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  1. oh, and I bet you didn't know that it was common in the Imperial Russian Ballet of the late 19th century for the ballerinas to have LED lights in their tutus.
  2. Prix Benois Nominations 2018

    this is this year;s jury Jury Benois de la Danse-2018 Yuri Grigorovich – President. Eleonora Abbagnato – Etoile of the Paris Opera Ballet, Artistic Director of the Rome Opera Ballet. Boris Eifman – Artistic Director of St.Petersburg Eifman Ballet. Nona Esteves – Ex-Prima-ballerina, choreograph and coach of the Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro. Nicolas Le Riche – Artistic Director of the Royal Swedish Ballet. David Mcallister – Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet. Tamara Rojo – Prima-ballerina and Artistic Director of the English National Ballet. Samuel Wuersten – Director of Holland-Dance Festival. and nominees (to save going to the link) 19.04.2018 LIST OF NOMINEES BENOIS DE LA DANSE-2018 CHOREOGRAPHERS DEBORAH COLKER – Dog Without Feather, Jorge Dű Peixe/ Berna Ceppas. Deborah Colker Company. ALEXANDER EKMAN –Play, Mikael Karlsson. Paris Opera Ballet. MARCO GOECKE – Wir sagen uns Dunkles,Franz Schubert. Netherlands Dans Theater-2. LAURENT HILAIRE/MICHAIL BARYSHNIKOV –Don Quixote, Ludvig Minkus. Rome Opera Ballet. THIERRY MALANDAIN – Noah, Gioacchino Rossini. Malandain Ballet Biarriz. JOHN NEUMEIER –Anna Karenina, Peter Tchaikovsky/Alfred Schnittke/Cat Stevens/Usuf Islam. Hamburg Ballet. YURI POSSOKHOV – Nureev, Ilya Demutsky. Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. BALLERINAS JURGITA DRONINA – The Title role, La Sylphide, H.Løvenskjold/A.Bournonville; Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, S.Prokofiev/R.Nureyev. English National Ballet. AMANDA GOMES – The Title role, Esmeralda, C.Pugni/J.Perrot, M.Petipa, A.Petrov’s version.Kazan Opera Ballet. DREW JACOBY – Pina Bausch,Café Műller, H.Pursell/ P.Bausch. Royal Ballet of Flanders. AKO KONDO – Alice, Alice in Wonderland, J.Talbot/Ch.Wheeldon. The Australian Ballet. SAE EUN PARK – The Leading part, Diamonds, P.Tchaikovsky/G.Balanchine. Paris Opera Ballet. SVETLANA ZAKHAROVA – Anastasia, Ivan the Terrible,S.Prokofiev/Y. Grigorovich. Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. DANCERS DANIEL CAMARGO – Shostakovich,Chamber Symphony, D. Shostakovich/A.Ratmansky. Het National Ballet; Solor, La Bayadère, L.Minkus/M.Petipa. The Tokyo Ballet. ISAAC HERNANDEZ – Basilio,Don Quixote, L.Minkus/L.Hilaire, M.Baryshnikov. Rome Opera Ballet; James, La Sylphide, H.Løvenskjold/A.Bournonville. English National Ballet. KEVIN JACKSON – Jack/Knave of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, J.Talbot/Ch.Wheeldon. The Australian Ballet. VLADISLAV LANTRATOV –The Title role, Nureev, I.Demutsky/Y.Possokhov. Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. PABLO LEGASA – A Man, Herman Schmerman, T.Willems/W.Forsythe. Paris Opera Ballet MARIJN RADEMAKER –Two and Only, M.Benjamin/W.Kuindersma. Het National Ballet. MICHELE SATRIANO – Don Jose, Carmen, G.Bizet/R.Petit. Rome Opera Ballet. COMPOSERS ILYA DEMUTSKY – Nureev, choreography by Y.Possokhov. Bolshoi Theatre of Russia JORGE DŰ PEIXE/BERNA CEPPAS–Dog Without Feather, choreography by D.Colker. Deborah Colker Company. SCENOGRAPHERS GRINGO CARDIA – Dog Without Feather, J.Dű Peixe,B.Ceppas/ D.Colker. Deborah Colker Company. KIRILL SEREBRENNIKOV – Nureev, I.Demutsky/Y.Possokhov. Bolshoi Theatre of Russia.
  3. The film Matilda opens tomorrow across the UK. Here's an article in the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/apr/19/matilda-controversy-tsar-nicholas-ii-alexei-uchitel?CMP=share_btn_tw Be warned, I saw it in Toronto before Christmas and found it terribly cheesy. Matilda runs around yelling "Nyikki!!" a lot...
  4. maybe she won't be joining a company, perhaps she's just going to freelance
  5. also by Vienna State Ballet, Bavarian State Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Hungarian National Ballet, National Ballet of Japan, Ballet of Santiago (Chile) ...
  6. Are 32 fouettés necessary?

    try telling that to Misty Copeland after the hatestorm she has had to put up with for switching out of her fouettes to pique turns....
  7. Are 32 fouettés necessary?

    I just saw a black swan pdd as part of a gala. It had very circus-like fouettes. Added to this the largely Russian audience did the clap-along thing and the pdd ground to a halt after the fouettes so the ballerina could take a bow... and my brain was screaming "Please, please, someone do a Swan Lake that doesn't have the damn fouettes in it!!!!"
  8. Are 32 fouettés necessary?

    Nutcracker grand pdd in some versions
  9. to my knowledge, at least with the NBOC/RB copros, no. That is, of course NBOC knew that Wheeldon was going to be the choreographer, and had his creative team. But, for instance, apparently the number and type of projections in Alice came as a surprise to the NBOC as they had to invest quite a lot of money into buying projection equipment that they didn't have. There were considerable cost overruns on the budget estimates for Alice, but as the terms of the copro committed the NBOC to a fixed amount rather than a proportion of the costs, those overruns had to be covered by RB. But I expect each copro has different terms. Maybe for Winter's Tale, RB said, "this time you guys are on the hook for 50% of whatever it turns out to be!"
  10. I loathe the RDB costumes.
  11. Both Alice and Winter's Tale were co-productions with the National Ballet of Canada. and yes, it was for the premier. How can you have a co-pro only for subsequent performances? The whole idea of a co-pro is to pay for building and creating the work. I heard that the costs for Alice were more like 1.5 million pounds.... The technical department at NBOC told me it costs $125,000 (Cdn dollars) every time the production gets shipped. But you can see that that is nothing compared to building the whole production.
  12. Good luck getting tix for the Nijinsky Gala. Did you find these instructions: For the "Nijinsky Gala" 2019 : Inquiries will be accepted between September 24 and September 28, 2018, exclusively by post (only postage-stamped letters) to the following address : Hamburg State Opera, ticket service / gala order, PO Box 302448, 20308 Hamburg. Telephone or personal delivery of orders, bookings on the Internet or purchase at the box office are not possible. The inquiries received during this period will be processed in the order as delivered to us by the post office. Please give legible (illegible inquiries can not be considered) name, address, if necessary customer number, number and desired price category of the ticket/ s (maximum 2 tickets per customer and household) and choose between the payment by direct debit or credit card. Enter your bank details or credit card details including the expiry date and security code. Inquiries for the Nijinsky Gala, which had to be turned down last year, will be given priority when requested again when they reach us during the mentioned period. As of October 29, 2018, only those who receive a positive commitment will be notified.
  13. would just like to say... what sort of sadistic website designer puts the titles of the ballets in pale blue on white???
  14. Audience Behaviour

    I was at a performance of Onegin at the Royal Opera House when the gentleman sitting next to me told me that duelling had not of course existed "in this country".
  15. Zelensky has not been exactly adventurous in his programming since his arrival, has he?