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  1. I did actually ask for a cast change slip at the Bow Street foyer, but the member of staff gave me the impression that I was a nuisance!
  2. I was at the matinee yesterday & thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. I didn't expect to like Medusa or Flight Pattern but I did, although I think Medusa could do with a bit of tweaking! Loved Fumi' performance & liked the ladies costumes. Not so keen on the see- through onesies. I was so moved by Flight Pattern. I was sitting in the stalls circle so could see all the angst on the dancers faces & the music is absolutely heart-rending. I found myself sitting there with tears running down my face. And what can I say about Marcelino Sambe? Just fabulous. WiTGH was gorgeous too. Excellent triple bill. There are some aspects of the 'new' opera house that I don't like. Casting is very important for most patrons & I read on this forum that you had to ask for cast change slips! I did so & was told, no we don't do them anymore. I had to photograph the cast changes that were on a clipboard as there were a lot of changes, although I am not convinced that all were listed! Secondly, why does a shop in a dance house decide not to sell dance magazines anymore? Crazy.
  3. Over the years I have sat in every part of the house. I now prefer to sit in the stalls circle, as I like to be close to the action, even though the view may be slightly restricted! However, I am shocked at the prices for full length ballets! In row B the asking price for a bench with no armrests & a restricted view is 85 pounds.
  4. Me neither. Can't understand why people call it body art! To me tattoos just look hideous.
  5. Thank you so much BBB, I have purchased one! I am very grateful to you.
  6. I am hoping for a ticket for the Firebird triple bill on 7/6/19 at noon. I am looking for something in the stalls circle, preferably sitting & under 40 pounds! Thank you
  7. Thank you, Richard. As you say, these ballets are not to be missed! Unfortunately I don't like heights so I only ever book for the stalls circle. I will bide my time & hope a ticket will become available nearer the time. I have been lucky in the past.
  8. As I said in my earlier post, I am bitterly disappointed. I only wanted one measly ticket. I will keep looking on the forum in the hope that one of you lovely ballet fans can sell me a cheap ticket!
  9. So disappointed! Got in fairly quickly but no tickets left ( in my price range) in the stalls circle. As there is only one matinee I am bitterly disappointed.
  10. I also owe my love of ballet to the Hochhausers! My all time favourite dancers are Farouk & Altynai.
  11. Thank you Alison & Alice for your comments! I think I will be giving this one a miss.
  12. Well done, Joan! Couldn't agree more.
  13. I have just received an email from my local theatre informing me that the Russian National Ballet will be performing Swan Lake on 23/11/19. I have never heard of this company. Can anyone enlighten me? Is it worth buying a ticket?
  14. I have just arrived home from seeing White Crow. A stunning film. I would highly recommend it!
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