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  1. Not surprised by tonight's result. England should have moved hell and earth to score a second goal in the first half, and it would effectively have killed it off. I remember thinking when they were still only 1 nil up; watch Croatia go on to win this match.
  2. Lisa O`Brien

    Haute couture inspired by Swan Lake

    Such beautiful clothes. Sigh.
  3. Lisa O`Brien

    Graduation musings

    Many congratulations to your DD. I hope she gets some wonderful contracts.
  4. Lisa O`Brien

    Nehemiah Kish and Yuhui Choe are married!

    Thank you Alison. Lovely photo. I hope they will have a very long, happy marriage.
  5. Lisa O`Brien

    Oliver’s story

    I've just signed the petition and confirmed the email link. Primrose what on earth can I possibly say that would be even remotely adequate? Other than I am so very very sorry for your loss.x
  6. I'm talking about ITV's World Cup coverage. The music is Swan Lake. It shows Odette. She's obviously a dancer. Just wondered if anyone knew who she was? Is the footage from Russian television, that ITV are showing or is it ITV's own ?
  7. Lisa O`Brien

    News of non-dancing children.....

    Oh my goodness, Pups. What a fine, decent, principled young man you are raising. No wonder you welled up. I would have too.x
  8. Lisa O`Brien

    Time to say goodbye and take a step back

    Wishing you and your two daughters all the very best of luck for the future, 2dancers x
  9. Lisa O`Brien

    Bolshoi in cinema - Coppelia June 10th

    How exciting. I'm sure he'll be fabulous x
  10. Lisa O`Brien

    Graduation approaches

    How quickly the time has passed. The very best of luck to your beautiful DD, Katymac.
  11. Lisa O`Brien

    It's Goodbye from me

    Wishing both you and your daughter the very best of luck for the future, Huddsballetmum. Do pop back onto the Forum from time to time to let us know how she is getting on x
  12. Lisa O`Brien

    Not going to vocational school!!!!

    The very best of luck to your DD, Dancer123.x
  13. Lisa O`Brien

    One last post ....

    Kat09 I want to wish you, your daughter and whole family the very best of luck and good health for the future. Please pop back in to the Forum from time to time. ( I'm not on here as much myself anymore either).x
  14. Lisa O`Brien

    Departing Parent Envy

    Crystaltips I too am so sorry to hear your child is in this situation. It has rightly been said many times on this Forum that both the child and their parents are paying customers. Paying for a service, for which standards ought to be maintained. The dance world is a short one and young people really do need the best possible training available to them in line with their abilities if they are going to stand a chance of making it. If any vocational school is not providing this service to a high enough standard then it's time to take your custom and money, elsewhere. The very best of luck.
  15. Lisa O`Brien

    I have a dilemna with a friend. What would you do?

    Yes, thanks invisible. I did Google the spelling and it said you could spell it either way. I think with the "N" is possibly American. As I said my English is far from perfect. And i'm not the sole educator of an eight year old.