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  2. Does anyone know whether they were made available for the Bolshoi season? I think it’s been remarked previously that they (are able to) take a rather more relaxed attitude.
  3. But the orchestra for R&J is huge and the noise-level tests are undertaken on a weekly-average basis so I don't think you can really draw that conclusion.
  4. Hello all, I’m new here and new to all this! My DD auditioned for young dancers and we’re eagerly awaiting results for a year 6 place too. How many times can you check your email in one day??? Not very hopeful and dreading dealing with the disappointment if it’s a no.
  5. The orchestra in the pit was a fairy modest size for this triple bill. If the ROH was ever going to reinstate the seating in those areas of the stalls circle closest to the stage, this would have seemed to be an opportunity. But they didn't. So maybe we should conclude that those seats are gone for good ?
  6. Hi Jan, and thank you for the welcome 😊. I like to think of it less as lurking, more as quietly waiting in the wings for my moment to be of any use 😅
  7. Hello DancePants and welcome out of the lurking shadows!
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  9. I know; I was just pointing out that moving up again after a year is very possible.
  10. Can anyone tell me what time the MA classes take place in Manchester please? My dd has been offered a place from SWL and I’m just trying to work out if we can accept due to other commitments. Thank you 😊
  11. Links – Wednesday May 22, 2019 Review - American Ballet Theatre, Harlequinade, NY: Marina Harss, DanceTabs Review - American Ballet Theatre, The Seasons (Ratmansky’s latest), NY: Gia Kourlas, New York Times Review - New York City Ballet, Judah, Dances at a Gathering, Stars and Stripes, NY: Carol Pardo, Danceviewtimes News - The Royal Ballet’s Summer tour to Los Angeles: Sarah Hookey, Broadway World Feature - New York’s Annual Dance Parade: Siobhan Burke, New York Times Feature - Ballet West Choreographic Festival, Salt Lake City: Melody Kester, Salt Lake Magazine Review - Texas Ballet Theater, Pinocchio (Tuckett), Dallas: Emily Sese, TheaterJones Feature - Max Revell, winner of BBC Young Dancer 2019: David Mead, SeeingDance Feature - Dancing on pointe: Olivia Campbell, NewsCentral24x7
  12. As far as I’m aware, notification of results is usually by email Fairydust. Good luck to your DD! x
  13. They have been on Facebook. I suspect it will grow in popularity depending how this year goes.
  14. 1 is in the under 12s and the rest are in 12-14. It is around 2.5 hours for us but travel near there anyway for associates. Not much advertising about the event in Hinckley.
  15. Never heard of this event, unless it is F1 race. Shame it is not publicised more.
  16. Paris Opera Ballet certainly does! Definitely the most emotional promotion to étoile I've ever seen (on video or live) was that of Ludmila Pagliero, at the end of a cinema broadcast in which she had danced Gamzatti for the first time in a couple of years, at short notice due to injury, and Madame Lefèvre said "A cause de son talent, son courage, son courage artistique..."
  17. Hi all, would just like to share that the North East Dance Co-operative have organised an observation of Vienna Festival Ballet at work in company class and in rehearsal for Giselle. This takes place on Friday 31st of May at Middlesbrough Theatre. A great opportunity for any members in the North East - the event is free, but you must sign up to the NEDC first (details in the link) http://bit.ly/NEDC-ViennaFestivalBallet-2019
  18. I really fear this ship has sailed, the clearest indication being that this season she was not cast in Bayadère as Nikiya or Gamzatti, despite having danced both before. Nor is she cast as Stephanie for the American tour. I had thought it might have happened after she replaced Osipova in Beauty but that, incredible how time flies, was over five years ago.
  19. Of course, once he was promoted to First Artist, Matthew Ball was promoted a further step every year.
  20. Yes but she had already danced Juliet as a soloist, had danced several Aurora's and Sugar Plum's as well as the notoriously difficult Mathilde Kchessinskaya and Zenaida Yanowsky was leaving thus vacating a principal place.
  21. How you tackle it depends on the fabric and decoration. It’s generally ok to dunk the pants section of a tutu in a washing up bowl to clean, avoiding getting the net wet. For bodices if you clean sections (especially if you have to scrub) you can get water tide marks as it dries and the fabric can distort if it’s delicate. Sometimes it’s better to wet the whole bodice or if it’s panelled, then wet a complete panel. Use of an oxidising spray before gently hand washing is good for makeup/tan. With any process try on a hidden part if possible first - eg the internal basque, inside seams, the hook and eye under flap etc If water’s not an option then vodka sprayed on it can get rid of smells and hairspray is good for removing lipstick. Always allow to air dry slowly, never use a hairdryer etc Our tutus are much more resilient than people think, but not sure what you’re dealing with! X
  22. Oh lovely ! I wish them all the best. Which group are they in? Have you far to travel ?
  23. Dd1 is doing along with 3 of her friends.
  24. My thoughts are that most promotions will be within the lower ranks of the company this year; Gasparini to Soloist (definitely) Sissens to Soloist (definitely) Padjek (please please please!) to Soloist Yudes to Soloist Dixon to First Artist Aumeer to First Artist The higher ranks could possibly be; O’Sullivan to First Soloist Clarke to First Soloist Acri to First Soloist Hinkis to First Soloist
  25. I wondered if anyone off the forum is entering this competition , or going to watch it ? I haven’t seen much publicity about this event .
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