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  1. Post Modern Jukebox do some fab reworkings of pop songs in different styles. Definitely worth a look!
  2. Brenda Last makes me feel like a giant at 5”3, until I’m stood in class with her (both as a pupil and teacher) when suddenly her presence makes her larger than life. She has to be one of the most commanding, terrifying and respected teachers I’ve ever had the privilege of being taught by. Some people just own a room, a stage, a studio and their height is irrelevant.
  3. Oh gosh I think I’m one of those nightmare overbearing teachers, I wouldn’t dream of letting any of mine send in photos I hadn’t personally taken. I remember way back actually researching the most flattering angles for dance photos. Then I sit and scrutinise the photos zooming in and out vetoing photos before I put together the albums, organised by audition school, so the parents don’t have to work out which photo belongs where. Those successful students are wonderful free advertising, so you get out what you put in
  4. I have qualifications with two exam boards and the difference in training to qualify with both exam boards is outstanding. One exam board assessed my capabilities as a teacher purely on my ability to remember and recall the content of the syllabus from prep-advanced and essentially retake those grades all in one go. The other qualification route is in my opinion more rigorous, lectures and assignments on nutrition, injury prevention, psychological well being, safe practice, lesson planning, curriculum design, choreography, quality assurance and the role of assessment and numerous videoed and observed lessons. Is it fool proof - no, because much like learning to drive you learn what you need to pass and settle into your own routine shortly after. I certainly do not write lesson plans in anywhere near the amount of detail I did to pass my first year. This exam board also insists that to maintain their teaching status, teachers must engage in 18hours of CPD per year. Again this doesn’t really assess my suitability to teach, but I do feel there are substantially more things put in place to at least guide my teaching practice. The same exam body qualified my teachers some 20 or so years ago, and back then they just had to demonstrate the syllabus, and now they just have to complete their CPD to continue teaching, having never received training on some of the subjects they now deem essential for teachers. I think poor teachers exist whether qualified or unqualified and flashy credentials are used to entice parents. One of my students was invited to join a class with a royal ballet trained teacher - her mum assumed she had danced with the royal company. As it turned out she has been a JA just like the girl who was invited to the class but been unsuccessful at Mids where the student had been successful, thus actually making her more royal trained. We are so unregulated as a group, which is terrifying since we are probably the most long term teacher a child will have and we are such a huge part of their childhood. The responsibility is massive, we can make or break kids not just as dancers but as people.
  5. A yes for my student, after a no for JA place in year 4, now a year 5 JA at Royal and Elmhurst and a place at Summer Intensive! Very happy teacher, very happy mummy and a very very very happy student!
  6. Graham Fletcher based in Leicester is brilliant, I know of his Ballet Associates programme but I think he also runs classes during the week in Northampton possibly? I think they have posted on here previously. I teach a lot of boys and while I try my best, as a tiny lady, I think eventually boys need to have a male teacher, not necessarily as their main teacher but they certainly need a male perspective. My younger boys have had the pleasure of one of my ex students at vocational school coming back to visit this past week and they have just loved having someone their giving them “boy tips”.
  7. I’m a BBO girl through and through, so I was utterly bewildered earlier this year when I entered a student for an RAD exam and there was absolutely no written feedback! It made no sense to me at all! The comments are considerably more valuable than the marks even before examiners had to type reports and the handwriting was illegible!
  8. We are expecting a no so no postman stalking here
  9. Hi Clarkd3 Have you tried Dance Gear? Their made to order jazz pants are reasonably priced, and I would say more dancer size friendly. I’ve used them for a lot and if you call up they are usually pretty accommodating if you need something tweaking slightly, I imagine if you had a sizing request (as in you needed a slightly longer leg) they would probably be able to help or they would at least ask the manufacturing team. I remember when the width of the flare on your jazz pants was in direct correlation to how cool you were 😂 I even had scary spice inspired leopard print ones! Good luck with the hunt, they really should remain firmly buried in the noughties!
  10. I had 5 audition today 4 got in 1 got a place on the reserves! Think there was quite a lot auditioning tonight
  11. I think we should all be far more child like in our approach to things we don’t know about or don’t understand. I have witnessed so many parents leap in and apologise for their child’s questions and then scold the child for being rude! As I’ve mentioned before I have virtually no voice and I speak no louder than a whisper, I include it in my introductions to new people more often than not as it eliminates them feeling awkward about asking me what’s wrong, or worse still whispering with me!
  12. My experience of the teenagers I teach is that they will ask questions as an adult I would be cautious about asking. I teach someone with a prosthetic limb which I know seems completely irrelevant to your question but myself and other teachers initially tried to make as little fuss as possible but my other students sat and asked her lots of questions and ultimately we all left feeling considerably more educated! It may be unusual for you to wear a different uniform at first and the other girls may ask questions but take that as an opportunity to educate others and engage in an open discussion. More often than not issues arise where there is a lack of education. There are dance wear shops that sell catsuits/unitards with long sleeves, legs and a high turtle neck, I would consider that plus maybe a mesh overlays dress like what Bloch sell or a wrap over skirt, a perfectly acceptable uniform. There are lots of beautiful wrap skirts available and I am sure some of the independent skirt makers would also be able to create a matching hijab so that it did truly feel like your uniform for dance class. Good luck!
  13. I’ve tried the cheap ones but the venue layout means there is no distance at all between the cast and audience, plus it then looks too similar to the Toy Soldiers. I looked on Just Ballet and couldn’t find anything maybe I’m looking in the wrong place! Why are boys costumes such a nightmare!
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