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  1. Thank you so much for all of your replies - I'll work through my thoughts and return with a more complete response, but wanted to let you know in the meantime that I'm v grateful for your help! X
  2. Just hoping that someone may be able to suggest a contact/source of advice that may be able to help my 14-yr-old daughter make some decisions about her future choices in dance. We're based in the South West but informed opinions from all sources would be very much appreciated - looking for inspiration, really! Ideally somebody who would be able to have a chat with my daughter about her choices post GCSE, especially with regard to University options vs vocational training, as well as best choices to make moving from experience purely in classical ballet towards a career in contemporary or musical theatre. Any and all input greatly valued - thanks!
  3. I posted several times about Stephen Beagley in this forum, but all posts were removed.
  4. Re the brief (but might not be the same as the final version, I guess) ... https://nationalyouthballet.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/NYB-brief_updated-1.pdf
  5. Everything that Pups_Mum said plus .... it can seem (and probably is) a vicious circle since the children who perform best are usually those who have performance experience ... but to get performance experience, a child needs to be one of the best at selection .... Whatever the rights or wrongs of this, at least it's a good preparation for the rest of life ....
  6. It sounds to me that you might like the structure of following a syllabus .....? If you could find an RAD class, then you could supplement this (and break it down more specifically) between classes by downloading content onto the RAD app (which has videos of each grade content) - https://www.radenterprises.co.uk/rad-video-applications/?zenid=2n48sg56rarvflpdube52ti8k4 It just strikes me that this would be one way of making your learning seem more structured and progressive .... and less confusing.
  7. "I hope actions match words" - yes, exactly this. I might be wrong, but I get the impression the RBS Upper School is filled with students who have pursued extensive vocational training, often overseas. Either this is necessary to be successful in securing a place at the school, or it isn't ..... the article seems to suggest that it isn't.
  8. Hi Michelle - the link you gave seems to be about a conference rather than an open day ..... I had a quick look at the RAD website but it's difficult to find any info about the open days. The best I could find was a registration form - https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/faculty-of-education-open-day-registration/ Do you have any further info about the days themselves? Thanks 🙂
  9. I think it's also important to realise that it's easy to get a false impression of how many children are getting 'yes' by reading this forum. There are many, many, many children out there who receive 'no' - that much is obvious just by comparing the number who apply to White Lodge etc with the number of places available. This forum has a much higher than average concentration of 'yes' results than you would find in an average cross-section of applicants.
  10. From a psychological perspective, I can see possibilities of using a narrative/social constructionist approach to research into how parents perceive the benefits of dance training for their children. This could certainly involve a handful of in-depth interviews ...... but I don't know if this type of research is what the OP is able to undertake to satisy the requirements of their degree.
  11. When my daughters started their periods, they both said they wanted to give up ballet.
  12. At 14, my daughter had passed (with distinction) her Grade 8 and Advanced 1 ballet exams .... Grade 3 sounds very far behind for a 14-yr old.
  13. Resilience and growth-mindset .... ability to learn from criticism (and rejection - lots of 'no's in the ballet world!).
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