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  1. I am looking for one extra ticket for Giselle Thurs 4 Nov PM Osipova/Clarke thank you!
  2. I have a single ticket for the Wednesday 18th matinee D10 Stalls Circle Standing DM me if interested I can leave it at the BO today
  3. Two tickets for Coppelia Balcony Standing C64 and C65 £10 each this Friday 29 November 7.30pm message me if interested would prefer to sell as a pair
  4. Stalls circle standing D44 I will be there to hand over ticket message me if interested £9
  5. Hello Eva I am desperate for one of these please could I have one? I posted a "wanted' message on this forum a few days ago! Please can you let me know asap? Many thanks Amanda
  6. Looking for an extra ticket for Friday evening Giselle so that I can bring both nieces, at the moment only two of us can go...please reply or send a direct message, thank you!
  7. Ah - sorry: it seems the link works for me but for nobody else, not helpful! I have made the setting on the photos "public" and Johan has shared them on his Facebook page, so you may be able to see them if you look him up on Facebook even if you do not have an account. If not, then I am not sure how else to do it, sorry
  8. OK I hope this works: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos?jf=1 Alina and Johan were absolutely overwhelmed and very, very appreciative!
  9. I took photos, I am trying to work out how to share a link to them but it's proving to be beyond me! I tried to put them on a google album and share them as "public" but it crashed my computer! Does anybody know how to share photos here easily?!
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