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  1. For once a full evening of dance, parts were very quiet as there was no music just the swish of the socks. Here are some pictures from the rehearsal. Riley Watts, Brigel Gjorka and Ander Zabala Gomez in Seventeen/Twenty One More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  2. Alison, wait no longer as here are some pictures from the two extracts from last night. La Trovatiara pas de Cinq and the now traditional Dying Swan. The Company in La Trovatiara Jack Furlong Jr - Guzella Verbitskaya. Roberto Vega - Mikhail Mypansareov and Joshua Thake - Eugenia Repelskii Duane Gosa - Helen Highwaters in The Dying Swan More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  3. Only a very short extract from Natalia Osipova's programme at Sadlers Wells Pure Dance. Antony Tudor's The Leaves Are Fading. She was partnered by American Ballet Theatre principal David Hallberg. David Hallberg and Natalia Osipova Natalia Osipova David Hallberg More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  4. Not much in the way of pictures with the links reviews. Just one shot - one photographer?
  5. We had three extracts from Carman La Cubana at Sadlers Wells today, the company is resident until the 18th August. Loosely based on the film Carmen Jones. Bizet's music with a Cuban touch. Would have liked to see more. Singing and dancing in equal measures. Here is my contribution. Carmen - Luna Manzanares Nardo and Company in Habanera La Senora - Albita Rodriguez and Company in Oye el ritmo de tambor El Nino - Joaquim Garcia Mejias and Company in Sal a pelear More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  6. Here are some rehearsal pictures from The All Forsythe programme. In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated Neue Suite - Svetlana Gileva and Jon Vallejo More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  7. And some from Part 2. Nadia Khan in Warrior of Light Xander Parish and Victoria Tereshkina in Black Swan pdd Sergio Bernal in The Swan More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  8. Remember that these pictures were taken during a technical and not a dress rehearsal, thus the artists are not in full costume or make up. Just a selection from the 14 act programme. Part 1 Stanislaw Wegrzyn and Mayara Magri in Coppellia Francesca Hayward and Frederico Bonelli in Giselle pdd Alexei Orlenco and Polina Semionova in Cello Duet (from Bach) Maria Alexandrova and Vladislav Lantratov in Don Quixote More pictures in www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  9. Interesting comments regarding the apparent under rehearsing. I had the pleasure to sit (and photograph) through the 5 hours of the rehearsal. They not only had to place but the lighting was being done at the same time. Imagine getting the 14 acts through with all the setting up and taking down in that time and I would like to congratulate Paul the stage manager in keeping the stars on schedule. Sadly of course they were mostly not in costume or makeup but to see these great artists in action was an honour. I just had to defend the comments. I will post some pictures in due course.
  10. Congratulations to all the Winners and Nominees, well deserved. I missed you all.
  11. And so say all of us. Happy New Year. Remember the guy who started all this.
  12. I was also at the rehearsal for Amore or better known as Francesca da Rimini with the wonderful Svetlana Zakharova as Francesca. Hope you enjoy the pictures as it is possibly my last ballet call. My legs are letting me down and it has become a struggle to mount all the stairs from Ealing to the venues. So thank you to all my balletco friends and enjoy your Ballet watching. Svetlana Zakharova - Francesca, Denis Rodkin - Paolo and members of the company Paolo - Denis Rodkin and Francesca - Svetlana Zakharova Mikhail Lo
  13. Only the third part of the show was performed at yesterday's rehearsal at the Sadlers Wells. Dark as usual. Here are some pictures from the hard working company. The company in Bayadere - The Ninth Life Jack Thomson, Carmine De Amicis and Andre Kamienski More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
  14. Not exactly Dance but as it is part of Sadlers Wells at the Peacock Theatre this amusing and acrobatic diversion could brighten up your autumn evening. Until 21st October. Some extracts from the current show Saloon, a cowboy theme. The company in Saloon Justine Methe Crozat The company in Saloon More pictures on www.johnrossballetgallery.co.uk
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