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My first post on here so sorry if I mess up. My daughter has been lucky enough to secure more than one funding recall. When we have got our letters we have been asked to return self declaration of income forms prior to audition. Obviously she wants to attend all as she is unsure who will offer her funding if any. Can someone tell me is it ok to fill in more than one of these forms??




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Forgive me again but if your dd isn't one of the most talented in the dada audition so dosnt get funding does that automatically mean you have to refuse the place or are there any other avenues open

Hi Meggy I can't give you a definitive answer. Most schools will hold a waiting list so funding might come up. Some school's have bursary schemes. Whichever way you look at it there is a fair amount of personal money to be found. There is a thread on DADA funding if you do a search.

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It's really hard to accept that there are other "children better than your own child" so they might not get any DaDA funding.


It's harder to accept, whether or not your child gets a DaDA depends on how well off the parents of the "children better than your own child" are


Very frustrating

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Not everywhere demands a registration fee.  Having read on another forum which schools your DD has offers from, personally I would say delay as long as you can if you get offered funding from Tring.  I think it highly likely that you will have heard from a couple of the others before you need to respond to Tring.  Then it really depends on which schools are your DDs favourites.  If Tring is preferred to others you have DADA offers from, then you would need to keep hold of Tring in case your DD did not get anything from the recalls much later on.  If, however, you have an offer from somewhere your DD would prefer to Tring, then you can perhaps decline Tring at that stage without paying the registration fee.  It really is a confusing time but it does come down to personal preferences as well as where you get funding offers from.  Some people keep everywhere in consideration until the end of the process, others will have an order of preference and will just keep the DADA that comes highest on their list of preferences and decline ones lower on their list at an earlier stage.

Meggy13 - you don't necessarily have to turn a place down if you do not get funding - especially if no registration fee is demanded.  Some people get DADA offers straight away and others offered places are not offered funding but remain on a waiting list.  Obviously some people get more than one DADA offer and ultimately they can only keep one, so they will decline additional offers.  Schools will then offer the DADA to the next person on the list.  All this takes places between March and up til perhaps mid July before everything settles down and all DADAs have been offered and finalised.  There can be a lot of movement on waiting lists during this time so it can worth hanging on in there to see.  My DD did not get her offer until just before May half term, although the initial 'sorry no DADA' letter had come out to us in March.  Also, some schools might offer bursaries to those they cannot offer DADAs to.

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Hi Sarah 761

Both my husband and I are self-employed and we were given extra time to complete our accounts for the previous tax year . Given that I only just get my books to the accountant by Christmas , meant that I had to tackle them extra early that year . Of course the Hubby always has them completed and signed off by May ;)

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Ok so if and when people got their dada offer after recalls do the schools estimate at that point how much your contribution may be? If not when do you find that out?

I think how it works is that if your dc is offered the DaDa by the school you then get the full DaDa application form to fill in and send off to the DaDa people and they work out how much your allowance is and the contribution you need to make.

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Initially we filled in a small form indicating what bracket our income fell into. We received the full application forms once we accepted the awards.

I don't know if you are aware Sarah 761 , there is a table on the gov.uk site that gives you a rough guide of what your contribution will be

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I thought I posted this last year but can't find it and again can't copy it? This was for entry 2014 and is titled 'DaDA Application/Assessment Flowchart New Students in 2014 to 2015 academic year'. From knowing dd was offered a place with funding (if within income boundary) to it finally being sorted seemed to take a lifetime but in reality we knew around Easter but not our final contribution until the summer holidays. 

From what I remember last year ENBS requested the information needed for stage 5 on the initial application form.


1. New student applies to the institution/s and is auditioned

2. Institution ranks the students in order of talent.

3. Institution offers a place (NOT funding) to the student

4. Student provisionally accepts the place and confirms they want to apply for funding (by completing the Self Declaration of income)

5. Student completes Self declaration of income form.

6. The institution records the students on the Budget Management spreadsheet in order of talent.

7. Using the information in the self declaration the institution offers provisional funding to students in order of talent, until the budget is spent (no provisional DaDA funding to be offered before 1st March)

8. Institution sends 'clearing' data to CDET and Drama UK

9. CDET/Drama UK undertake clearing process on a monthly basis between April - August and advise institutions where students are holding places.

10. Students choose their preferred institution and formally accept a place.

11. Following confirmation from the student that they have accepted a place, the institution gives a DaDA application form to the new student.

12. Student completes and submits the DaDA application form together with appropriate income evidence.

13. Institution assesses the DaDA application and evidence and determines the level of household income and the level of financial support.

14. Institution offers final funding to students in order of talent, in accordance with the level of support as determined by their income assessment.

15. Institution updates the Budget Management Spreadsheet.

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Hi everyboda! This is my first post, taking advantage of the oportunity, I`d like to ask what sort of evidence/documents you have to send in order to meet the requirements (nationality, incomes, etc) specially for EU candidates as they have to prove nationality and residence. I hope someone can tell me about that.


PD. Sorry for my english but my mother tongue is spanish.

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Interesting news for you all - I had an email from CDET today, and I quote:


"In recognition of the fact that registration fees could act as a barrier to students from low income families, from the 2014 to 2015 academic year students who apply for DaDa support must not be charged a registration fee. Neither can institutions charge potential DaDa students to hold a place."


Well, hooray for that :)

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Thats what I thought but at least one school has charged me a fee, saying in fact that the details of the funding audition would not be released without it and that is she is unsuccessful (even though they know she cannot take a place without funding) the deposit is non refundable.

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