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  1. Hi Sheila - I grew up in Kiev but haven't been back for a few years. I had a quick look online and found this but it's in Russian http://www.ballet-studio.com.ua/raspisanie-zanyatiy.html It's a timetable for lessons for adults in the centre. There are quite a few others but it might be easier to narrow it down if I knew where you'll be staying (it's a big city 😀 Feel free to msg me if you need help.
  2. Hi, sorry as it's not ballet related but ds is very keen to learn to shuffle dance. Anyone know of any classes in London or in Herts/Cambs and surrounding areas that would teach him this style please? He's 13yo. Thank you.
  3. Looking to purchase Front Splits Fast DVD. Thank you
  4. Hello, looking for suggestions of a DVD or youtube etc which my 10 yo could use to do stretching dance exercises safely. She currently makes up her own to pop songs. Thank you.
  5. Hi all, sorry as this is not ballet related but we're in central london tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a large dance supply shop with a good selection of tap shoes. My dd is very picky with her shoes! Many thanks
  6. Sorry to interfere with your post kittyjewel but I was wondering what the teaching was like at Central please? Do they follow RAD or ISTD or something else? How does it compare to tring or rbs? Thanks.
  7. Ours was a no recommending to look into joining their associate classes. Is it what the other 'no' response is?
  8. Hi, congratulations and well done to your dds nicass and starlight69! We got back from our holiday tonight but don't have the letter yet. Maybe they sent off all the yes's first lol
  9. Is gr1 all new or do some children stay on from this year?
  10. 2littledancers is it the one on Tuesday? I was thinking of booking it as it looks great. Annaliesey- are the drop in classes in pineapple suitable for children? I wasn't sure what age they are for. Thanks everyone!
  11. Hi, I know this is a ballet forum but could anyone advise please whether there are any associate schemes for jazz/modern/contemporary? My DD is 9, she does ballet, jazz and tap at her dance school but jazz is her favourite. I think she finds it more fun. Would love for her to be able to take classes with professionals but not sure any jazz associate schemes exist. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi nicass and thank you for posting such kind words! My dd wasn't put off at all,in fact I don't think she noticed anything unusual. It was me looking around while she was doing her audition Your dd and her friends were brilliant and I'm actually glad I noticed how good they were as it made me think about our dance school which I now see doesn't push kid enough, if at all. I'd love to know what dance school you represent if that's OK?
  13. Clearly I don't know how to 'quote' grrr
  14. If I saw a "Matilda/Oliver/Billy Elliot The Musical 2016" cast hoodie for example (do they exist? They must do) I would be extremely slitty-eyed with 'oh great now this ones a triple threat' anxiety! Haha if anything she'd be a 'double threat' who needs to improve her dance..
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