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  2. The opera was premiered by youngsters - students of the Moscow Conservatory. I’ve seen two London productions with very young casts (at British Youth Opera and the RAM), both of which were memorably good and the latter excellent.
  3. I have found more than once that a moved thread causes this problem. Click "Mark forum as Read' and all is immediately well.
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  5. Hello Camryn and welcome to the Forum. If you are on Facebook, Gene Kelley's widow runs a page (Gene Kelly - The Legacy) which may be worth looking at: https://www.facebook.com/GeneKellyTheLegacy/
  6. I would have thought that the Royal Ballet School's Healthy Dancer Programme has a key role here! I note that this includes counsellors and psychologists. Surely a critical area is supporting students who are in this situation. In any school situation, I would recommend actively asking for such help when the need arises. Sometimes such professionals are not automatically brought into the loop. Once you ask for help, there is a duty of care and recourse through the professional associations if one feels that the support is unsatisfactory/insufficient. I'm so sorry that you are going through this Hbbm.
  7. Neil brand did a documentary 'The sound of movie musicals' and there is a section in one of the episodes all about Gene Kelly.
  8. I take it you’ve looked at the syllabus Optional set work 3: Singin’ in the Rain (Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly, 1952) Singin’ in the Rain Direction and choreography Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly Music Nacio Herb Brown Lyrics Arthur Freed Screenplay Betty Comden and Adolph Green Photography Harold Rosson and John Alton Released in March, 1952 Optional Area of study 3: American jazz dance 1940–1975 In the early 1900s the jazz dancing performed by African-American artists showed links to the dances of minstrelsy and ragtime using new syncopated rhythms. From the 1930s through to the 1960s the style became a more theatre-based form of dance, requiring trained dancers. Choreography involving jazz dance was created by practitioners from the ballet and modern dance world. These included Jack Cole, George Balanchine, Agnes de Mille, Michael Kidd, Katherine Dunham, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly. Jack Cole was an important figure in the development of jazz dance technique and its theatrical form. He inspired many practitioners, including Matt Mattox, Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse. Katherine Dunham founded the anthropological dance movement and introduced African and Caribbean rituals into American choreography. Matt Mattox performed on Broadway and in many Hollywood musicals. His teaching of jazz was significant in the training of future generations of dancers. Gene Kelly’s physique and personality, combined with his training in acrobatics and athletics, contributed to the popularity of his dancing style with the public. He was very interested in the use of the camera for dance sequences. His collaboration with Stanley Donen produced exciting choreography and developments in the filming and locations used for dance. Jerome Robbins’ style of social dance combined with classical ballet allowed him to create choreography conveying characterisation, rhythmic complexity and dynamic variation. He followed Agnes de Mille’s lead in making dance of equal importance to drama and music in the development of the storyline. Different choreographers developed their own stylisation of jazz dance eg Bob Fosse. His early influences contributed to the creation of his distinctive style featuring angled lines, inverted limbs and a hunched over posture.
  9. I've always thought Onegin a similar character to Mr. Darcey, young and full of his own importance!
  10. Hi I'm doing a level dance and I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on Gene Kelly and his influences... we have studied it and I have researched it but I dont really know where to focus my revision on in terms of Kelly's influences ?? Thanks Cam
  11. Agree Ruth with your last post. As an adult it's great to get different things ......and sometimes completely different things ....from teachers. David is brilliant for basic technique in his way of teaching. I have another teacher who is all about style ....and the carriage of the arms etc as being an integral part of early learning ...as its part of the Dance ...at the barre!! Not to be added on later once you've got the feet etc etc!! Both approaches have their valid points.....though personally am slightly more sympathetic to the second .....but in the end I think the most important thing for learning is the enthusiasm of the teacher for teaching whatever his/her approach.
  12. If your dd loves chocolate, would she consider trying slightly darker? A little bit of dark choc is good for you (a nutritionist told me!) and it's much more filling than milk choc, but very delicious! I love a square of 90% Lindt dark choc from time to time, but would start with 70%! I would say just make sure you are cooking healthy meals (which I'm sure you are!) and she will figure out the rest (though I can highly recommend the 'Nutrition for the Dancer' book! My mum also says she makes healthy food a treat - E.g, have smoothies made with her favourite fruit in the garden in this gorgeous weather, make salads with fresh veg, healthy pizzas etc xx
  13. I think early teens is difficult! Somehow I remember about the age of 13 from being a very fussy eater indeed I turned into having a voracious appetite ....but did all my development from very late 13 to early 15. Of course went from really skinny ( and I mean skinny) pre teen to a rather filled out middle teen!! However as I was still dancing I suddenly started eating a bit less ( well not eating less exactly ....but just skipping meals....usually lunch at school....) so I was self monitoring no matter what peers were doing generally.....though we were all mostly monitoring our weight it being the age of Twiggy et al! I'm not recommending skipping meals but it is what can happen with young people .....personally I was usually starving by the evening so didn't miss out much!! It's only a problem if skipping all meals. My weight soon stabilised around age of 18 at more or less the same for the next 25 years!! I think today's kids generally seem to know more about actual nutrition than we did though got the basics pretty much from my mother. The book Anna C recommended is very good and I can definitely recommend that one too but as long as your daughter gets a generally varied diet I wouldn't worry about a bit of over indulgence in chocolate at her age!! It is in fact amazing just how little the human body does need to function really well .....1500 to 2000 calories a day is absolutely enough ( 2500 max) for most females .....most of us over eat by culture I would say. But dancers can eat quite well without worrying too much if in full training as they do burn it off in the course of a day and young developing teens can get away with a bit too!!
  14. Thanks for this - I thought I was wrong! Must have thought Onegin was older as I've seen older singers in the role, and a dancer like Cragun looked, shall we say, more mature. Could give a very different slant to the story to see Onegin and Lensky played by two young dancers.
  15. Is there a gentle way for me to ask what problem you’re trying to solve here? Is she eating sweets excessively by some objective measure? These conversations are difficult, especially because so many of us have more-or-less disordered relationships with food. I’m all in favour of educating the kids about nutrition - to the extent that anyone has a good handle on it - and advice from a nutritionist might be useful, though I can’t imagine how I’d introduce my son to that without giving the impression there was something wrong with him.
  16. Thanks all, really appreciated - will definitely look into the suggested books and Renee McGregor. I think like Sparkly and Pixiewoo's its a case of getting the balance right and ensuring DD understands importance of healthy eating as a dancer. DD is not fat and I don't want her to feel she is, but she does love her chocolate... It is a difficult conversation, particularly when she sees other kids eat lots of sweets. Hopefully her reading from the recommended books will her understand importance of being careful with what she eats.
  17. Very sorry to hear of your situation and hope you and your dd find a solution that you look back and recognise was good for you. There’s been loads of great advice posted, so hope you can move on with some of the suggestions made 💐
  18. Thanks. Yes she is being very careful on the stairs and also sensible thankfully re not trying anything en pointe. She’s taking it very seriously which is a good start. Sounds like we will need to shop around for subsequent (different) pairs for the next year or two, so more trips into London! Must say I now can’t wait for watching week at the end of term! Anna, we don’t recall the name unfortunately and looking at the Freed website the style names all seem a bit similar which doesn’t help. After having a look at DD’s feet and seeing her plié and stand on Demi pointe, the fitter lady just made a judgement and brought out a good pair first time, and then got a second pair in the same style with a slightly better snugger fit.
  19. I thought she was in Dresden last time it was on, although I could be wrong. Yes, it was Watson - was it indeed only the one performance? I know I only saw one, but that might have been due to lack of availability of tickets at the last minute.
  20. No, because the large dot or star indicating unread items was still there. Weird. It seems to have righted itself now. Capybara, with regard to your problem, could there be a thread that's been moved to a different forum which you haven't read? I think that can mess things up occasionally.
  21. ...and just an hour later, a kind (and punctilious) member of the Forum has dropped a copy of the document into my inbox. So all the information is safe, even if slightly harder to access. Maybe someone will post it on one of those file sharing sites like Scribd?
  22. I have the opposite problem. The news thread always makes it appear as if there is something there that I haven't read. Is it possible that you lost your 'sign in' Alison?
  23. Was that Ed Watson? I thought she had danced it since 2012 - I think she only had the one performance that year.
  24. My favourite is the literal interpretation of going window shopping "faire du leche vitrines". ( can't find the correct accent on my keyboard) - Licking a window seems the perfect metaphor.
  25. Am I the only one suddenly finding that my unread threads aren't showing up in bold any more? I still have the dot or star next to them, but they seem to be appearing in the same font as my read threads, which is disconcerting.
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