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  1. So wish I could’ve been there to see what founds like a very rich programme. Thanks for posting!
  2. agree all Makarova (except young woman in black deep v neck), and Dowell and Mcleary as above... what a great collection!
  3. Absolutely no damming intended! Just the hasty words of an ROH regular unfamiliar with the BRB dancers or the production...I will look forward to it!
  4. Yes very exciting but would be such a treat to see this cast streamed - why else would it be saying filming on the website I wonder? praying for a late announcement..
  5. If anybody has an unwanted ticket for 1st Jan at 2pm Hayward/Coralles please DM me.
  6. If anyone would like to sell 1 ticket for Hayward (1st Jan 2pm) please DM me - my daughter desperate to see Leo Dixon..such exciting news
  7. Brilliant night - so many great moments and yes so much better without endless compère yakking away. Standout for me was without a doubt Yasmine Nagdhi in Concerto. I barely drew breath - technically perfect, profoundly musical and she seemed to be completely immersed in it - mesmerising. Likewise Takada/Campbell in Rhapsody - wonderful - as great as she was in Swan Lake in the last stream. Campbell on really good form too. Sambe/Sullivan - what huge presence he has and she just gets better and better. Scherzo very impressive - Zucchetti will be one to watch. Great to see. Hayward/Coralles finally doing Swan Lake pdd - he was refreshingly sweet and vulnerable rather than just the textbook ‘prince’ and she was lovely but I felt Takada tapped into the character better. More opportunities to develop this I hope. Golden Hour was wonderful - So beautifully danced and the music so well played and conducted too. I’m not sure i would’ve chosen Monotones although I agree with balletnut55 that they were very strong. It is very long and the retro headgear does it no favours! I guess I think it might repel a lot of newer ballet watchers and that would be a shame so early in the programme. I loved it all but my only real disappointment was not to have seen Magri/Ball in Corsaire. I hope they can keep this up even after we go back to normal - Such a great way of reaching greater audiences.
  8. Oh what a dream that was! Such joy and happiness plastered on all our faces. So many great performances - impossible to list them all - just riveting.
  9. I’m going - with my family- more than 3 hrs drive but managed to merge it with a little trip to Cornwall but still hideously expensive. But then so is going to the ROH... anything to support them and see them in action - crossing fingers for Ed but happy no matter what...
  10. HI did you see my seat in stalls circle C16 £26 for tomorrow night?
  11. I have one Stalls circle ticket for sale 4 March 730pm. C16 - bench seat/restricted view £26.00 its an eticket so easily sent. DM me if interested.
  12. Just incredible tonight. Am huge Yasmine fan already but tonight we saw her mature into the next level. A great ballerina. Can’t express it very well just yet!
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