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  1. @Spamcat I have also applied for the chance to dance young dancer thing. I assumed ballot was more of a “pick names out of a hat” type of thing. Email said they’d had a huge response to it, so not holding much hope. Fingers crossed though 😉
  2. Waiting list for my DD too. We weren’t expecting a yes, and have another 3 day intensive booked for Easter, so still something to look forward to. I’m guessing not many people get offered a place on the Easter/summer schools from the waiting list so we will carry on with our plans as if it were a no. Well done to those who got a yes! Xx
  3. My DD done their pop up workshop at the end of the summer in Leeds, she too is only just 10 and can be a little shy. She LOVED the workshop, said it was the best workshop she’d done. She said there was nothing too hard but was very interesting, the teachers were lovely and it had a lovely atmosphere. We’ve booked again for the nutcracker one in Leeds.
  4. @Catlynn we were Newcastle last year and got ours at 4.30pm on a Wednesday x
  5. Good luck to all waiting on Newcastle, we heard this day last year (a Wednesday) around 4.30 pm 🙈 its such a long wait, hopefully it will be worth it. Xx
  6. good luck to everyone waiting on emails, hopefully they’ll all get sent out before the weekend. We received our email at 4.30pm on Wednesday. X
  7. She will be starting Year 4, but I believe newcastle is a mixed class of year 4/5/6. Her friend is year 5. We are so pleased. My DD also got offered Elmhurst associates too, after speaking with a few friends who have children in both programmes, I think the days and times clash, so will obviously go with RBS JAs xx
  8. Thank you everyone. We received the email at 4.30pm this evening, lots of refreshing of emails for the next few days for you all. Good luck 💕
  9. Hi Im new to this forum but have been following from afar. Just thought id let you know newcastle results are out! Its a yes for my DD and also her Friend too. We are thrilled. Wont be long now for other centres. X
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