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  1. toursenlair

    New York City Center 75th Anniversary

    Further to this, if anyone is thinking of going, be warned it won't be cheap. 1) the end of the run coincides with NY Marathon weekend, so hotels are crazy expensive (think $500US a night).... if you can even find one with rooms available 2) ticket prices are also crazy expensive: $275 $225 $175 $150 $125 $75 $50 plus service charges on top. I am no longer planning a group trip!
  2. toursenlair

    New York City Center 75th Anniversary

    I am probably going to organize a group trip, maybe for the Thursday through Saturday. If anyone is interested in joining in, they can email me at toursenlair@gmail.com
  3. I agree about the "astonishing". and " Roščić intends to cut the number of ballet evenings ". !!!!! Vienna already has relatively few ballet evenings compared to opera. I don't understand! My sense was that ballet had become much more popular in Vienna under Legris, especially the big extravaganza ballets. 🙁
  4. toursenlair

    ROH ticket exchange fee increase

    here's some perspective from this side of the Atlantic. I would be thrilled to be allowed to return a ticket even if it meant paying a $7 return fee. We aren't allowed returns at all at the National Ballet of Canada. Your only option is to accept a tax receipt for the value of the ticket (which can be as much as $265). If you are a subscriber you can exchange into a different performance (no charge if you are a full-season, ie 6 performance subscriber, otherwise I think it is about $10 to exchange. The performance has to be in the same season. So I couldn't exchange a ticket for this June's performance into the coming performances in November. Single ticket buyers do not have any exchange options.
  5. It is easier for NBOC dancers to share their time as they have four discrete chunks of performances (two weeks in November, three weeks of Nutcracker in December, three weeks in March, three weeks in June) whereas Munich is running pretty much nonstop from September to June. Also, it must be said that Jurgita Dronina hasn't been seen much in Toronto since she joined ENB (two Auroras and two Nuts).
  6. Bear in mind that getting a ticket is not easy: For the Nijinsky Gala and “The World of John Neumeier”: Requests in writing (only via mail, with sufficient postage) will be accepted between September 24 and September 28, 2018 at the following address: Hamburgische Staatsoper, Kartenservice/Galabestellung, Postfach 302448, 20308 Hamburg, Germany. Requests and booking cannot be submitted in person and tickets cannot be purchased at the box office or via the internet. All requests will be handled in the order they were delivered to us by the German postal service. Please submit your name, address, customer number (if available), number of tickets requested (maximum of 2 tickets per customer and household) in legible writing (illegible requests will be discarded); please also choose between payment via direct debit or credit card. Accordingly, please submit your account information or your credit card information including the expiry date and verification code. Requests for the Nijinsky-Gala that had to be turned down last year will be treated preferentially if they reach us during the time period mentioned above. From October 29, 2018, we will inform only those whose requests can be fulfilled.
  7. Francesco Gabriele Frola (he goes by "Gabriele"), who has just been promoted to Principal at NBOC, will be sharing his time between Toronto and ENB next year, as will his significant other, Emma Hawes. This is a similar arrangement as with Jurgita Dronina, but I think you will be seeing a lot more of them than we do. Jurgita performed two Auroras and two Sugar Plums in Toronto this year and that's it. Gabriele is a very impressive dancer technically, and in the last year he has started to come into his own in terms of stage presence and acting ability.
  8. I have just announced my schedule of group ballet trips for 2019. You can find it here: http://toursenlair.blogspot.com/2018/06/tours-en-lair-ballet-holidays-2019.html Please bear in mind that if your favourite ballet company does not appear on the list, it is not in any way a reflection on the company. It is very complicated determining which weeks offer the most ballet (and most attractive repertoire) in the least time in cities that are relatively close to one another, taking into account that my clients only want to travel between mid-March and July!
  9. does anyone have more specific dates and rep?
  10. toursenlair

    Something less tragic?

    I think this is true. I showed Spuck's Le Grand pdd (mentioned above) to someone and she said "Who knew ballet could be funny?" Well of course, WE all knew that. I have a lecture that I give called "Ballet Laughs: The Unexpected Comic Side of a Classical Art" in an attempt to dispel this notion, and it never fails to evoke guffaws. Not mentioned so far are the comic relief moments in otherwise serious/sad ballets, eg the drunk pdd in Manon, and one of my faves, the bakers' Rose Adagio and Cyrano's "man in the moon" solo in David Bintley's Cyrano, which I ADORED. There are funny moments in Still LIfe at the Penguin Cafe, and I suspect in other Bintley ballets I haven't seen. I understand his Sylvia was quite funny.
  11. toursenlair

    Something less tragic?

    The Merry Widow (Hynd) Most of Justin Peck's ballets are very upbeat Jiri Kylians Symphony in D (but I don't think anyone is allowed to do it anymore. But its on dvd) Balanchine's Union Jack. Lots of Balanchine actually.
  12. Here in Toronto, we only just saw the cinema broadcast of this program yesterday. Just wondering.... has no one commented on the highly anachronistic Maple Leaf flag "flash" on the Canadian airman's bomber jacket sleeve? Canada didn't adopt that flag until 1965. Obviously it's more visible and screams "Canadian", although I'm not sure the character's Canadianness is crucial (he does also have "CANADA" on his shirt sleeve), though I know it's mentioned in the poem. All the same, it's a bit startling for a Canadian audience member.
  13. thank you. I guess facebook automatically converted it to Toronto time for me. Very confusing!
  14. Royal Ballet will be going live with Swan Lake rehearsals this Thursday at 230 pm British Time, on their facebook feed. https://www.facebook.com/royaloperahouse/?hc_ref=ARQFMqwzMe8tEGC8dnNGqnlM6PHTikGmw-MaAptQD80Uklz1O2NiGvTFrTopOA-XAiE
  15. Apparently this is the Bolshoi's "243nd" season. You'd think they could afford a proper translator!