uncertainty is very stressful and I feel for you all.
  5. Selfishly I am very much hoping for a bit longer of business as usual as I have amphi front row seats for next Sunday's matinee. A Sunday matinee is all that's doable for us in term time and they're pretty rare so I was thrilled to get these! And we have Geisha the night before as well... However, these are extraordinary times and there are far far bigger problems than ballet tickets obviously!
  6. I was being a little tongue in cheek although as I have no knowledge of how to use emojis it's hard to tell I admit! Although my daughter did say she thought there was only one professional in the Danceworks class she attended and that although the teacher is does teach company level most people seemed to be there for hobby/pleasure but the class catered for both levels. If we ever did get the fast affordable trans Pennine we have been promised forever then those pockets could be nicely joined up and a business model look more realistic...
  7. We live in York and although there are plenty of good dance schools I don't know of any that do drop in classes. Looks like Yorkshire needs a Danceworks/Pineapple of its own, if any entrepenerurial teachers are out there?!
  8. Thanks everyone! Manchester is a bit far unless a special trip sadly but will investigate all the Leeds ones.
  9. Hi We were in London earlier this week (to see Dancers at a Gathering/The Cellist) and as my 16yo DD has missed a week of dance thanks to a virus and was full of GCSE revision blues so I suggested she book into Pineapple or Danceworks for a class. She did ballet with Louise Bennett at Danceworks who she knew from NYB and came out glowing. She loves her training but it can be really pressurised. This was a mixed class of hobby and professional dancers and she really liked the option of taking a class for fun. Does anyone know of any studios like Danceworks/Pineappl
  10. As previously posted I'm very much a new ballet goer and as a writer I do like a discernable narrative! I brought my teenage daughter (in vocational training so knows a lot more than me) to see the double bill last night as a pre GCSE half term break treat and we both agreed that we did really enjoy Dancers, especially Nunez who was luminous last night, but it was 15 mins too long. Contrary to most people here (so far) we absolutely loved The Cellist. I was almost in tears at the end... But we've both seen Victoria and there are some similarities with the use of the corps as background/o
  11. Leeds College of Music was the first conservatoire to scrap audition fees this year recognising the barrier they can create. Next year when DD auditions I am fully prepared to need to spend upwards of £1000 of which at least £300 will be on fees. For that, and my time, I expect the audition panel to give her the respect of their attention during the process like any professional should. It's not a huge amount to ask no matter how many auditions they sit through.
  12. Perhaps, but if your job involves outreach and children come out of an audition feeling that they've been dismissed before they've even danced then maybe you're in the wrong job. Lots of UK children audition for RBS US having never been in their system at all, paying to do so. Auditioning them in a way that knocks their confidence may mirror the professional audition circuit but it's rude. They all deserve the illusion of a fair chance - or better a real chance!
  13. My DD is 16 and this year does Monday Tues optional Thurs and Fri, all approx 5 - 8 plus all day sat (11.30 - 6 I think). Intensives are: a day in Oct half term, 2 weekdays Feb half term, 3/4 weekdays at Easter and 3 May half term plus couple of Sundays leading up to the show. The year starts with three weeks during the summer. They do get the occasional weekend off in term time, 4 or 5 overall. Last year she did some work with the level 3s to build up her strength (that personalised timetable) and so was in on a wed. So if your child joins at level 1 and goes all the way through expect m
  14. I can't reiterate enough the time commitment. Evenings, weekends and holidays for intensives. But, it's worth it. Small classes, tailored learning, the opportunity to train in the same building as a working company which I think is unique in this country, especially at lower school level and staying in mainstream education to give a good grounding for those that choose another path. DD didn't want to board and we are so lucky that she can get affordable vocational training and live at home. But it takes a lot of work to make it happen logistically, and as she didn't start until Y10 she has don
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