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  1. Very disappointed that Ballet Black are not coming to Worthing this time ☹️. I was so impressed with the company & would love to see them again.
  2. SusanR

    For sale RB Mayerling

    This ticket has been sold!
  3. SusanR

    For sale RB Mayerling

    You certainly can!
  4. I would very much like to attend one of BRB's performances at Sadler's Wells but, unfortunately, as I live out of town I cannot do so.....this is because of the dire service provided by Southern Rail ( fail ). I cannot believe that I have only attended one live performance this year. I used to go to the Mayflower in Southampton regularly too but I cannot face the stress of wondering if I will get to a venue on time or if I will get home. Maybe this is one of the reasons ticket sales are sluggish?
  5. SusanR

    For sale RB Mayerling

    Ticket still available. This is due to Southern Fail, sorry, Rail causing more disruption to passengers!
  6. SusanR

    For sale RB Mayerling

    This ticket is still available!
  7. For sale RB Mayerling 13th October 2018 @ 1:30PM Stalls circle standing D37 £8.00
  8. So happy for Matthew. He is outstanding. Congratulations to the other dancers too. I'm also disappointed that Reece Clarke didn't get a promotion. Next year hopefully.
  9. SusanR

    Audience Behaviour

    My last train home is at 10.16 & I have to get to Victoria, so there is no way I can stay until the end of the ballet! I usually book matinees for this reason but occasionally I may want to see a particular cast only dancing in the evening. It would be good if there was an earlier start once in a while. I know I am not alone with this problem.
  10. Fabulous photos, Dave! Can't wait to see it.
  11. Please may I have the June 15th ticket Bill?
  12. Fabulous photo, Rob. Hope you enjoyed.
  13. SusanR

    Audience Behaviour

    Indeed! I am going to see the play 'Frozen' this afternoon & I am already apprehensive about the audience.....