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  1. You would have to do a bit of research see who they represent etc.. ... All the top colleges do a showcase That the agents are invited to. The agents then express interest in people they might possibly like to represent. Unfortunately it is a case of the agent picks you not the other way around .
  2. From my limited knowledge an agent is a must and a top one at that if you want to audition for top theatre jobs and tours as these are usually closed auditions that only the agent can submit to . I don’t think many of the dance auditions are closed usually open at Pineapple and such places and you just have to register. You also need to be part of Spotlight and they have regulations as to who can join too. Another minefield to negotiate after graduating , not for another 3 years thank goodness .
  3. I cannot remember where it was possibly RCS , Central ? You can audition free if your income was below a certain threshold .... Or maybe I've just dreamt this πŸ˜‰
  4. Hi Dramascientist sorry to hear of the stress you and. your dd have been under .I thought I would post to let you know there are others out there who know how you feel. Your post made me feel quite emotional thinking back 3 years to when my eldest decided not to continue with her training. Quote " my heart bleeds when I think of all her talent going to waste" Completely resonates with how I felt and still do feel at times especially if I hear her singing along to a tune or absent mindedly tapping on the kitchen floor. It sounds ridiculous but it is almost like a "mourning" o
  5. Also Establishments can have a different feel for siblings .With my eldest dd I had only got as far as Epsom High St when I got a text message to say " I'm not coming here ! " With my youngest I could see it being a good fit for her .
  6. This is very helpful thankyou .
  7. Hi Pointermaid DD has a place a Laine for this September, although will have to attend funding audition and will not be going unless she gets a dada , which is a feat in itself . I know they said they get a personalised timetable ,but Could I ask you on the whole ,how much singing and acting they do compared to the dance, also do they do many/any lessons in commercial jazz?
  8. Hi BlueLou I'm sure you know that Laine offer their own Betty Laine Scholarships. When dd auditioned ,albeit a few years ago, there were 6 on offer , I'm not sure if you have to attend the funding auditions to be considered . At audition they said there is a daily ballet class taken with your own grade . From what I could gather your timetable is personalised to your weaknesses.
  9. Well done to your dd Bluelou I don't know a lot about Rambert but maybe ask herself what type of job she would ideally prefer and which place is most likely to prepare her for that. If it were my dd I would be asking her questions along the lines of Is she going to enjoy the other aspects of Laine ie singing, tap, commercial jazz etc , does she want the high level of Contempory on offer at Rambert and what is drawing her slightly more toward there. Good Luck
  10. They are thankyou . Still on never ending auditions with the youngest . That's fabulous news you must be into double figures by now x
  11. Maybe that's why dd failed her GCSE maths too many Friday's off for RBS associate lessons 😜......purely said tongue-in-cheek . Not forgetting that some exams attract UCAS points that can come in very handy if you don't have A levels .
  12. Dd used to be a tap Attack associate classes were held at Centrepointe in Denton , same studios as Royal Associates was a few years ago now could be different .
  13. I was going to mention yours Tutugirl........ MrsMoo Tutugirl has a had lots of children who go onto Vocational School from her dance school and a very successful young man of her own . The only teacher I've ever seen actively supporting her students at auditions .
  14. The CAT scheme is held at Northern Ballet in Leeds. It recognises that some children do not want to live away from home to train Vocationally and offers intense Classical training beginning with a couple of nights and weekends gradually increasing. Everyone is awarded MDS help although not on the scale needed for vocational school. My younger dd was on the CAT scheme and I was very sorry to have to give her place back had it not been a 4 hr round trip every time she would have stayed there. The scheme achieves fantastic results at Upoer School level . Its a while sinc
  15. Hi MrsMoo Take a look at Moorlands in Clitheroe, great teaching, beautiful setting and most important to dd was good food. The teachers have young children of their own and were very supportive of my dd when she lost all her confidence .
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