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  1. I am trying to fill in this form but I can't fill it in and send it back via email. I have tried Filling it in Saving it then filling it in Copying to word which it wouldn't do For some reason I can't even print now
  2. Lots of parents whose children dance have never heard of the hammond tring or elmhurst for the top lower schools. For upper schools unless someone in the school you are at or something like this forum nobody has heard of the upper schools. Two friends are looking at upper schools for their dd but they have no idea.
  3. Havent got the pack yet. My dd is off the waiting list and only got asked Monday
  4. Any idea what dd needs for this summer school course?
  5. Spirals Dance and performance academy is in Bromsgrove is IDTA and LAMDA. They have students who have gone on to top vocational schools, Bird, Emil Dale to name but a few and have one student who was Bruce in Matilda on the West End for two years. They have excellent results in competitions and exams
  6. The pub over the road from the budget ibis in Leeds looks like an 'old mans' pub but is not and the food is really good
  7. MIDAS as well. Once a month in Birmingham
  8. Hi My dd has said she likes neoclassical ballet can someone explain this to me and which (year 12+) teaches this style?
  9. Warm up a thin straight needle and bend it slightly. Also I found using a thin needle threader (the cheap ones) and put the metal bit which you usually hold under the point of the needle to lift it slightly helps
  10. The information said a black one sorry ladies
  11. What is a half tutu? Its for a summer school and i'm not sure.
  12. Yesterday I heard a piece of music that I hope balletcoers can help me name. its about the arm and feet positions in ballet but its not the one for tots and its quite upbeat ? Any body got any ideas?
  13. Ive never been to a dance parents evening. What sort of things should I be asking about?
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