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  1. Onegin 18 Jan evening anyone got a spare ticket please??
  2. Me too Most abrupt jobsworth man very unfriendly at that entrance today
  3. Hi there Anyone with spare ticket for Onegin sat 18th January evening prefer stalls circle standing or similar Thanks Please let me know Jules
  4. Anyone with spare cheap ticket for 18 Jan evening available please let me know Prefer stalls circle standing Thanks Jules
  5. Coppelia ticket for 28 Dec at 7pm for sale Cost £5 amphi level 6 T44 standing Anyone interested please let me know asap I'm going too so can meet you on day if required Thanks Jules
  6. Hi Ruth I would like 28th evening ticket please Thanks Jules
  7. Spare ticket for Sat concerto £6 w61 amphitheatre tall seat. Says restricted viewseat ANY one interested??? Please let me know. Will be there to hand over will return to box office Friday thankSThanks jules
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