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  1. 1 ticket for Sale for The Royal Ballet School Opera Holland Park Saturday 6th July Evening Performance K37 £35.00
  2. I’m not sure how many turn up at each regional audition but in total, from memory, the last time I read the stats there are probably around about 460 girls audition and they take probably around 50-60 through to finials usually offering around 12 places? This is for year 7. Is this the year she would be auditioning for or is she already in year 7 going into year 8?
  3. On the application form you can put a 1st and 2nd choice for where you would like a place as I remember, so I would put both down, I was told - although it was a few years ago now when we auditioned, that if your first choice was full they would offer you your 2nd choice if you successfully auditioned
  4. Thanks unfortunately doesn’t have either
  5. Summer school/mid lower school
  6. Any suggestions for a male variation for a video audition?
  7. FOR SALE Saturday 16th Feb 12pm Amphi - A47 & 46 £43.00 each
  8. I have the following tickets for sale for the RBS and RBC - Two pigeons Tuesday 12th Feb Amphi A55 & A54 £43.00 each Thursday 14th Feb Amphi A53 & A54 £43.00 each Saturday 16th Feb Amphi A47 & A46 £43.00 each
  9. Monday 7th Jan Amphi F72 £35.00 Tuesday 8th Jan SCS D44 £10.00 Wednesday 9th Jan SCS D10 £10.00 Friday 11th Jan Amphi J58 & J59 £50.00 each
  10. I have 2 for Friday 11th Jan £50 each, amphi Centre J58&59
  11. I have the following for sale - Tuesday 8th Jan - Amphi F51 £67 Wednesday 9th Jan - SCS D10 £10 Tuesday 15th Jan - SCS D44 £10
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