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  1. I saw this in Worthing & I have to say that I was very disappointed! I had been looking forward to seeing it so much. Firstly, myself & others sitting near me, were totally confused as to who was who, apart from John Brown & we only recognised him because of the kilt.... Surely it wouldn't have been difficult to show the dancers & the roles they were dancing at the beginning of the film? I found the choreography to be very unattractive. What is it with modern choreographers that they can make beautiful bodies look so ugly? Kenneth MacMillan managed to choreograph beautiful pas de deux & one could feel the emotion but Cathy Marston had to show Victoria & Albert in a very explicit pas de deux, which I found very embarrassing! In the interval C Marston, when describing the choreography, said that the V shape was very powerful & sexy!!!! Does she really believe all that rubbish she was spouting? Sorry if I have offended anyone. I admire the dancers very much but that ballet is pants.
  2. OMG, I wish I had seen that performance! Ruzimatov & Asylmuratova my favourite dancers.
  3. I did actually ask for a cast change slip at the Bow Street foyer, but the member of staff gave me the impression that I was a nuisance!
  4. I was at the matinee yesterday & thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. I didn't expect to like Medusa or Flight Pattern but I did, although I think Medusa could do with a bit of tweaking! Loved Fumi' performance & liked the ladies costumes. Not so keen on the see- through onesies. I was so moved by Flight Pattern. I was sitting in the stalls circle so could see all the angst on the dancers faces & the music is absolutely heart-rending. I found myself sitting there with tears running down my face. And what can I say about Marcelino Sambe? Just fabulous. WiTGH was gorgeous too. Excellent triple bill. There are some aspects of the 'new' opera house that I don't like. Casting is very important for most patrons & I read on this forum that you had to ask for cast change slips! I did so & was told, no we don't do them anymore. I had to photograph the cast changes that were on a clipboard as there were a lot of changes, although I am not convinced that all were listed! Secondly, why does a shop in a dance house decide not to sell dance magazines anymore? Crazy.
  5. Over the years I have sat in every part of the house. I now prefer to sit in the stalls circle, as I like to be close to the action, even though the view may be slightly restricted! However, I am shocked at the prices for full length ballets! In row B the asking price for a bench with no armrests & a restricted view is 85 pounds.
  6. Me neither. Can't understand why people call it body art! To me tattoos just look hideous.
  7. Thank you so much BBB, I have purchased one! I am very grateful to you.
  8. I am hoping for a ticket for the Firebird triple bill on 7/6/19 at noon. I am looking for something in the stalls circle, preferably sitting & under 40 pounds! Thank you
  9. Thank you, Richard. As you say, these ballets are not to be missed! Unfortunately I don't like heights so I only ever book for the stalls circle. I will bide my time & hope a ticket will become available nearer the time. I have been lucky in the past.
  10. As I said in my earlier post, I am bitterly disappointed. I only wanted one measly ticket. I will keep looking on the forum in the hope that one of you lovely ballet fans can sell me a cheap ticket!
  11. So disappointed! Got in fairly quickly but no tickets left ( in my price range) in the stalls circle. As there is only one matinee I am bitterly disappointed.
  12. I also owe my love of ballet to the Hochhausers! My all time favourite dancers are Farouk & Altynai.
  13. Thank you Alison & Alice for your comments! I think I will be giving this one a miss.
  14. Well done, Joan! Couldn't agree more.
  15. I have just received an email from my local theatre informing me that the Russian National Ballet will be performing Swan Lake on 23/11/19. I have never heard of this company. Can anyone enlighten me? Is it worth buying a ticket?
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