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  1. Bluebird22

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Unless I’ve missed something on the application form, they just want a head shot and full length picture in practice clothes?
  2. Bluebird22

    Level 1 Ages 9 - 11 and Boys Masterclasses

    Can’t recommend this scheme enough! In the past 6 years I’ve had 8 students attend the scheme, Graham and Jane do an absolutely amazing job, I look forward to my yearly visit to watch Graham’s classes.
  3. Bluebird22

    Pointing toes in ballet

    Teachers all have their own methods, usually completely individual to the student. All the above suggestions are great, maybe also look at exercises you can do with a theraband. Most beginners find pointing on the floor easy enough to remember the trouble seems to come when they leave the floor as there is so much more to think about. Practicing pony trots around the house you feel daft but it gets the feet working at the speed they need to when you start allegro.
  4. Bluebird22

    Audition photos (Central & Rambert)

    Photo requirements for the Royal Conservatoire (i) Demi-plie en face, arms in bras bas (ii) Degage a la seconde, arms in 2nd position (iii) Arabesque en l’air, facing decote (side) (iv) Girls only – 2nd position en pointe, arms in 5th position
  5. Bluebird22

    Audition photos (Central & Rambert)

    We did arms in bras bas pose 1 arms in 2nd pose 4 arms in 2nd pose 5
  6. Bluebird22

    Audition photos (Central & Rambert)

    Those were the photos Central implied would be on this years application when I spoke to them 2 weeks ago. Rambert we have done in pointe shoes like the girl in the pictures online.
  7. Bluebird22

    pointe shoe hardner HELP

    Check with her teacher! I checked over a pair this week and I have my strong suspicions the shop is deliberately selling the student shoes that are unsuitable for her feet, thus speeding up the speed she gets through them. Her mum has noted that each pair she has purchased has been significantly more expensive than the previous pair.
  8. Bluebird22

    Taking Ballet Exams as an adult

    The BBO Intermediate ballet has petit jete and emboite en tournant. And it has really jolly music, which is very much appreciated after fouette releve and fouette saute which is a bit grisly! Just hoping that the New BBO grade 7 retains more of it’s roots than the new grade 6 which doesn’t even feel like it’s from the same exam board 😕
  9. Bluebird22

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    Yes I had read Harwels reply before I called them. I suppose there is no guarantee they will end up with DaDa funding in the future so until it is guaranteed there is no point mentioning it to prospective pupils? Who knows the whole funding thing is a nightmare. As with a few schools myself and my students parent have spoken to the information given seems to vary based on who answers the phone, and the position of the person calling. I managed to get far more details regarding the application process than the parent, specifically the photo requirements.
  10. Bluebird22

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    Parent of one of my students rang this week and was told £40000 per year with the possibility of a 10% deduction from the school scholarship? I rang this morning and could get no specific amount from them but there was no mention of DaDa funding.
  11. Bluebird22

    Royal Swedish Ballet International Program

    For a moment I thought they were asking for applicants to be fluent in Swedish! I work for a Swedish company and while I can muddle through translating as I read, because it’s quite similar to German, I certainly aren’t capable of speaking Swedish. Having visited a few times everyone is very fluent in English. I always feel terrible as I can barely string a sentence together in Swedish, I do keep trying but failing miserably!
  12. Bluebird22

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    I have 2 very excited students... they are absolutely loving the whole experience! Hope everyone else is getting on well too!
  13. Bluebird22

    Can you put insoles into ballet shoes? (not pointe)

    I’ve used something like this before when I was having pain in my feet (jazz shoes but would probably work the same) https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272990054634
  14. Bluebird22

    Make up for 12 year old doing first photo shoot

    Might be worth having a look at some of the backstage photos from ballet companies for ideas. I feel like I watched a tutorial from Olivia Cowley possibly ?
  15. Bluebird22

    Tutugirl's summer school

    Fantastic feedback from the young lady I know who attended! Thoroughly enjoyed the homestay and the sneak peak I saw was of a very high standard.