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  1. Happy to be corrected on this... but I think funding for the Degree courses from Student Finance is GCSE grade dependent. This is probably not an issue for most but I have had some students who have found maths hugely problematic, so it’s been discussed!
  2. I have students who have done west end productions and also tours. They rehearsed in London and generally stayed in hotels with chaperones for the rehearsal period. One production then had to spend 6 weeks rehearsing at the first tour venue. It does vary between productions and how they work their child licensing. Some are a week on tour a week off performing maybe 4 shows, some break less frequently for home visits but perform fewer times per week. Think the norm seems to be 3 casts although certain performances you can be down as understudy so you can’t leave the area.
  3. Elmhurst is a Saturday and this year at least all the others (bar ballet theatre as I have no students there) run on a Sunday, graham fletcher runs boys classes on a Saturday but otherwise the ordinary classes and Pilates sessions run on a Sunday.
  4. Came across this earlier... there’s some lovely photos so I thought I’d share! Prince Charles and Camilla Visited with Cuban Ballet Dancers During Their Official Visit This Week - Town & Country https://apple.news/Aj7CIeqpMStOcAJdEUXAGcg
  5. @PenguinBoysMum I’ve mentally logged his name so I know to look out for him in show programmes in the future!
  6. @PenguinBoysMum huge congratulations to you and your DS! I think I remember last year that he got to Elmhurst finals? I’ve just spent the afternoon with someone who knows your son I think and she was so excited for him! Very much deserved!
  7. I know one who was at vocational school but also attended RBS MA which meant they had to travel 2.5 hours from London every week to get to their associate centre to then go home! Seemed like madness, especially annoying as if they had declined the place one of the waitlist kids would have had a shot- and at that time I had one sat on the waitlist
  8. I’m also curious about why it is more of an issue for the girls? I have 2 JA boys wanting to audition next year for year 7 and it does seem to be a more heartening outlook for the boys- I wonder is this actually the case or are there just fewer boys parents out there telling their story and sharing their journey ? The figures for upper school do seem to suggest the training for the boys stands them in better stead for an upper school place. Wish things were more transparent!
  9. I am a bbo teacher and in touch with quite a few other bbo teachers! Feel free to pm me Applications for the scholars scheme are live currently, and if it’s like last year once they fill all the slots they close applications and you get added to a wait list
  10. I did wonder if it varied across the country, I only have experience of 2 centres and 1 was so long ago it may have merged 4,5&6 into one class! I think we try to place logic where there is none, in a bid to make it all seem more sane!
  11. I don’t think any aspect of the Dancing journey is easy!
  12. I always thought Year 6 was the “easiest” year to get in to as they have a separate class to the year 4/5s so there is more places available? I know they can ask JAs to give up their place if they don’t think they are responding well to their training programme. Not sure how frequently this happens, but I know in one of my students classes a child left think it was a mutual decision between parent, child and RBS, so not assessed out per se, but they do seem to advise when they think it’s not suitable.
  13. Barnums in Warrington carry a variety of soft pointe brands- I took 11 of my students for soft piinte fittings, they left with Freed, Bloch, Grishko, Capezio and Gamba (might not have been Gamba!)
  14. I’m curious is there a gender divide present? Are more girls being assessed out/leaving than boys? And are the international students predominantly female? I worry that the dancing world as a whole treats female dancers, from JA level right through to professional level, as highly replaceable. I get told by other teachers all the time how lucky I am to have so many successful boys, but no one bats an eyelid at my incredibly talented and accomplished girls.
  15. Post Modern Jukebox do some fab reworkings of pop songs in different styles. Definitely worth a look!
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