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  1. SusanR

    Audience Behaviour

    My last train home is at 10.16 & I have to get to Victoria, so there is no way I can stay until the end of the ballet! I usually book matinees for this reason but occasionally I may want to see a particular cast only dancing in the evening. It would be good if there was an earlier start once in a while. I know I am not alone with this problem.
  2. Fabulous photos, Dave! Can't wait to see it.
  3. Please may I have the June 15th ticket Bill?
  4. Fabulous photo, Rob. Hope you enjoyed.
  5. SusanR

    Audience Behaviour

    Indeed! I am going to see the play 'Frozen' this afternoon & I am already apprehensive about the audience.....
  6. SusanR

    Audience Behaviour

    This film started at 3pm, Dave!
  7. SusanR

    Audience Behaviour

    Not ballet, but, yesterday I went to the cinema. Couple arrive just as the film is starting clutching a huge box of popcorn. The film, a Quiet Place, has very little dialogue so I could hear the couple munching...then she turns on her phone & rummages in a plastic bag for a drink. She then starts opening a packet of something else & the munching continued. The woman got up twice & we were only half an hour into the film! I was losing the will to live when the fire alarm went off. Everyone piled out of the cinema & I could see that the couple were still eating...It was a false alarm , so everyone went back into the cinema except me. I just couldn't face sitting there listening to such selfish people. So, I never did find out what happened in the film!
  8. SusanR

    Looking for Swan Lake SCS

    I am also looking for a ticket for June 15th matinee. Preferably inexpensive stalls circle seated.
  9. That is really helpful! I only encountered the problem on the ROH site too! I am so happy I can browse the site again. Thank you
  10. Thank you Bridiem.
  11. Thank you so much Lizbie1. I turned off the data saver setting, as you suggested & it worked! Can't believe it was so easy. I actually went into Tesco to ask the chap in the phone department if he could help me but he couldn't.... I am a complete luddite, so can you tell me if I should leave the data saver turned off? Thank you to all forum members for your help.
  12. I wonder if anyone can help me with an ROH website problem? For a couple of weeks now everytime I try to log on to the website I get a message saying the page cannot load. It says if the problem persists to contact them.....well, I have tried believe me! I would like to telephone but I can only find a number for the box office. I am hoping that someone from the forum can help. Thank you in advance.
  13. Brilliant photos Don Q. Wish I had been there!