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  1. Pineapple have open ballet classes particularly most days in the afternoon, would recommend Emma Northmore’s classes and Roland also
  2. Has anyone had experience of this - is it worth the money?
  3. If going into year 7 in September then that’s fine
  4. Has anyone who had a place deferred from last years summer school received any info yet?
  5. The children in the nutcracker are at White Lodge (RB lower school) in normal circumstances years 7, 8&9 all take part. The Royal Ballet (and most touring companies) will use students from there or RB junior associates depending on age required for productions
  6. It doesn’t apply to dance schools, indoor sports are contact sports where they cannot social distance, covid secure dance schools who manage social distancing with no contact are not affected
  7. Hi, year 7 do a 2 hour ballet class in the morning and then another form of dance in the afternoon, could be character or national or something like that. yes they have separate classes different schools timetable differently and so do different school years, but my experience, year 7s do ballet first thing, then academics then lunch then academics then dance again ( not necessarily ballet) no ballet exams
  8. The results from the scholarship auditions should be out before the closing date for applications which is 1st March, so yes if you have been awarded a scholarship you then need to fill out an application form stating which week you are attending. If the results are late coming, you still need to ensure you have filled out an application form by the 1st March, you can state in there that you can only attend if you receive a scholarship- good luck!!
  9. 1 ticket for Sale for The Royal Ballet School Opera Holland Park Saturday 6th July Evening Performance K37 £35.00
  10. I’m not sure how many turn up at each regional audition but in total, from memory, the last time I read the stats there are probably around about 460 girls audition and they take probably around 50-60 through to finials usually offering around 12 places? This is for year 7. Is this the year she would be auditioning for or is she already in year 7 going into year 8?
  11. On the application form you can put a 1st and 2nd choice for where you would like a place as I remember, so I would put both down, I was told - although it was a few years ago now when we auditioned, that if your first choice was full they would offer you your 2nd choice if you successfully auditioned
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