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Found 13 results

  1. My daughter is currently in year 12 and contemplating what to study at university. She has been a keen dancer since age 2 and is currently studying for RAD advanced foundation alongside grades 8 in tap and jazz. Her A levels include dance and PE and she’s considering a degree in dance science as she would like to maybe work with injured dancers but also feels that an understanding of dance science would be valuable if she later trained as a dance teacher. However there are only 3 institutions offering an dance science undergraduate degree so she is debating whether to do a more general danc
  2. Hello, I haven't posted here for a while. My oldest dd is 18 and at a crossroads. Brief background - she started ballet at 3 and picked up modern, tap, jazz and a bit of contemporary over the years. Dance has always been part of her life and it's extremely important to her. She did consider taking it further a while back but she didn't think she was good enough and lacked in confidence. She was at Abbots Bromley for Sixth Form which she loved. She got her BTEC with top grades along with A Level English and secured a place at Birmingham to do English, having decided
  3. Just hoping that someone may be able to suggest a contact/source of advice that may be able to help my 14-yr-old daughter make some decisions about her future choices in dance. We're based in the South West but informed opinions from all sources would be very much appreciated - looking for inspiration, really! Ideally somebody who would be able to have a chat with my daughter about her choices post GCSE, especially with regard to University options vs vocational training, as well as best choices to make moving from experience purely in classical ballet towards a career in contemporary or music
  4. Hi My daughter has now graduated from Durham , she had a great time there both socially and academically and with her dance. She danced for a number of the DU dance teams, choreographed and danced in the Advanced Ballet team and also danced in the University Ballet Company. I would highly recommend Durham for those who want to still dance but for whatever reason don't end up pursuing it as a career. She is going to Imperial College in October to do her Masters so will be looking into her options for dance in London. There are dance societies at Imperial and shes aware
  5. Someone posted on another thread that their dd was researching universities with good extracurricular dance. I thought it would be useful to start a thread about it so dcs will be able to get a feel for the opportunities to continue dance at uni when they are studying something completely different. Maybe other people can post their dcs' experiences at various universities. My ds is at Warwick uni where he has done ballet, jazz, commercial/street, contemporary and tap this year. He plans to add lyrical to that this term, and will be teaching one of the ballet classes. This year he average
  6. I'm 28 years old and have just started to learn ballet. I have a few questions. Is it totally unrealistic to expect to someday get a degree in dance if I haven't danced since I was a child? Can weight lifting contradict ballet? What exercises are good for new dancers to do? What would be a good diet for a ballet dancer?
  7. Hi everyone My daughter is 15, just finishing year 10 at school. She goes to a decent associates scheme but she is probably at the lower end of the ability there. She has been offered another year to start in September but it looked borderline for a while if she would keep her place. She works very hard but I'm concerned about her future. Ideally she would like to study contemporary dance at somewhere like Rambert or Trinity Laban but obviously the competition for these places is huge. However, her back up plan would be to study at university for a degree in conte
  8. Hi, Would anybody be able to share some information regarding the contemporary classes on the BA Dance Performance/Studies course at Middlesex? I have applied to both Roehampton and Middlesex but am torn between the two in regards to the amount of technique classes I will receive at each of them. Looking at the course online, Middlesex seems to have more performance based modules but would like to know if this is the case? Additionally, does anyone have any knowledge of the reputation of both Middlesex and Roehampton for dance? Thanks
  9. Hello everyone, I previously posted about finding out about Uni dance degrees, we have finally got to the stage where we have seen four Uni's, Middlesex, Roehampton, De Montford and Surrey. My daughter has offers from the first three and we only saw Surrey yesterday so we'll see what they say. It's hard to choose which one! I think De Montford is out due to it's location and travel time from Edinburgh where we live. Has anyone else been to these audition days? and if so what did you think? I think my DD is having a crisis of confidence and wondering whether there will be enough actual dance
  10. A general - not dance related - request. Musical DD has set her heart on a place at a conservatoire. So far so good. Whittling choice down from 8 down to 5 is do-able. Should she not get offers, or have reservations, Plan B is to study something Geology related, as that's her favourite A level. She doesn't want to do academic music. My question is. how do you decide where to apply? Both my older children were doing very vocational courses so it was not too hard to get round the open days, or read the prospectuses. We've agreed we'll get an application together in princ
  11. Hi all, long time no speak! I've just started studying Dance at De Montfort Uni in Leicester (after much struggle and debate discussed in previous posts from the last year) and I'm enjoying it so far (I literally only started on Monday). But although I'm in every day and have a practical class every day, most of my days finish at around 1pm, and then I don't know what to do with myself for the rest of it! I've been to dance society tasters this week however most of these are designed for people who aren't typically dancers and just want to keep it as a hobby; this also costs a certain am
  12. Hi all My daughter is off to university in September and is in the processing of making her choice for First and backup picks. She is a very keen dancer and has just passed intermediate tap with distinction and is working on her RAD Advanced ballet(she has completed her grades) - ballet is her first love but I she would like to be able to carry on with the tap as well. As a consequence her choices for university will be influenced slightly by whether she can carry on with her dancing while there. Her first pick is between Imperial College , London and Durham Unversity. Obviously RAD an
  13. Hi!! I've got one more audition left at Arden School of theatre next week, but I didn't get into any of the vocational schools I applied for (London studio Centre, LCDS, NSCD and Laban) however I have got offers from Middlesex University as well as Edge Hill! I was just wondering if anyone had any experience in either of those places? Initially I was drawn more towards Middlesex however the audition day put me off a little, but I'm now heading back towards that one just because of the location, I've always wanted to train and live in London because I think there's so much more opportunity
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