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  1. I only knew Deborah Bull from the ballet documentary she hosted and danced in. Her Two Pigeons final pas de deux with Adam Cooper remains my favorite version aside from the original cast(They were coached by Lynn Seymour). Also that pas de deux from The Invitation might be the only recording on the Internet of the dances between the Wife and the Boy. I was amazed by her after watching the documentary and was very disappointed to find out that few recordings were made of her. James Hay’s lines and legato-style movements always remind me of the sense of harmony I see in great dancers of the past generations. I hope he’ll get more chances to prove himself in the future.
  2. As far as I remember, Cuthbertson was’t cast in any big classic in cinema broadcast in the past 10 years except Beauty. Nutcracker hardly counts. Her Beauty with Pulunin was never commercially released. (Possibly because of Polunin’s departure from RB) so people who live in other countries can only rely on pirated videos to see her in the role of Aurora. IMO It is only wise to record her while she’s at her peak and sickness and injuries seem to not have occurred for a while, otherwise there might not be a chance to (as in the case of Morera). I cannot understand why this is a problem, as some other dancer was cast again and again in almost every major role in RB rep in cinema broadcasts and nobody seemed to have opened a thread to complain about it. Maybe it’s because this time they are all In the same season?
  3. In the Khan version, she was pregnant from the beginning. Their first meeting in the ballet was she trying to tell him about it but not being able to. Khan explained it when the company performed that scene in NYC.
  4. It was a deliberate choice because their interpretations of Odile are just different. I wouldn’t say either of them is a lot better than the other. Cuthbertson is more luring and subtle, while Nuñez is more aggressive and straightforward.
  5. Yes, I saw her with Muntagirov in Swan Lake in Vienna last Christmas. From the dramatic perspective my personal opinion is that she’s much better in the role of Odette than Nuñez (who’s been casted more than once in live cinema). Speaking of Beauty, although Cuthbertson was casted in live cinema broadcast ten years ago that version was never commercially released if I remember correctly.
  6. Yes. I should have rephrased it as "that he felt an urge to reflect in ballet". Thanks.
  7. There is a huge difference between loving the theme of abuse and treating abuse as a reality that needs to be reflected in ballet. I see most of his ballets (especially the ones that I love most, like Romeo and Juliet, Manon, Mayerling, Requiem, Song of the Earth) not as works that “entertain” me, but works that profoundly expand the horizon of human compassion in the world of ballet.
  8. oh sorry I shouldn't have abbreviated it. It's Daphnie and Cloe.
  9. Hi, everyone. Thanks a lot to Pas de Quatre, I just got the book. There are lots of great pictures in it that I have never seen, especially of R&J and Hamlet. I'm so delighted to see him with Fonteyn in D&C as well. PM me your email address if you'd like to download the book. Thanks!
  10. The Dream paired with Song of The Earth Symphonic Variations Concerto Monotones Winter Dreams Rhapsody Coppelia Dances at a Gathering (I wonder if it's still in the RB repertoire...) There isn't any official recording of Requiem available, is there? I was deeply moved upon seeing a solo performed by Viviana Durante in a South Bank documentary last week and wonder why a DVD was never released... (maybe the same reason as why Darcey's farewell performance of Song of the Earth was never released?)
  11. Thanks for the information. Why I asked for individual sharing in the first place is that I was not sure whether it complies with the policy to ask for a public download. Do you have the text in the policy that mentions this? Thank you.
  12. Wow great news! Sure! You can share it with me through another site, and then I can share it with others. I’ll send you a message. Thank you!
  13. I second it. She might have changed the intention of some pieces of the choreography (not the choreo itself though) in order to suit her own portrayal of Manon but imho her dramatic dancing in Act 1&2 is much more impressive than some of the other dancers I saw. The chemistry between she and Alex Campbell was simply the best among all the couples I saw in the last run. TBH i hadn’t expected that at all and am most glad that I didn’t miss the chance of seeing her.
  14. Sorry, I think that link expired. I uploaded it again to another site and here it is:
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