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  1. Stalls Circle B22,23 £34.00 each sadly due to last minute travel changes I have to sell or return these two tickets Please DM me if interested . E tickets.
  2. I quite agree! I admire Ed Watson perhaps more than any other dancer and that is saying a lot as I admire several very much! And I find it so odd that there has been no reference to him / injured/improved but not yet able to perform/ retiring with one swan song left? Who knows and I for one find it very puzzling and also upsetting - imagine how hard it must be for him.,, one minute down for Mayerling and now 18 months later - almost nothing ..,,
  3. I’m hoping he’ll be appearing in McGregors Dante Priject?? I think he did in LA..
  4. Well I agree it’s a vexed question and you probably can’t win as each one of those issues - debuts/guests/tried and true raises multiple problems but I felt in this instance that Lamb wasn’t really a natural Manon so why give all those reviews to her - which although complimentary in some ways, almost all added the caveat of too cool/reserved/lacking in intensity/low chemistry...I do think Hayward could have carried it, gained great publicity and rave reviews and perhaps Coppelia first cast could have gone to one of the several other potentially very good dancers.
  5. Having just read through all the first night reviews (other than the FT) it struck me that the Lamb/Muntagirov pairing was an odd choice for a first night. Surely the Ball debut or as Alison says, Hayward, deserved some of that attention. I know Muntagirov always dances beautifully and has in fact garnered some very good reviews, but my own feeling is that Lamb isn’t a natural Manon and it was inevitable that the critics would pick up on her coolness and lack of Macmillan intensity... I just think the first night cast should have a bit more of a buzz about it - either Ball, Hayward or the Osi/Halberg casts would have had that. Especially during a period of such weak sales (although That might not have been anticipated when these decisions were taken of course). Just feels a bit careless...
  6. Have just returned 2 very good Stalls circle tix for tonight’s Firebird mixed to the box office as they were paper tickets. Thoroughly sickened to be missing this but want them to go to a good home! Should be up for sale by about noon. (Nagdhi/Watson/Cuthbertson/Muntagirov)
  7. Just fantastic news and so well deserved. He has been outstanding in this last season - coming on literally in leaps and bounds - and I’ve been so impressed by his articulate, charming and committed presence when interviewed at rehearsals etc. Brilliant!
  8. Is Firebird on first tonight? If anyone is there please post on Edward - I won’t be seeing him till next week and am absurdly anxious about tonight’s performance!
  9. The starting point for this discussion was the Autumn casting and the absence of EW which seemed surprising given that he is imminently scheduled to appear in Firebird so must therefore be deemed to have recovered from last year’s injury. Nobody is asking intrusive questions about his health, we are just worrying that he might be retiring from the stage without being given the farewell he deserves.
  10. I don’t know but I can’t believe it. I guess it all depends on when KOH decides on the rep for the season. The decisions for this season pretty much exclude Ed assuming they’ve decided DG is too much for him. I would have thought they’d schedule a one act that he loves for his farewell but perhaps they are just saving him up for something later in the year. I do find it odd that we are the only people lamenting his absence from the schedules and of course he is by far the best partner for Osipova (Mayerling/woolfworks/carbon life etc). Given that he seems to be coaching quite a bit and quite publicly, it may be that he just wants a quiet and maybe only partial transition in the immediate future...who knows...at least I pray we’ve got Firebird...
  11. I’m sorry I keep trying to reply to you but getting stucksomehow. I just don’t know - I’ve seen him coaching others and he looks perfectly fit and judging by his social media he seems thrilled to be dancing next week but I agree with uou the silence on here is pretty deafening! Maybe they aren’t willing to risk anything major on him and he’ll jyst appear in the McGregor next year as it can be perhaps more tailored to his strengths...who knows but gosh I couldn’t bear for him not to get a 5* send off!
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