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  1. I suppose the reality is that it IS unfair, and that's life. Those with more money and opportunities will be determined to "make it" at the expense of someone else. I guess many children and parents probably feel they will do absolutely whatever it takes to be given an advantage. The same with academics, I guess.
  2. Apologies if this is on here already. Just saw it on Facebook. Musical Theatre classes with Louie and other professionals. Masterclasses are all over the country. It says from Intermediate level onwards. More info at https://louiespencemasterclass.com.
  3. Maybe it was just Upper School students doing this then. I know somebody on here said nearly all the serious ballet students took additional classes outside of their vocational school, and that because some did it others felt they ought to do it too, to keep up.
  4. Didn't I read on this forum a while back that nearly all FT Vocational students also take additional Associates/Private lessons on the quiet as well as their main schooling ,even though they are technically not allowed to, and the school where pupils did this the most was students at White Lodge?
  5. This must have been the year I saw it too. LFB at the Palace Theatre, Manchester. My French teacher bought tickets for us both as she knew I danced. Interestingly, she had no idea until I told her during the interval of the origins of Ballet and didn't even know the steps were in French ! Sadly have no idea who was dancing that night. A few years later my mum threw out all my old Ballet programmes ( along with my Ballet books, dolls, teddy bears and practically everything else I had from my childhood). Parents, eh? Who'd have them?!
  6. I am so sorry for your loss, Sim. Rip Kevin. x
  7. Shocked this morning at the news of the death of Keith Flint. I saw them when they supported Oasis at Slane Castle. Keith's mum was standing at the side of the stage, watching, alongside Peggy Gallagher. Being an Oasis fanatic, I have to say they blew Oasis off the stage that night. Absolutely unbelievable and electric performance. The two band's members were very close friends and the former Oasis circle must be devastated by this news. He was only 49 OMG. RIP.
  8. I thought you had posted this because she had died. I always liked her as Speaker.
  9. If your shin splints are mostly gone, why don't you just buy The Stage every week, see what auditions are out there and turn up to some of them? You'll soon know if you are of the required standard or not. Good luck.
  10. BTW, there's a very moving tribute to him that the Hitler Rants people on You Tube have uploaded in the last hour or so.
  11. Bruno Ganz, the actor who became world famous via the Hitler Rants on Youtube, taken from the German-language film, Downfall, where he portrayed Hitler in his final days, has died. If you haven't seen the Hitler Rants, you don't know what you're missing, IMO. RIP.
  12. Many congratulations to your DD. Lovely news x
  13. Pretty sure that in photo number 8 is Marcia Haydee, over on the right. Some of the men look recognisable but I can't put names to them.
  14. RIP. Only found out today he was from Salford in Manchester. I lived there for a year.
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