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  1. I don’t want to enter this debate, but I seem to remember that Tamara took a sabbatical from the RB to shadow an AD in Canada, possibly Karen Kain.
  2. I was just on facebook and up popped a short video of Nunez and Muntagirov in Giselle performing the section containing the swallow lift, not once, but twice ...... just beautiful.
  3. I think the cinema screenings are now too expensive to attract novice audiences. I used to go to all the screenings including theatre, but now I am much more selective when it comes to spending around £20 on a seat. Would it be possible to occasionally have a heavily subsidised screening of Nutcracker, Swan Lake or Fille (and advertise widely) and encourage school outings ?
  4. Thank you for the heads up Alison. Happily my local Vue (Watford) is showing this and also has resumed the Royal Ballet live streams - brilliant news.
  5. A few years ago I had my first experience of the 'Kirov' at the Mariinsky theatre. I treated myself to good seats, first circle almost centre. As the lights went down it was as though the starting gun for the 60 second dash had sounded and there was a massive charge of people grabbing/changing seats. This was amplified as the seats were wooden chairs on a wooden floor joined only by a simple wooden bar. Within a few seconds all was absolutely still - even now the memory is making me smile.
  6. ROH casting showing Vadim Muntagirov partnering Osipova on Saturday matinee.
  7. I was especially grateful as I had to miss the broadcast due to a heavy cough and cold, so I was able to curl up for a blissful afternoon and not annoy anyone else
  8. A link I found to the trailer was to Amazon Prime showing a date of 25th October 2017 so, fingers crossed, it will be available then.
  9. The 2 1/2 year old sister of the 11 year old granddaughter had her first show outing recently at C.....'s end of year performance. She was quiet and engrossed especially when C..... was on stage. As C....'s number finished, the lights went down (children disappeared into the wings), lights came up waiting for the next number and little sister in a very loud voice said 'WHERE'S C.... GONE' of course bringing the house down. A bit more training required before we venture to a proper theatre
  10. From the child's perspective My granddaughter (the 6 year old I mentioned earlier) is now 11 so I asked her what she remembered of the experience of Nutcracker at the ROH - her new dress - the large usher with afro hair who sat on the fold down chair at the back of the stalls, immediately in front of her in the front row of the stalls circle completely blocking her view - buying spag bol from M&S to take home for dinner as she had gone off the idea of eating out !!
  11. I took my granddaughter to see Nutcracker at the ROH when she was 6. She was overwhelmed with the whole experience as it was just before Christmas and Covent Garden was jammed with shoppers and carrier bags at her eye level. She enjoyed the ballet but she didn't want to move far from her seat and explore. Coming home was also a challenge as Covent Garden station was closed due to overcrowding and it seemed a long walk to Charing Cross. I suppose what I am saying is to avoid the Christmas crowds if you choose the Royal Ballet. I have spent many a lovely Sunday afternoon with her watching the encore streams at Watford Palace theatre. We always sit on the back row so we don't disturb anyone else (and shock horror I occasionally whisper to her to explain what is going on.) I think Fille is a great first ballet if it is being performed.
  12. Thanks for the link trog - these machines look like the inspiration for Joseph Pilates machines. He emigrated to America in 1926 after developing 'Contrology' during his several years internment here. His method later became known as Pilates.
  13. Long shot here !! 3 centre front row circle AA 10-12. Sold out performance at Alban Arena, St Albans, Sunday 28/5 7:30. 'Fred Astaire 30th Anniversary' with Strictly stars Aljaz and Janette £35 each. My grand daughter is in a show that day so we shall have to miss this.
  14. General booking for the Royal Ballet School performances (29/6 - 1/7) opened this morning www.operahollandpark.com
  15. I just had a cozy Sunday afternoon watching the Bolshoi Pharoah's Daughter free to view with Amazon Prime. I assume it will also be free on LoveFilm. It is the 2003 French film with Filin, Zakharova and Alexandrova so it was extra special to remember what a superb dancer Sergei Filin was and to see the youthful Zakharova and Alexandrova. Accepting the silly plot, it is a superb vehicle for lots of very challenging choreography, exquisitely performed.