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  1. Has anyone tried any other dance styles?

    Viv, I’ve just laughed so hard at your post! The kids I teach repeatedly show me videos of dance moms style “contemporary” just to watch my facial expression contort in absolute disbelief, they think it’s hilarious to pull dance moms faces at me, how does anyone watch them without howling with laughter?! It isn’t choreographically satisfying to watch it’s just confusing! And whenever I see one of those types of pieces this always comes to mind
  2. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    These are the closest versions to the ones the RAD are using, that I can find anyway! I’m toying with the idea of joining the RAD, (luckily I have transferable qualifications) but not owning my own school means I can’t very well go around swapping what syllabi I teach! I’ve been quizzing RAD teachers I know and they either haven’t heard of it or just can’t work out where the Discovering Rep fits in with their students. I’m hoping it takes off as it is really good!
  3. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Non RAD teacher currently teaching the level 3, it’s brilliant really enjoy it!
  4. How did it all start?

    My parents sent me age 3 because I was painfully shy and didn’t speak to people. I can’t remember the age I actually started enjoying it, but I adored one of my teachers and worked incredibly hard to impress her, but I was for much of my childhood not particularly good (my report sheets are hilarious). My mum was told by a proper dance mum that I would never amount to anything as my long legs got in the way, which is still my fondest dance memory given the current trend for leggy dancers and the fact I amounted to a whole 5ft2! Age 11/12 I was offered a ballet scholarship much to everyone’s surprise. Then I started teaching and everything just clicked!
  5. Hammond Summer Schools (including solo coaching)

    One of my students really did not enjoy the hammond summer school at all, pity as her buddy did. But as with anything there’s no one size fits all!
  6. Advice for a slightly overwhelmed 18 year old?

    There are videos available to teachers... and computer savvy teachers (or their computer savvy other halves) can do fancy things and convert them into private youtube videos to share to students!
  7. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    Saw these yesterday https://www.pylones.com/en/lets-go-kids/1175-gift-stylish-dancing-doll-larabesque.html?search_query=Larabes&fast_search=fs
  8. Stage Makeup tips

    Garnier micellar water comes in sensitive formula
  9. Dancebox College

    One of my girls is there! She loves it!
  10. Budget friendly Hotels, London, If they exist!

    I travel to London once a month and the cheapest way I’ve found is to stay at an ibis at Heathrow the room is normally about £40/£50 a night and then travel in from there. Not sure if there a similar option at Gatwick.
  11. BRB sleeping beauty dreams

    Has everyone who has heard today been a yes? Wondering if it’s yeses first?
  12. Costumes for Boys

    DancingDuffy, as a dance teacher with quite a substantial amount of boys, I can confirm that bespoke is pretty much the only way I can sort boys ballet costumes! I hate handing out bills for boys costumes, they get very little but pay 3 times what the girls pay for beautiful costumes if you find somewhere that sells decent boys costumes please share the link! Even finding regular dancewear is a headache
  13. Make up for ballet Upper School auditions

    Mnemo, that is the absolute best approach 😂