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  1. Re. too-early Christmas buying, I was ticked off yesterday for even discussing the possibility of buying a tree this early! Horses for courses, though....
  2. Does anyone remember what the result was from the previous referendum on independence? If the previous 'yes' vote was bigger than the current one; we'd have reason to hope that a future referendum would lead to a smaller yes vote....
  3. I think these announcements should be more detailed and rather more blunt. They should point out that the use of mobile phones, whether for texting, tweeting or making/receiving calls is not only distracting for the performers on stage but is also extremely annoying for other members of the audience. Current announcements are far too polite!
  4. My brain is ticking over at Fonteyn22's suggestion that we might soon be asked to stack the shelves ourselves - what if they'll expect us to be the cleaners and security staff as well? There'll be no stopping them......Tescos are the worst, IMO, but Sainsburys aren't far behind..
  5. Is it worth scrubbing up to go as far as the high street for, Capybara? It is Sunday, after all....
  6. Speaking of the 'spread-leg syndrome' I was at the packed Triycle Cinema on Saturday seeing the live transmission of the NT's 'Macbeth' with Kenneth Branagh and was most unfortunately seated between two large gentlement afflicted with this very syndrome. The gentleman on my right was wearing shorts (or the short kind, not the half-way-down-the-leg variety) and had exceptionally hairy thighs; on a hot night, this was not a pleasant experience, but it's not one I would expect to encounter at a ballet or opera outing. Reassure me, somebody....
  7. '...> and what are they [crane flies] doing hatching at this time of year anyway - they're supposed to be out around September-ish.<...' Yes, well my Japanese Anenomes are not supposed to be out until 'around September' either, but they've been in bud for about a fortnight already. It's the end of the world, I tell you...we're all doomed, doomed!
  8. I really feel that the best solution to the ringing phone problem would be a firm no-nonsense pre curtain-up request for silenced 'phones from an on-stage theatre administrator, and don't understand why this isn't done as a matter of course. I do remember one gala where Paul Ross (brother of the more-famous Jonathan) was the link-man. He started by quietly mentioning the problem of ringing 'phones and ended by bellowing ".....SWITCH THE BLOODY THINGS OFF NOW!!". It got a laugh, but there wasn't a single 'phone heard during the lengthy performance.
  9. Re. Porthesia's posting about people in doctors' waiting-rooms, I couldn't agree more. Over the last year I've had to attend a local A&E department a few times (leg-in-plaster syndrome..) and I've seen apparently entire families, including grandparents, spending hours there waiting while one of their numbers gets seen to. - they appear to see it as an enjoyable excursion!
  10. Another supermarket grouch: Finding a promisingly short checkout queue, only for the checkout person to bellow at you that the checkout is now closed, when a simple and clear 'checkout closed' sign on the conveyor belt would have saved him/her the trouble and you the irritation. I guess the supermarkets have to cut corners somehow...
  11. And one (apparantly genuine) found in the kitchen of a cricket pavilion: "LADIES: Please rinse teapots thoroughly and stand upside down on the draining board".
  12. Taxi4Ballet , just curious - how can you mispronounce 'research'? I know all about 'nuclear' (George Dubbleya Bush could never get his tongue rouund that one, could he?). Anne Marriot, I couldn't agree more about the person in the supermarket queue who packs their shopping bag in leisurely fashion (sometimes removing and repacking items to their satisfaction), then takes ages rootling around for their purse/wallet when handed their bill. I have to stop myself from snapping something quite rude at them. Also, people in bank or post office queues who don't move ahead with the queue and
  13. '...>Fingers crossed also for his first litter of puppies who are due on Tuesday'...> Must admit, I didn't know you could pinpoint the date of puppies' arrivals so accurately (if at all, to be completely honest). It's amazing what you can learn on ballet websites....
  14. Speaking of roses, I'm having a problem with my lovely 'ballerina' rose - it's first flush was beautiful and as soon as the blooms faded I pruned carefully for a second flush. This hasn't happened, or at least only two heads have opened, leaving several groups of tightly closed buds - they've been like that for about three weeks now. Does anyone think I'm just being impatient?
  15. Whilst on holiday in Crete severall years years ago, we happened on a taverna in a remote village offering 'Spleen Omlette Calf Pluckett' as a menu choice - ever since then 'Spleen Omlette' has become a standing joke as a menu choice for picky dinner guests!
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