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  1. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    Saw these yesterday https://www.pylones.com/en/lets-go-kids/1175-gift-stylish-dancing-doll-larabesque.html?search_query=Larabes&fast_search=fs
  2. Stage Makeup tips

    Garnier micellar water comes in sensitive formula
  3. Dancebox College

    One of my girls is there! She loves it!
  4. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    I travel to London once a month and the cheapest way I’ve found is to stay at an ibis at Heathrow the room is normally about £40/£50 a night and then travel in from there. Not sure if there a similar option at Gatwick.
  5. BRB sleeping beauty dreams

    Has everyone who has heard today been a yes? Wondering if it’s yeses first?
  6. Costumes for Boys

    DancingDuffy, as a dance teacher with quite a substantial amount of boys, I can confirm that bespoke is pretty much the only way I can sort boys ballet costumes! I hate handing out bills for boys costumes, they get very little but pay 3 times what the girls pay for beautiful costumes if you find somewhere that sells decent boys costumes please share the link! Even finding regular dancewear is a headache
  7. Make up for ballet Upper School auditions

    Mnemo, that is the absolute best approach 😂
  8. BRB sleeping beauty dreams

    Nope no news!
  9. BRB sleeping beauty dreams

    Have you checked junk mail?
  10. BRB sleeping beauty dreams

    Any idea how many they are taking? Or whether everyone gets to attend the audition class or are they whittling it down in the technique class? Well done to your DD
  11. BRB sleeping beauty dreams

    Did anyone apply for this ? A few of my students did, recalls this weekend
  12. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Balletmum55 did your DD enjoy her first MA session?
  13. Siblings

    I'm a sibling but me and my younger brother always had opposite expectations- he loved performing and being the centre of attention. I loved that he took that role as it deflected attention from me, I just wanted to teach! I teach a few siblings now where they both have the same end goal, I can't give them opportunities that aren't available!
  14. Siblings

    Wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with siblings? In particular when one excels and the other feels deflated or has seriously bashed confidence? I've seen it a few times particularly boy girl siblings, when the boy does better, the girl ends up deflated and its very hard to explain to a child that their brother isn't better there's just more opportunities for boys. Any advice or shared experiences very much welcome!
  15. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Huge good luck to all those starting JA classes today! Had the obligatory uniform photo from my little student!