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  1. Really disappointed with this further post so I'm signing out...a simple "thanks for the feedback" would have been polite...negating my feedback with unnecessary justifications and contradictions wasn't necessary.
  2. Hi, I fully agree with the reason for locking the thread and have always appreciated the input of the moderators which I made no comment on or criticism of. However, by reopening this thread not once as Anna C suggests above, but three times, 5th June, 8th June and again yesterday, it just keeps bringing that same "locked" thread back to the top of the feed. A new thread for the useful information concerning the EU vote (which each unlocking post has been in reference to) would, in my opinion, be preferable. In Alison's own words "I'm cheating and reopening this thread" implies that it's not usual to do it. This is my feedback which I think is fair. At no time did I question the content, the reason or anything else and I am surprised that you have brought so much more into it.
  3. Hi, referring to the locked thread in the Doing Dance section, I'm just irritated enough to post that I don't think it's appropriate to keep unlocking a thread, posting and then locking it again to prevent replies. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to leave a locked thread locked and open a new one to contribute items post "locking"?
  4. Just to say that they usually send out a further pack once all the acceptances are in with more information, etc. x
  5. She's one of my DD's all-time favourite teachers too!
  6. I imagine that's quite a juggling act sometimes....but also double the gift
  7. Any chance to watch them perform and I'm there too
  8. That's quite a long walk Cygnet!!
  9. It was great Janet! I've just posted a little update on the other thread! For anyone considering trying out for LCB next year I'd say go for it. It's a huge commitment - giving up your Sundays for 4 months but the end result and performance week is such an great experience for the dancers that it makes it all worthwhile!
  10. Our DD loved being part of the cast this year - her first time with LCB. I spent a wonderful week chaperoning and working the quick change area side of stage and can honestly say that the children were such a happy company - generous to each other, polite and all with a clear love of dance and performing. The LCB team are so nurturing of the children and that shows in the end result - a brand new ballet that was gentle, moving at times, funny at times and danced with technical assurance by the talented cast. I agree that Lily O'Regan made a wonderful Dearest - she is a beautiful dancer and Luke coped with his lead role marvellously! The choreography by Jenna Lee was so well tuned to the dancers it showed just how talented she is too! Not forgetting the original score of Richard Norriss which was beautiful. Bravo to all involved - I was only disappointed that I could only watch one show as I was backstage for the rest of the time!
  11. National Youth Ballet has lost an inspirational lady. http://nationalyouthballet.org/news/sad-news-about-jill-tookey/
  12. Such terribly sad news tonight http://nationalyouthballet.org/news/sad-news-about-jill-tookey/
  13. Huge congratulations to you and your DS! Great news x
  14. What a lot of posts to catch up on tonight.... Huge congratulations discomonkfish Huge commiserations to you all: jennyboydance, dancefanatic, Ballet4Boyz, balletnat1, TBG and Dancing Shoes. Good luck for reserve list movement: Balletmum20, Hollyhouse9 and Twoballerinas and finally congratulations on the MA place Hollyhouse9! Well done to all your DC's on making finals - it is an achievement in itself as the talent is clearly there. xx
  15. Hi Lisa I grew up in Salisbury and would recommend you stay there anyway - as there is also "Old Sarum" which is great to visit as well plus the Cathedral with it's lovely close and walks along the River Avon - there is quite a lot to do in and around the city. The city itself is small enough to wander around as well - and there used to be a lovely tea shop "The Cross Keys Restaurant" that served great cream teas in the afternoon and a full silver-service menu in the evening - I know because I worked there as a teenager and the American tips were amazing! Can't really vouch for the quality of the hotels now - but the Rose & Crown in Harnham is right on the river and only a 15 min walk from the Cathedral - I had my wedding reception there some 21 years ago now (scary!). I still go and visit friends from time to time and I always love going back - it still feels like home even though it hasn't been for over 20 years.
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