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  1. the OED just added this definition a couple of weeks ago: orig. and chiefly U.S. (usually derogatory and potentially offensive). Originally: a person, esp. a child, regarded as having a unique personality and potential. Later: a person mockingly characterized as overly sensitive or easily offended, esp. one said to consider himself or herself entitled to special treatment or consideration.Alluding in earliest use to the notion that no two snowflakes are identical, later to their pristine or fragile condition.
  2. they usually announce their midscale tours much later, don't they?
  3. Winter Olympics

    of course all the Canadians :-)
  4. Audience Behaviour

    10 ways to be the worst theatregoer you can be: https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/theater_dance/10-ways-to-attend-a-play-as-the-worst-theatergoer-you-can-be/2018/02/01/36f0ef20-fbbb-11e7-b832-8c26844b74fb_story.html?mc_cid=0abedd2b8d&mc_eid=c2e02122f6&utm_term=.114e50eab0ef
  5. This was dutifully reported in the links, but it seems there are many Hayward fans out there so am giving it a boost in case you missed it. A video for Vogue.
  6. Audience Behaviour

    a little off topic, but one time I was roundly reprimanded by an usher at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC for taking a picture.... of my friends sitting in the audience.... during the intermission! "Didn't you hear the announcement?" she snapped. "NO PICTURES!!!". "I'm so sorry," I stammered, "I thought that just meant of the dancers... on st..." "Didn't you hear the announcement?" she snapped. "NO PICTURES!!!".
  7. It is exactly the same as the one the National Ballet of Canada brought to Sadlers Wells a few years ago, and yes, it takes most of 3 hours.
  8. I have seen it at the Kennedy Centre in Washington and at the Nationaltheater in Munich and would say justice was done in both places. Haven't seen it at the Bolshoi though.
  9. goodness she looks young for her age.
  10. I love Cranko's Swan Lake, and indeed the final pas de deux is exquisite. The Spanish dancers in their flowerpot hats and high heels have to go though. But that's a quibble.
  11. just to clarify, the name of the theatre is La Seine Musicale (it;s a pun) https://www.laseinemusicale.com/spectacles-concerts/les-et-s-de-la-danse_e137
  12. Joseph Gordon is definitely one to watch! What about Chase Finlay?
  13. Yes, I saw that before I made my comment. A passive "is considered" is not very convincing. Considered by whom? Lots of people on the balletalert chatsite have been mooting these names but they don't have any inside info either. Maybe the Times did their research by looking at balletalert. I'm not saying these people AREN'T in the running, but it's highly unlikely they're the only three.
  14. Just a correction: Damian Woetzel is president of the Juilliard School, the music and contemporary dance school at Lincoln Center, not of the entire Lincoln Center. As for the three names mentioned by NYT, I think that is speculation rather than some inside knowledge of who is "in the running".