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  1. Good - just a little sad that this season’s premiere of Chroma has been postponed or faded out...
  2. ...and if his rants had been about race or Jews or women, you’d have still felt the same?
  3. So glad you enjoyed Medusa - it got some rough treatment by many of the critics - unfairly and sometimes way over the top- and I wish I could have seen it with the second cast. Thanks, you’ve cheered me up!
  4. Thanks from me too! Just a quickie re La Scala - the link isn’t working for me, and I can’t find a link on their website....
  5. Any updates re content of actual Fonteyn evening on June 8?
  6. It is sad. I managed to see him in all his roles with the Royal - he was such a charmer in Alice...I also liked his first post Royal performances until the offers dried up. I do regret not having seen him as Rudolf in Munich when he was guesting last year - heavens it’s a role made for him. I do have one very pleasant “groupie” memory...when he danced with Rojo in M&A at her farewell performance, they and other RB dancers were at the large table next to mine in the Delaunay - I was with 3 friends. One of them - she loves him still - went over to say hello. I cringed with embarrassment but was v v v envious. Anyway she said something, he nodded and turned round and raised his glass to the table. We did the same, cringe worthy I know. But it was a great smile and a nice moment. And that’s why I’m so angry because it’s all a waste, and for me politics do count. Particularly if you’re at the receiving end.
  7. If you scroll back and actually click on the Instagram link from FionaE (don’t just read the stuff shown) that was sent yesterday, you will fall down a rabbit hole of groupie/stalkerdom that is both hilarious and deeply disturbing. Enjoy...
  8. FionaE - you’re a scream! You really are now having us on! C’mon, you can drop the pretence now, who are you really? You’ve been rumbled!
  9. Has anyone found a link to actual ROH press release? I can’t find one...
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