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  1. This ticket has been returned to the box office!
  2. For sale Don Q on 5/08/17 at 2:00pm. This is a restricted view seat in the stalls circle C99. Face value is £20.00 but I would accept £10.00. If interested, let me know asap as the ticket will have to be posted. Susan
  3. Audience Behaviour

    Me too, Trog!
  4. I have a ticket for the 12th August matinee. Stalls circle right C92. This is a bench seat. Cost is £48. Susan
  5. I have sent you a pm regarding a ticket!
  6. Just bumping these tickets. There are only really expensive seats available in the stalls circle for Don Q & the stalls circle is totally sold out for La Bayadere.
  7. I have the following for sale; Don Quixote 2.00pm SC C99 Restricted view £20 La Bayadere 2.00pm SC C92 Restricted view £48 Please pm if interested. Susan
  8. Curtain rise on Serenade Curtain rise on Suite en Blanc Final tableau in the Firebird & I also love the bit in the Prodigal son when he embraces his father. Brings tears to my eyes every time! I'm sure I will think of many other wonderful scenes. What an interesting thread.
  9. Thoughts and prayers with the people of West London

    I cannot imagine the terror of those poor people trapped in the building. It is like seeing the twin towers in 9/11 all over again. Horrific.
  10. Lynn RIP

    So sorry for your loss, John.
  11. I am sure you will love it Jan!
  12. Last evening I had the pleasure of seeing Ballet Black in Worthing! What a wonderful company. I can't remember when I enjoyed anything so much. The programme consisted of 3 pieces which were originally performed at the Barbican. House of Dreams, Captured & Red Riding Hood. I liked each piece, which is most unusual in a triple bill. The dancers are absolutely stunning. Lovely understated costumes & scenery. Red Riding Hood is so witty & funny. Mthuthuzeli November had great fun dancing the wolf. Cira Robinson was a lovely RRH & I was just so impressed by all the dancers. I do hope they come to Worthing again soon. Fabulous. Susan
  13. Thank you, Linda. I have sat in that seat before & from what I remember you only really miss a bit of the stage at the side. Also, there is no problem, usually, from people's heads in the way as the rake is good. I also like to be close to the dancers, although you can't see all the patterns they make. Hope that helps. Susan
  14. The ticket for The Dream is spoken for! All others still available.
  15. That's very kind of you Sim. Thank you. It is a problem I have had for a long time but seems to be getting worse. It makes travel difficult but is not life threatening. Susan