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Ann Maguire Gala - 22nd March 2015 - Sadlers Wells

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You are right, Bruce. I remember reading about it on this forum but could not remember where it was. ( Call it a senior moment, seem to be getting more and more of them!!!) Perhaps a mod. can decide whether it should have a seperate thread or merge it with the previous one.

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Me too Bruce Wall

Though in the final analysis I suppose one will be blissfully unaware!


Good to hear Emma Maguire performing that role well.

So many good young dancers coming through now.

The RB is awash with very talented young dancers, female and male alike.


It is bursting with talent from Soloist level downwards. Give that bunch a couple of years and tickets for performances at the RB will be selling like hot cakes. Fumi Kaneko, Yasmine Naghdi, Emma McGuire, Claire Calvert, Francesca Hayward, Beatriz Stix Brunell, Olivia Cowley, (First Soloist) Akane Takada, James Hay, Tristan Dyer, (First Soloist) Valentino Zucchetti, Marcelino Sambe have already given us amazing performances. There are several young dancers - still in the Corps (Reece Clarke, Nicol Edmunds, Matthew Ball, Luca Acri, just to name a few)  - who have great potential. I can just imagine RB in five years time :)  I personally have not known the RB to be so heavily talented with young dancers. Mr. O'Hare is clearly doing a great job nurturing them ( the great majority of that talent is coming out of the RBS too, and how they amaze us!)

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There's a bit more detail on the programme available from a news item on the ROH web site


"The Gala will include Frederick Ashton’s Monotones II and extracts from Ashton’sRhapsody and Kenneth MacMillan’s Concerto and Requiem featuring soprano Madeleine Pierard. The second movement from Liam Scarlett’s Asphodel Meadows and contemporary work by Rambert dancer and choreographer Miguel Altunaga will also be performed. Royal Ballet Principal Steven McRae will dance the London premiere of his tap solo Czardas and Johan Kobborg’s Les Lutins, accompanied by Concert-master of the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Vasko Vassilev on the violin, will be danced by Emma Maguire and fellow members of The Royal Ballet Marcelino Sambé and Valentino Zucchetti."


additional details available at



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I see Lauren's name has been removed from the list of dancer's, feel really sorry for her. I wonder if Francesca is going to dance, hope so. Plus Alina has been added along with Johan, so that is great news.

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Thanks for the reminder (once again). I've had my browser open on the page several times this week, but something has always happened to prevent me from actually making the booking, so now I've rectified that :)


The new Sadler's website is a mess, though: why on earth put all the important information fields in a colour which scarcely shows up?

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