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  1. Lisa O`Brien

    Missing ballet through illness

    So nice to hear of your DD's lovely, positive news C4D. Hope it continues x
  2. Lisa O`Brien

    Elmhurst auditions/results 2019

    Also from Tring is the daughter of one of our Balletco-ers, who is now in her third year in a classical company in Austria and gets soloist and principal roles !
  3. Lisa O`Brien

    Happy New Year from The Mods

    Happy New Year to all the wonderful Moderators on here .
  4. Lisa O`Brien

    Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas to everyone on here. Sending love and peace to you all. xx
  5. Lisa O`Brien

    Paddy Ashdown RIP

    Very sad to hear that former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown has died. Always one of my most favourite politicians; I didn't agree with half of what he said, especially on the EU. However he came across as being a thoroughly decent, kind man. RIP.
  6. Lisa O`Brien

    Alison, you were right !

    Oh I was sure it was you, and that you said you were a Chelsea fan. Apologies !! ( Confused now. Not unusual for me these days).
  7. Lisa O`Brien

    Alison, you were right !

    Well well. After my being ecstatic around two years ago that the lovely, delectable Jose Mourinho was going to become Man United's manager, Alison warned me on here about getting my hopes up. As a Chelsea fan, Alison had told me that Jose wasn't all he was cracked up to be, as had proved to be the case with him at Stamford Bridge. Of course I was blinded by my crush on the man and thought he was going to be the true successor to Sir Alex, finally, after two previous failures of managers. Yet here we are. United woefully inept and looking for yet another manager. Think i'll still have a crush on him though, even though he has left Old Trafford ( did he ever really move in to Manchester at all though? Strong feeling of "only temporary" about his stay). Sigh. Those lips and eyes of his. Wherever he ends up, i'll still be a fan of his ( and United, of course, hailing from the Old Trafford/ Stretford area originally) !!
  8. Lisa O`Brien

    Question about "Sleeping Beauty"

    Congratulations from me too.
  9. Lisa O`Brien

    The kindness of strangers.

    No it's 4 years of student finance here too. But he has already used up 2 of those years of funding on the HND he did at college ( and failed). He didn't want to go to Uni directly into year 2 anyway, which if he had passed his HND he could have done. He wants to go into the first year and be there at the start with everyone else. Student Finance will pay for years 2 and 3 but we will have to fund the first year ourselves. Which is why he is staying here in Northern Ireland to study, as it is so much cheaper than England. Thankfully, during his HND at college he was living at home, and therefore he's still entitled to all his Maintenance loan for housing etc. Most degrees here are for 4 years, but luckily the ones he is interested in last for only 3.
  10. Lisa O`Brien

    Northern Ballet Class Live

    Why are /were some of the females wearing pointe shoes during the warm up /Barre? Not seen this before.
  11. Lisa O`Brien

    The kindness of strangers.

    Thank you x
  12. Lisa O`Brien

    The kindness of strangers.

    Many thanks, Sim. I don't care about myself as much. As long as Sean is alright, then i'm alright. x
  13. Lisa O`Brien

    The kindness of strangers.

    Been struggling financially since my son started his Adult Access course in September. While the course is free, and he is also working PT in a supermarket, my inability to hold down a job means that things are tough. However, i'm determined to get him through this course, and he is applying to University for next September. Wants to apply for Liberal Arts with History in Belfast and also a few other courses. So he is still working on his Personal Statements, and wants to be able to write about a few books and DVD's about the second world war he has read and seen. I ordered for him a second hand copy of the Schindler's List DVD off Ebay the other day,( it was cheaper than any copy of the book, so I thought it would be best to buy the cheaper one first] only to have to cancel the order. Found myself with absolutely no money in my account ( or purse), and even though the DVD only cost £1.99 it was £1.99 I simply didn't have. Anyway, the lovely man offered to send us the DVD for free anyway, which was just wonderful of him. I thanked him for his generosity. He has messaged me again tonight. He said he has an old copy of the book the film is based on, Schindler's Ark, and he is going to send my son the book for free as well. It has really lifted my mood tonight. The kindness and generosity of this complete stranger in helping us out has brought a smile to my face that I haven't had in a while. Been worrying also how we are going to get the four thousand pounds tuition fees together for September, as he has already used up 2 years of his Higher Education funding, and will have to pay the first year of Uni tuition fees himself. Then I remembered when his father died back in 2007. He had some money; not much, which his mother inherited, as she was his next of kin. I know she put this money into an account for our son. Remembered it a few weeks ago. His grandmother has died too now and the family were sorting through her finances. Not sure exactly how much there is, but I have a feeling it will be at least a couple of thousand pounds, which can be put towards his tuition fees. Who knows? Maybe his quite well -to- do father's family will put the rest towards the fees? Sean's dad has 6 brothers and sisters, all in well paid jobs. Even if not, I think there will be at least two thousand towards the four. Might be able to take out a Credit Union loan for the rest. Things are looking a lot more positive for me and my son tonight.
  14. Lisa O`Brien

    Elaine McDonald RIP

    RIP. I remember her I think was on the BBC news, talking about the Government cuts to disability support and how it had personally impacted her. Felt very sad for her indeed.
  15. Lisa O`Brien

    Company Auditions for 2019/20

    Very nice, but if not already resident in London, where is everyone supposed to live during the month of rehearsals and then the performances, while being paid £385 a week? A hotel?