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  1. EYB is an experience that cannot be topped, the whole team are supportive and encouraging of every child. Well worth every penny.
  2. meggy13


    Does anyone have experience of Moorland Ballet Sixth Form?
  3. Is anyone at the Ruislip Dance Festival this week ????
  4. if anyone is doing this could they please pm me the rehearsal venue. Many thanks
  5. Thanks Ballet4Boyz. I was hoping someone has an audition pack so they could tell me rehearsal dates ....wanted to see if it was possible for us to do before auditioning xx
  6. If any of you are auditioning for this production would you mind letting me know when the rehearsal dates are. We have asked for an application pack but it hasn't arrived yet. Many thanks.
  7. Are you still all waiting for letters? Have you got a reply to your request yet anon dancer-15 x
  8. I am sure they will answer you soon. Has anyone received their results yet .....good luck to all x
  9. It all sounds very exciting. How many jewels are there, my daughter has never done sleeping beauty. EYB is a very special experience for our young dancers.
  10. If it was anything like the senior associate audition it was a huge turnout, will take them time to sort out places. Good luck to you all awaiting results
  11. A little bit of news for you all that may give some hope. My daughter wasn't put on the reserve list and didn't do the solo, physio or interview at Rambert but has just been offered a place .....total and utter shock!!! :)
  12. meggy13

    RAD Awards

    How did the RAD East of England Awards go today, did any of your dc enter
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