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  1. Thanks all - a nice walk and a Farmers Market sounds like the perfect way to spend a couple of hours!
  2. Hi, does anyone who attended last weekend's auditions have any tips for covid friendly Tring? We're staying at the Premier Inn the night before but of course, no food is available including breakfast. Did anyone get takeaways delivered and what did you do for the 2.5 hours of the audition with no cafes etc open? All tips gratefully received!
  3. We had an email with details on 1 March with timings and instructions - so probably worth getting in touch to double check!
  4. Hi, I'd be really grateful for a DM from anyone with a child studying vocationally at Kings with some feedback on their experience. Thanks!
  5. Thank you! Definitely something to consider - I'll take a look and see what they're offering. Even a zoom consultation would give some peace of mind.
  6. Thanks all - ended up at A&E where the xray showed no fracture - which I believe is common with a stress fracture so they think sprained ligament. Either way, we are going for ice, elevate and as little movement as possible. The only upside of lockdown is that at least she doesn't have to get to school. And if no improvement we'll pay for the scan. But she won't be back on pointe for finals (if she gets them) I don't think. It would be nice if the physio and hospital agreed though rather than telling us complete opposites. Will definitely drop NIDMS a line just to doublecheck. Thanks again!
  7. Hi My daughter has injured her ankle - she sprained it 15 months ago so I assumed it was another sprain and booked her into a local physio who she saw this morning. However the physio thinks it may be a ligament or a stress fracture but said an Xray wouldn't pick it up at this point and she will need a scan. However there is no point referring her to orthopedics because they are not seeing under 18s thanks to Covid. We will need to go privately and she can get us an MRI scan reasonably locally but she is seeing if a CAT scan would be better but doesn't know where we can access one. So, does anyone have an expert knowledge as to which scan would be best and if know anywhere preferably in Yorkshire where we can get these? We don't have insurance so I will be paying. To add urgency to this she is applying to Upper Schools right now. Any advice/recommendations gratefully received. The physio isn't a dance specialist or one we have seen before but was open, had availability and works with youth sports so with travel restrictions in mind we chose her. Thanks
  8. No, they haven't, but I wish they had! They all had switched to video before Christmas, but wanted different requirements as we went into lockdown and couldn't access studios. It's been interesting.
  9. How I wish there had been one agreed video to be used across all the schools. The literal sweat and tears involved in creating a different one for each institution, especially as daughter needed to use my laptop and I needed it to actually work on!
  10. Hi, do you have a picture? Definitely interested.
  11. No space for a studio here but a portable barre and a floor square from Harlequin. Those with yoga mats, Pilates balls etc will hopefully keep her in condition!
  12. I just received my cancellation email for Geisha: choice of donate, refund, credit or rebook tickets for Merlin. I chose the Merlin option. With Sean Lake, Geisha and Dante tickets likely to be cancelled I can't afford to just donate especially with train tickets for Sunday I can't use, but rebooking seems like a good compromise.
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