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  1. Thanks for your help ballet bean. Also can you remember the medical form? Is it a 'fit to attend an excercise class' or ' to whom it may concern' form? Or something else? I went to the doctors to ask but the receptionist was confused as what to charge me as she'd never come across it before. 😔 She also said it could take up to a month to process unless I pay an extra £15 ! I've emailed the college to ask if I could send the form on later but haven't heard back yet.
  2. Hello ballet bean my older d/d is wishing to audition for NBS this year. Can I ask if the rent in Unite would be for the academic year or 52 wks of the year?
  3. Oh yes! They had a class with Celine Gittens from Brb, fabulous!.
  4. My older d/d did it 3 years ago when she was 15 and from what I can remember they all arrived on the Sun afternoon and the timetable started on the Mon morning. They all stayed in Elmhurst accommodation, which is very safe, my daughter shared a room but I think older ones had single rooms. Not much happened in the evening tbh, they had a talk with members of BRB in the Elm theatre one evening and maybe a disco another evening? Mostly they seemed to be in bed early cos they were all tired much to her disappointment! 😂 But she thoroughly enjoyed the summer school and made friends from all over world.
  5. Does your dd go to a Istd school? The Istd Ballet Awards is a type of competition my dd and a few other girls did before heading off for the auditions. The top 3 in her category that I know of went off to vocational school.
  6. At Elmhurst lower school they do RAD on a Saturday morning. Why would anyone want their child to do Rbs Ma's on top of all that?! 🙄
  7. My d/d has been at voc school from yr 7. She suffered so badly from homesickness I really thought we were going give her place up. But she's just gone into yr 9 and all I can say is that she has learnt to cope with it now. I brought her home most weekends because it was better than having her crying on the phone all wknd and we felt so guilty.. Luckily we live an hour and half away, but it still takes up a lot of time and petrol. If she stays a wknd now she's bored but not tearful. Even though she loves ballet and enjoys all the school has to offer she still doesn't like boarding. I always wonder if i've done the right thing and if the stress is worth it ? 🤔
  8. Elmhurst extended associate leotard by Freed. Bought new from Dancing Boutique Teal colour, size 3, ruched front lined, comes with belt. Good condition ..£10
  9. Hello balletmum 20 .. Welcome to Elmhurst! My daughter is in current year 8. She says none of her year group are in advanced 1 as they are yet to take their intermediate exam. So my guess would be the advanced foundation class? But it's only a guess, I don't really know. It's going to be a big year group, approx 30 with the boys she thinks! Feel free to pm me if you want to x
  10. My Dd1 got on this scheme, she was 14.5 at the time. Unfortunately she hated it and felt ignored by her ballet teacher so I gave back her Mds place after a few weeks. She was used to being busy all Sat afternoon with classes at her normal dance school and a higher level of ballet. She didn't like all the rest breaks and felt it made the day drag on and was frankly bored. They admitted on the phone they didn't know where to put her ballet wise. Think she was too young for the highest level class from what I can remember. Luckily she was accepted at Elmhurst associates mid term so at least she got good ballet training there. Some students from there get accepted into dance colleges especially from the street dance scheme, i just wanted to share our experience.
  11. My dd1 can also kill pointe shoes in a few hours! She is 16 and non vocational but has these super bendy feet, lovely to look at but not for my wallet. She has gone through lots of Grishko's, she tried all the Gm's at Dancique but the fitter said no, not supportive enough.😑 So we came away with Russian pointe which lasted about the same as Grishko. However the shoe that has lasted the longest for my daughter is...Capezio Airess in firm or maxifirm ordered in at our local pointe fitters. Sewing in the ribbons is a challenge though as they have a suede lining. But definitely the longest lasting for her.
  12. How rude! 😱 I'm obviously a "super soaraway chavvy Scum" mum then as I've taken my children on the so called £10 breaks when they were younger!
  13. Degas pale blue leotard style 9501 age 10.. bought for lower school finals, very flattering on. Very fitted with high cut legs and quite low back with Degas logo. Gorgeous leotard just now too small. Sorry not able to upload a photo on my phone. Pm me for more info, maybe i could email a photo if interested? £20
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