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  1. dante project matinee ticket stalls circle standing for saturday 16th is still available if interested please contact me asap
  2. hi anyone like a stalls circle standing ticket to dante on saturday 16th at 1 pm (matinee) d32 cost £7 - next to me - if anyone is interested please contact me asap thanks jules
  3. Spare ticket for Royal ballet performance on sat 26 june at 7pm Nela nunez and vadim muntagirov in sleeping beauty Amphi L72 cost £9 You will be seated next to me...fully vaccinated.... Please let me know asap if you are interested Thanks Jules
  4. Spare ticket for mixed bill on Sunday at 3pm Amphi front row cost £9 A36. Anyone wants it ...sitting next to me.....double vaxxed 😁 Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks
  5. Ticket still available. Please contact me asap if you want it
  6. Spare amphi ticket for Royal ballet mixed program on sat 5th june evening at 7pm A36. Cost £9 Balanchine Apollo Robbins Dances at a gathering Anyone like interested?? You will be seated next to me please let me know asap thanks
  7. Spare amphi front row ticket for mixed bill A36 cost £9 you will be sitting by me thanks Jules
  8. As I have neither Netflix not britbox this is NOT helping me now
  9. Anyone got a spare stalls circle standing or similar for Sunday Swan lake please??? Thanks Jules
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