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  1. Amar Ramasar makes his return to NYCB: https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/05/spring-diaries-nycb-brings-back-brahms.html
  2. I don;t think Juliet playing with a doll is inconsistent. I think children who are often forced at an early age to become adults, so to speak, often exhibit these behaviors. I worked with a group of teen mothers and many of them while they were nursing their children often sucked their own thumbs. I was shocked to see that behavior when I first encountered it. I also think the way Juliet plays with the doll is important. I agree that it works well as a stage prop to show off Juliet's exuberant nature. It works less well when a ballerina plays Juliet as very shy and reserved. I saw Alessandra Ferri's Juliet a number of times and she's an amazing Juliet but she played a very shy, reserved Juliet in the first scene and the doll never worked for me because of that reason.
  3. I reviewed more for bachtrack: A triple bill at NYCB: https://bachtrack.com/review-classic-nycb-judah-dances-gathering-stars-stripes-new-york-may-2019 ABT's Harlequinade: https://bachtrack.com/review-ratmansky-harlequinade-american-ballet-theatre-may-2019
  4. Some thoughts on the spring season at NYCB: https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/05/nycb-spring-diaries-new-era.html
  5. I saw this at the Met on Friday and highly recommend people catch the HD next Saturday. What a powerful shattering opera that is not performed nearly enough. https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/05/dialogues-of-carmelites.html
  6. Hi I'm now reviewing more for bachtrack. This was my review of the Spring Gala at NYCB: https://bachtrack.com/review-spring-gala-new-york-city-ballet-may-2019
  7. Mendelssohn's Midsummer's Night Dream? Both Ashton's The Dream and Balanchine's Midsummer's Night Dream did wonders with this score.
  8. I know this had a long run in London to great acclaim, and I finally saw it on B'way and ... I wasn't all that taken with it. https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-ferryman-style-over-substance-merce.html
  9. I went to a celebration at the Joyce Theater and wrote about it on bachtrack: https://bachtrack.com/review-merce-cunningham-centennial-joyce-theater-new-york-april-2019
  10. Jan Parry mentions that Cuthbertson isn't the "headstrong" Juliet of MacMillan's ballet. I'm curious about this comment because I've seen a number of Juliets and it seems that there's always been the "moonlit" Juliet type and then the more headstrong rebellious Juliet. Both can be equally effective. "Moonlit" Juliets - Margot Fonteyn (on film), Alessandra Ferri, Alina Cojocaru, Evgenia Obraztsova "Rebellious" Juliets - Natalia Osipova, Tamara Rojo, Diana Vishneva I would imagine Lynn Seymour was a rebellious Juliet and Antoinette Sibley a moonlit one? (I never saw either and practically no film exists of them.)
  11. Hope the UK'ers enjoy the HD today!
  12. Right now I don't have tickets for Siegfried and Gotterdamerung but I am actively looking for them iwthout having to pay an arm and a leg for said tickets.
  13. Die Walküre's Brünnhilde doesn't have many forays into the upper register. Siegfried and Gotterdamerung are another story.
  14. REALLY try to see this on March 30 in HD. The cast is incredible. https://humbledandoverwhelmed.blogspot.com/2019/03/die-walkure-casts-its-magical-fire-spell.html
  15. Thanks for all these reports! I cannot wait to see the cinema relay on April 2.
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