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New Year Sale - includes Raymonda and Matthew Bourne Nutcracker


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Thanks very much for this, Blossom. There's no point in me waiting for casting (as I live out of town and already have trains and hotels booked as part of a wider weekend away seeing shows at ROH and Bridge as well) so was able to take the plunge. I treated myself to front row dress circle at £55 for one of my chosen performances, which is a first for me and more than I would normally pay but thrilled to have a chance to sit in such good seats for once. Booked the upper circle for my other chosen date (at £25) and still a step up from the balcony where I normally sit, and luxurious in comparison, so I'm a happy customer and wouldn't have spotted this offer if you hadn't posted. 

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Just got my ticket but from the other offer in the next thread as that was cheaper than this one. 58.5 % off so I got a front row Upper Circle for £32.50 fees included this one same seat would have been £40, so check both out before you buy!  Now I just hope there is no closing of sections at The Coli as they sometimes do when not many tickets sell as I will not be amused!

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Worth mentioning, as I discovered in the early hours, that if you try booking tickets using this scheme on the day of the performance it defaults to on-the-day tickets via TKTS, and these may not be discounted.





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