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  1. Lisa O`Brien

    RBS Statement on Ballet Competition Culture

    Very well said. Although sadly, I doubt it will make that much difference.
  2. Lisa O`Brien

    Killing Eve.....

    I really enjoyed Killing Eve, and noticed it was by Luke Jennings. Didn't for one moment think it was THAT LJ though.
  3. Lisa O`Brien

    A Level Dance or Dance BTEC

    Oh, and to answer your specific question. A BTEC will ( hopefully) include plenty of experience to add to your CV that an A Level won't. But academically an A Level will be seen as being much "stronger" than a BTEC if you ever wanted to go to University. ( Although most unis accept BTEC these days too).
  4. Lisa O`Brien

    A Level Dance or Dance BTEC

    Hello and welcome to the Forum. Can we just confirm, as you are only 15, that your parents are aware you are using this Forum and they are OK about it? What sort of dance training have you done so far? Would you study other A Levels alongside the Dance one? You say you wish to persue dance as a career. The vast majority of people who wish to become professional dancers audition for one of the vocational schools to enter at either age 16 or 18. Someone can correct me if i'm wrong, but studying Dance at a local Sixth Form college will not enable you to reach the standard required for auditioning for professional contracts.
  5. Lisa O`Brien

    Goodbye - but only as a moderator

    Sending you many thanks too, Julie. You, like all the other Mods, give your time freely and so generously for the benefit of others. It is, and always will be, greatly appreciated. The very best of luck to you.x
  6. Lisa O`Brien

    Best Ballet Pumps

    You'll have to wear socks for hygiene reasons. Best to wear some as close to the socks or tights you will wear at class, so the correct thickness can be felt.
  7. Lisa O`Brien

    Best Ballet Pumps

    Remember when buying your ballet flats that they have to fit your foot like a glove fits a hand. No spare room for growth whatsoever. No baggyiness or sagging.
  8. Lisa O`Brien

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    Well today i'm thoroughly fed up, cheesed off, the works. One of my references went through no problem. Was told they were still waiting for the second one, even though she told me she had sent it to them the next day after they asked for it. Didn't hear any more. Until last week, when I was sent to Portadown to one of Four Seasons Healthcare's other homes, for a day of training. It was mainly Moving and Handling and health and safety, but lasted 7 hours. Finally I thought, things are moving on. The manager I spoke to on the phone who told me I had to go for the training said once the training is done they can start to sort out my hours and shifts. The 7 or 8 other people on the course with me, who were all due to start at other Four Seasons homes not in Newry, had all already been allocated their hours and were all due to start their shifts the following week. They had been given their uniforms, ID badges and everything. So once the training was over I was half expecting a phone call any time after that. Nothing. So on Monday I phoned the nursing home. The manager was away on holiday until Thursday ( yesterday). The other person I was speaking to didn't know the reason for the hold up. I wanted to know if it was because they hadn't maybe received that second reference yet. If that was the case I could contact my referee and ask her to kindly re-send it. But if the home didn't contact me and tell me what the problem/delay was, then how am I supposed to know? So, I patiently waited until yesterday. I telephoned the woman who was back from her holiday, which is the same woman who interviewed me and offered me the job, FIVE WEEKS AGO !! She sounded different on the phone this time; not as friendly or cheery. She said she didn't know either why there had been a delay; perhaps they were still waiting for that second reference. She said she would phone me back later on today ( yesterday), once their secretary came into work and find out what the issue is. She never phoned me back. No-one has phoned me today either. I'm starting to lose my patience with them. Sick of phoning and no-one seems to know anything. Do they want me to work for them or don't they? I'm wondering if they have changed their minds. On the training day, one of the things we had to do was kneel down briefly beside a patient's bed. Can't even remember what for now. I couldn't . Not even for a second. My knees have been bad for years, since I was about 19 and the pain was unbearable. The woman training us told me I must tell my employers that in no way must I ever be expected to kneel down as I am unable to. ( Four Seasons had hired a local training agency to train us all). I'm wondering if this woman told the care home I physically couldn't kneel down and they now think i'll not be fit for the job? But if that's the case, you would think someone from either the home itself or the company would have the decency to tell me. To say, "sorry Lisa, but we don't think you'll be physically suitable for this work, because of your knees", instead of just keeping me waiting. I keep looking on Job Centre Online at other different jobs I could be applying for. So I've decided to give them 10 days. Between today and a week on Monday. If I don't hear from anyone by then i've seen another job in a warehouse I can apply for. I'm not even going to ring them anymore. If they can't be bothered to contact me, and don't even have the decency to tell me what the problem/delay is, they can shove their job. ( Rant over) !!!
  9. Lisa O`Brien

    White pointe shoes?

    At Urdang, many moons ago, we had to use pump whitener too.
  10. Lisa O`Brien

    I am shamed by my poor dévéloppé

    Sorry Anna !
  11. Lisa O`Brien

    I am shamed by my poor dévéloppé

    How is Oscar getting on?
  12. Lisa O`Brien

    Ok, can someone explain what a 20% Tax Rate means?

    Thank you munchkin. Will take a look.
  13. Lisa O`Brien

    Ok, can someone explain what a 20% Tax Rate means?

    Oh, many thanks for that !!
  14. Started a new job as a care assistant. The pay is atrocious, but because I will be working 39 hours a week every week, it bumps up the money slightly. Someone there said we pay 20 per cent Income Tax. That seems awfully high for someone who is only going to be earing around £300 a week. My son said 20 per cent of £300 is around £67 a week. Can someone in the know tell me whether this sounds right, sort of? Seems like a huge chunk of my money, not even including National Insurance. Thanks.
  15. Lisa O`Brien

    10 Reasons Dance is Undeniably a Sport....and so much more

    @Harwel, I've sent you a PM xx