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  1. You will find the answer here: https://katherinebarber.blogspot.com/2013/11/can-you-buckle-swash.html
  2. Dear Lord, does this mean Rudolf will have even less time to catch his breath between all his pas de deux and solos?
  3. I believe TwoPigeons was giving the price for TWO top price tix.
  4. I'm not comfortable putting all that information (why do they need to know my date of birth?) into a site that my browser is telling me is not secure.
  5. More details here https://toursenlair.blogspot.com/2019/10/karen-kain-to-retire-in-january-2021.html
  6. Just to say, here in Toronto, "Friends" don't have any priority access to tickets. I do "pay several grand a year" (well a couple anyway) and this gives me the same ticket access as someone not donating a cent, i.e. I can book a subscription when they go on sale to everyone in March for the following Sept-June season. And I can buy individual tickets when they go on sale to everyone in September. So if Joe Bloggs gets to the box office before me, more power to Joe. I consider my donation as exactly that, a donation. I don't know that donors can "justifiably expect" benefits like this, but I guess the ROH has trained its Friends to think they can.
  7. I've found with Osipova performances in the past that they're all sold out before general booking and then miraculously a couple of weeks later whole swathes of good seats appear. It's all very mysterious to me.
  8. The great Cuban ballerina died this morning. She was 98 https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article236359533.html
  9. https://toursenlair.blogspot.com/2019/10/full-program-world-ballet-day-live-23.html
  10. Countess Sybil de Daurice Ekaterina Barykina Raymonda, сountess' niece Olga Smirnova Andrei II, the King of Hungary Alexander Fadeyechev Knight Jean de Brienne, Raymonda's fiance Artemy Belyakov Abderakhman, Saracen knight Igor Tsvirko Clemence and Henriette, Raymonda's girlfriends Anastasia Denisova Maria Vinogradova Bernard and Beranger, troubadours Klim Efimov Ivan Poddubnyak Seneshal Nikita Elikarov Two Knights Dmitry Efremov Egor Khromushin "Raymonda's daydreams" Bruna Cantanhede Gaglianone Alexandra Trikoz Ana Turazashvili Angelina Vlashinets Victoria Yakusheva Xenia Zhiganshina First Variation ("Raymonda's daydreams") Antonina Chapkina Second Variation ("Raymonda's daydreams") Eleonora Sevenard Saracenic Dance Nina Biryukova Evgeny Triposkiadis Spanish Dance Anastasia Ermolaeva Kristina Karasyova Mazurka Anna Balukova Anton Savichev Hungarian Dance Oxana Sharova Vitaly Biktimirov Grand Pas Olga Barichka Antonina Chapkina Olga Kishnyova Ekaterina Smurova Alexandra Trikoz Victoria Yakusheva Ekaterina Zavadina Xenia Zhiganshina Ivan Alexeyev Batyr Annadurdyev Anton Gaynutdinov Alexei Gaynutdinov Fuad Mamedov Artur Mkrtchyan David Motta Soares Maxim Surov Four Cavaliers' Variation Aleksei Khamzin Ivan Poddubnyak David Motta Soares Denis Zakharov Variation (Grand Pas) Elizaveta Kokoreva Conductor Pavel Klinichev
  11. this is very funny, but be warned: STRONG LANGUAGE
  12. very catty, and that last sentence is completely unjustified.
  13. Robert Tewsley performed Manon many many times: Toronto, Munich, Australia, New National Theatre of Japan, Ballet de Santiago (Chile), Vienna, in addition to the ones mentioned above. He was an absolutely fabulous Des Grieux, and also Lescaut.
  14. In my experience of dynamic pricing for ballet performances in North America, for very popular performances the price can rise quite dramatically. For instance for an Osipova/Vasiliev Don Q at American Ballet Theatre, I booked tickets at $100US a few months in advance, and closer to the performance they had gone up to $150. At the National Ballet of Canada I heard rumours of tickets for Nutcracker going up to $400 (from $200). I have seen price reductions much much less frequently, and this despite the fact that many NBOC performances do not sell out or anything near it.
  15. Livestreams cost 14 euros each and must be booked over https://www.staatsoperlive.com/ They must be watched within 72 hours of curtain time in Vienna. November 22, 2019 19:00 - 21:15 Peer Gynt Choreographie Edward Clug Music: Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt Denys Cherevychko Solveig Nina Poláková Death Eno Peci A Deer Zsolt Török Åse, Peer Gynt's Mother Liudmila Trayan Ingrid, the bride Eszter Ledán The Woman in Green Rebecca Horner Aslak, a blacksmith Alexis Forabosco Mads Moen, the bridegroom James Stephens Anitra, Daughter of a Bedouin chief Céline Janou Weder January 3, 2020 Le Corsaire Choreographie Manuel Legris after Marius Petipa and others May 17, 2020 Sylvia Choreographie Manuel Legris after Louis Mérante and others
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