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  1. Just put into Google gov.uk danceanddrama awards
  2. Has KS dance always been on the Dada list or is it new for this year? Bodyworks and Urdang have disappeared.
  3. Please could anyone explain what this means from our Dada application 2020/21? Does it mean you can't have a Dada and a student loan at the SAME TIME? So, therefore it would make sense that students can get the student loan after the Dada? I have youngest DD on MDS and about to have oldest DD on Dada (yes, people do feel sorry for meπŸ˜‚) I am so interested in what happens if they change their minds! "If you hold a DaDA, you cannot apply for a Higher Education (HE) student loan. Students who may also be enrolled on a HE degree programme alongside the TCL diploma course are not permitted to access HE student support as well as being in receipt of Dada funding."
  4. Nbs in Manchester? If it is please pm me as my daughter has a place too 😊
  5. A Dada offer from Northern ballet school, Manchester! It was her favourite audition! I am so happy for her 😁😁
  6. Degas 9501 in Coral (Coralis) Size 12A Worn a couple of times, bought from Just Ballet. Β£30 including postage.
  7. Thanks for your help ballet bean. Also can you remember the medical form? Is it a 'fit to attend an excercise class' or ' to whom it may concern' form? Or something else? I went to the doctors to ask but the receptionist was confused as what to charge me as she'd never come across it before. πŸ˜” She also said it could take up to a month to process unless I pay an extra Β£15 ! I've emailed the college to ask if I could send the form on later but haven't heard back yet.
  8. Hello ballet bean my older d/d is wishing to audition for NBS this year. Can I ask if the rent in Unite would be for the academic year or 52 wks of the year?
  9. Oh yes! They had a class with Celine Gittens from Brb, fabulous!.
  10. My older d/d did it 3 years ago when she was 15 and from what I can remember they all arrived on the Sun afternoon and the timetable started on the Mon morning. They all stayed in Elmhurst accommodation, which is very safe, my daughter shared a room but I think older ones had single rooms. Not much happened in the evening tbh, they had a talk with members of BRB in the Elm theatre one evening and maybe a disco another evening? Mostly they seemed to be in bed early cos they were all tired much to her disappointment! πŸ˜‚ But she thoroughly enjoyed the summer school and made friends from all over world.
  11. Does your dd go to a Istd school? The Istd Ballet Awards is a type of competition my dd and a few other girls did before heading off for the auditions. The top 3 in her category that I know of went off to vocational school.
  12. At Elmhurst lower school they do RAD on a Saturday morning. Why would anyone want their child to do Rbs Ma's on top of all that?! πŸ™„
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