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Advanced Learner loans

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Does anyone have experience applying for/using an advanced learner loan for the level 6 Dance Diploma at The Hammond? 
I will be 20 by the start of my course, so I am eligible for an Advanced learner loan, but I am not sure if they are offered at The Hammond? 
I am on the waitlist for a DaDA though, so fingers crossed I won’t need it anyway :)

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I’d never before heard of Advanced Learner Loans….& now having traveled through the government pages, I honestly don’t feel much the wiser! Does anyone here have any more info they can share?  I can see that even a grade 6 RAD ballet exam could technically be covered by this….but would that only be if it was taken at a college or school registered? Could this be a dance school for instance or does it have to be a ‘big’ set up? Can small schools become registered with the government as a provider?

Also, cannot see anywhere what the amounts you can actually borrow are….

Typical lack of ‘stating the obvious’ obvious transparency as surely that’s a basic? I think you can only apply for loan to cover some or all of fees, not for maintenance etc. But could not find a maximum loan amount (think minimum is £300) 

Anyone here understand more & could share? 
Thanks in advance! 

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Hiya, thank you for this, Advanced learner loans are designed to cover college level education for people above 19, they can cover up to £21,000 a year for diploma courses, but unfortunately I’ve just received notification that the government are phasing out the scheme, so only schools who were in the scheme before 2021 can provide loans, so now I’m hoping for movement on the DaDA list but who knows?

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Wishing you the best of luck balletdancer234

Do remember too that full time vocational training is not the only route & by no means guarantees a successful path to a career….

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