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  1. Lisa O`Brien

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

    The very best of luck to your DD, balletbean. And do keep in touch with us all. x
  2. Lisa O`Brien

    The Royal Shakespeare Company holding auditions for boys

    Many thanks Jan. You're a star.xx
  3. Just saw this on the RSC's Facebook page. They are holding auditions for boys aged 7-10 years old and under 4 feet 2 inches tall. For their production of A Christmas Carol. Must be a strong singer. Must be within 1 hour's travel of Stratford Upon Avon and available to rehearse and perform from 8 Oct 2018 until 20 Jan 2019. Don't know how to provide the link, sorry. But this is what's written on the RSC Facebook page. Maybe it's on their own website too, I don't know.
  4. Lisa O`Brien

    Beginning to panic now!

    Pictures and Snowflake; I am so sorry to hear about your DH's poor health. I wish them both a speedy recovery. Pictures I hope you DD is able to find somewhere suitable soon.x
  5. Lisa O`Brien

    Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions

    Are you in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, Balletbean?
  6. Lisa O`Brien

    Fan Letters To Dancers

    A girl I was at my local dancing school with, and who lived on our street, during the BBC's The Magic of Dance series by Margot Fonteyn, wrote to her at the BBC in London. She said she took Ballet lessons and enjoyed the programme. She received in the post a Magic of Dance book, signed by Fonteyn. I was sooo jealous. The girl wasn't even that serious about Ballet !!!
  7. Lisa O`Brien

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    Thank you all. I hated the first night and knew it just wasn't for me. I looked on Job Centre Online and the hotel had advertised for another position called Laundry Assistant. Job description included washing, drying and ironing bedding, etc. I mentally made a note of it. I decided to take the bull by the horns. The manager who hired me is away on annual leave so there was another manager on who I hadn't met before. He called me into his office to give me back my birth certificate and other documents. ( It is his responsibility as an employer to now check every person he hires is legally entitled to work in the UK or be fined £20,000 for each individual). I spoke to him about the issues I faced and the difficulties I envisaged in my doing this role and asked if it would be possible to do the Laundry Assistant job instead. He was lovely. He said he was so thankful that I had spoken to him about it at such an early stage. He said many people they hire simply never go back for their second night. He said it happens a lot. He said I could do the laundry job but first he would like to try me out with a different, Night Porter job. He said there was no time like the present and I may as well start with that job that night. Well what a difference !! Two blokes, one is going away to Uni in a few weeks unfortunately as he's really nice. The other older one is a bit grumpy and sarcastic. I polished the lovely wooden furniture in Reception, then went upstairs to join the two others. I had to vacuum the room where the breakfasts are served. Three Henry the Hoovers, and they all broke on me !! But we had to go around all the floors quietly to see if people had left a breakfast request notice on their door. There was only one. He wanted it at 6am. That time is when it really picks up again, with having to deliver breakfast to any people who had requested to have it in their rooms. Most people choose to go to the beautiful Millers Suite for breakfast, which we lay out with fresh fruit, fresh juice, lovely napkins, etc. I enjoyed that. I liked making it look pretty. We had to go over the road at 6.30 to collect the daily newspapers which guests had requested. Nice to leave the hotel and have a walk outside for a bit of early morning fresh air. All in all, the night passed a lot quicker than the night before. My legs were sore ( the man with me said you walk about 6 or 7 miles every night in the job), and my back was killing me. I had to sweep the forecourt outside and had been given a brush with a very short handle. I was literally walking around bending right over for 25 minutes. Told him ( after I had done it all) how much pain I was in and he said I could switch to the longer handle brush from now on.) Around 4.30 I felt like quitting, as in giving in my notice when my shift ended, or phoning them when I got home to say I wasn't going back. I was in so much pain with my back from that bending over it was agony. But after a sleep it felt much better. My old body isn't used to all this physical activity. Must be quite a shock to the system !!
  8. Lisa O`Brien

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    I enjoyed last night. Sort of !! The hotel is lovely; lots of wood panelling and wooden real fireplaces inside. Bliss. However, the job was really technical. Don't know why I thought it wouldn't be, as I suppose everything is done on computers nowadays. We have to use this ( is it software ?) called Hotsoft. On the desk in front of us are all manner of gadgets, other than computers. Different telephones, walkie talkies, a switchboard of some description that has a telephone receiver attached to it, but the receiver isn't placed on anything and is just resting all the time on the desk. Weird. I had to wear a pager, to let the chef in at 5am. He needed to know exactly the number of guests when he arrived, and to even find this out on their system you have to go through a whole lot of steps on the computer to find it out. The front and back doors and gates are all "gagetised" too. I really struggled to hear what the others were saying to me. They needed to repeat themselves over and over again throughout the night. It was embarrassing. As we are on Reception, the three of us were sitting alongside each other. A few American guests are in the hotel, and they came down asking about something. Because they were facing me I could hear them well. But I have Tinnitus which is really severe and slight hearing loss too. My GP is referring me to an Audiologist but the appointment will probably be months away. The manager at the interview asked me if I have any disabilities and I said no. I didn't want to say about my hearing in case I didn't get the job. I am due in tonight at 11pm and Wednesday night as well, so hopefully as the days go on I will get the hang of the gadgets and computers, and somehow, be able to hear what people are saying. ( Although I doubt that; I can't hear my son Sean sometimes when we are in different rooms and he has to shout several times before I hear him.) Feel a bit like c rap, to be honest. I noticed today the hotel are advertising for a laundry person to wash dry and iron bed sheets. I like ironing. Find it quite therapeutic. I would be working upstairs on the different floors and would imagine a lot of the time it doesn't involve having to do much communicating with other people. I know most of the laundry ladies are Eastern Europeans. One came in at 7am and I had to hand her her work sheet for the day. I'm going to see how it goes and if I feel the same way i'm going to speak to the manager and ask him if I could do the Laundry job instead. OK, it doesn't sound as fancy as Receptionist, and the pay will probably be minimum wage. This job is only a couple of pence an hour over that anyway. All the shifts are during the day so I wouldn't have to stay awake all night either. Don't think i'm quitting already, because i'm not. But i'm not stupid, and not only because of the technicalities, which I suppose eventually i'd get used to , but because of my hearing loss, I can't see me doing this job successfully. Will see how tonight and tomorrow night goes. Then if I feel I need to speak to the manager I will. Many thanks for all your support and good wishes.xx
  9. Lisa O`Brien

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    Oh my goodness, Vonrothbart. What a lovely thing to say. Thank you. xx
  10. I start a job tonight, working nights ( not exactly sure how many each week) from 11 pm until 7.30 am at the 4 star Canal Court Hotel in Newry. I applied for the position of Night Porter, but was offered Receptionist, even though I have never done anything like this before. Haven't worked since I stopped work when I became heavily pregnant with Sean in 1996 ( I was doing care work, manually lifting an elderly lady throughout the night on my own). I don't HAVE to work. My mental health problems, of which there are a few, means I am exempt, although I am permitted to work if I wish to. I want to as I am bored stupid, but I also need to. My 21 year old son Sean is working PT at a supermarket. He really, really wants to at least try to become a Primary School teacher. His BTEC in Health and Social Care, which he finished in June 2015 is now more or less obsolete, as BTEC radically changed the following year. He could send off his transcript to see if it still maps over, but he would rather study something up to date and more relevant. ( Due to a mix up in his HND he and three others failed it). He is going to study an Adult Access course, covering History, Maths, English Literature, Psychology. It's worth 5 GCSEs and 3 A Levels. But unlike BTEC they will be proper A Levels . Because he has already studied one Level 3 qualification he will get no funding. The PT version of the Adult Access course costs over £500, studied over two years. The FT is one year and is completely free for everyone, regardless of any previous study you have done. The only criteria is that you are over the age of 19 and have been out of FT education for a year or more. This FT version is three and a half days a week. No placements or anything. He will need money to get to college each day, and for his toiletries or whatever he needs. He doesn't know yet the exact days and times of the course, but he thinks he will have to either reduce his already only 16 hours a week or quit the supermarket job altogether. Sean doesn't want to do this, as he really enjoys working there. However, this course is probably now his last chance to go to university and try and become a teacher one day. He has to just go for it, even if it means quitting work and me funding him for the year at college. So big changes are afoot. I feel both excited and terrified. I hope my Tinnitus isn't too bad or else I won't be able to hear people speaking if they phone the hotel. ( Although I don't know why anyone would be phoning in the middle of the night. I might have to answer "Room Service" calls from guests though I suppose). Our 2 year old cat Pumpkin died last Thursday. She was hit by a car and we found her dead by the side of a road the following day. That's 3 cats we've buried in the front garden. Midnight and Pumpkin's mum, Biscuit, our last remaining cat, will be our last. Can't keep going through the heartache. So anyway, just wanted to give people on here who "know" me an update. If you think of it, wish me luck for the coming days and weeks, that I am able to succeed at this job. Cheers.
  11. Lisa O`Brien

    Rain - at last!

    It was throwing it down here, and I had to go out clothes shopping for a job I start on Monday. Needed a white blouse ( when I had my interview, unbeknown to both me and the manager, there was a small hole in the back of the blouse I wore), new shoes and tights. Up and down Hill Street, and I was thoroughly soaked. Back home now cuddling Biscuit, my last surviving cat .( Her kitten Pumpkin, who was two, was hit by a car and killed on Thursday).
  12. Just seen this after a friend of a friend posted it on Facebook. " Manchester Airport- be careful of charges if you pick someone up from there. Last night they collected a friend from Terminal 3. They knew they would be charged £3.00. But the man at the barrier asked them for £103.00 !! They initially thought he was joking but he wasn't. There is now a fine of £100 in place for people who drive to the front of the terminal to pick up. Only drop offs are allowed. If collecting someone you now have to drive into the car park and walk to the front of the airport. There is still a minimum charge of £3.00, but that's better than a fine of £100 !! There ARE signs up but it's too late once you have driven in. Luckily for them, he allowed them to get out just paying £3.00, but told them not to do it again". I've no idea if other airports are doing the same thing as Manchester, but if people are travelling to an airport by car, just be careful.
  13. Not surprised by tonight's result. England should have moved hell and earth to score a second goal in the first half, and it would effectively have killed it off. I remember thinking when they were still only 1 nil up; watch Croatia go on to win this match.
  14. Lisa O`Brien

    Haute couture inspired by Swan Lake

    Such beautiful clothes. Sigh.
  15. Lisa O`Brien

    Graduation musings

    Many congratulations to your DD. I hope she gets some wonderful contracts.