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  1. Bluebird22

    Make up for 12 year old doing first photo shoot

    Might be worth having a look at some of the backstage photos from ballet companies for ideas. I feel like I watched a tutorial from Olivia Cowley possibly ?
  2. Bluebird22

    Tutugirl's summer school

    Fantastic feedback from the young lady I know who attended! Thoroughly enjoyed the homestay and the sneak peak I saw was of a very high standard.
  3. Bluebird22

    BBO vs RAD Grade Comparisons

    I took on a lot of IDTA students about 7 years back and swapped them to bbo has to take them back 2 grades. I’ve only ever taught the adv2 IDTA and I would say it’s the same standard as bbo inter found. Not necessarily a bad thing as very few (if any!) manage to take the bbo adv 2. There is a massive amount of set syllabus content with bbo whereas IDTA places a greater emphasis on freework and more vocabulary in each exercise, bbo will do separate exercises for tendu, plie, glisse whereas that could be one exercise in IDTA.
  4. Bluebird22

    Oliver’s story

    I have signed verified and shared. I teach a child with autism, epilepsy and other additional needs, so your story hit particularly close to home. I think wider training and acceptance is needed across society as a whole. I send my sincere condolences to you and your family and hope that through your work and this petition Oliver can bring about change for others.
  5. Bluebird22

    Opportunity for BTEC dance outside of school

    I took GCSE dance outside of school as an additional to the ones I took inside of school. However I took my dance and RE gcse in year 10 which freed up time in year 11. It was certainly possible 10years ago but the kids I teach now seem under so much more pressure than I was!
  6. Bluebird22

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    My mum sprayed my Bloch suprimas with plasti-cote. She stuffed the shoe with newspaper. They actually outlasted my non sprayed pair, maybe we just got lucky. Everyone else in my class used a marker pen. I was looking recently for red ones and we found pointe shoe covers in a variety of colours online might be a better option?
  7. Bluebird22

    IDTA Ballet Awards

    I was nominated years back for the IDTA modern awards not sure how the ballet awards differs.. but we took part in a class with all the other nominees then we each performed a 30second solo then the awards were dished out. Everyone got a certificate, all in all it was a nice day out!
  8. Bluebird22

    What after junior associate auditions??

    Graham Fletcher in Leicester is excellent particularly for boys- he has a mixed group and also additional male only classes. He auditions in September and groups them more by ability although he roughly applies an age to each group.
  9. Bluebird22

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    One of mine auditioned in Birmingham this year, I’d say she was very royal physique wise but when I’ve seen pictures of some of the new year 4s on facebook, my little student looks a good 2 years younger and although the other kids aren’t big at all (tiny skinny things) they dwarf the little girl I sent.
  10. I would say I work for a large school but class sizes vary- approx 500 students, 19 teachers, 7 studios over 4 venues. Biggest class size 20 ish smallest 2-3. Vocational grades range from classes of 3-15. Although a lot tend to stay with the same cohort all the way through, with a fair few opting out of exams around age 13 if they decide they just want to keep up classes for fun.
  11. Bluebird22

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    Aww congratulations! Really looking forward to watching!
  12. Bluebird22

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Last year the boy I teach got the letter you have just described, this year he got a place. One of the girls I teach was a RBS JA got SWL for Mids in year 7 then that letter when she applied again for year 8.
  13. Bluebird22

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    Fingers and toes crossed for your dd!
  14. Bluebird22

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    83 juniors and they were aiming to take about 45
  15. Bluebird22

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    32 he will be year 5 in September. My other Birmingham JA is 24 weeks also heading into year 5