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  1. Great interview with her: https://www.kazpravda.kz/articles/view/ya-vsegda-hotela-tantsevat It's in Kazakh but google translate will make it English. Vaganovka, then an invitation to the Mariinsky Theater, where solo roles quickly appeared. When you became confident that everything is working out, everything will be fine? - I have never had such a feeling and still do not. I was brought up that "I" is the last letter in the alphabet. You need less ā€œIā€ ... I always wanted to be better than I am. I looked at others, studied. In our profession, it is disastrous to sa
  2. Happy birthday to this gorgeous ballerina! If you follow her daughter on IG she has many photos of her mother. Here's a long interview with her:
  3. I always find the Royal Ballet decor very overstuffed. I hate those frosted wigs on the SPF and Cavalier, and the birthday party that seems like a Buckingham Palace Christmas party. The BRB decor seems much more imaginative and beautiful, something out of a childhood dream.
  4. I actually compared the four different streaming Balanchine Nutcrackers: https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2020/12/balanchines-nutcracker-pops-up.html
  5. From what I understand if they move thriugh the most vulnerable people first (frontline workers, people in long term care, elderly, pre-existing comorbidities) the number of seriously ill will fall quickly. Hospitals will be less overwhelmed and the situation should be way more under control. Of course I'm just trying to be optimistic about the vaccine timeline.
  6. So sorry but I keep thinking we have three months left of this. We should be able to get a significant portion of our population vaccinated by March and April.
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